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Cannabis enthusiasts are swapping dab nails made from titanium for quartz bangers so they can enjoy the full taste of their flower. Here are the best quartz bangers out there, for every price range.

Photography by Georgia Love for Herb

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Hitting dabs. Smoking shatter. Whatever you call it, if you’re a cannabis enthusiast today, chances are you’re using concentrates.

Made with concentrated THC that’s been extracted from cannabis flower, the honey-colored substance that many know as “shatter” is known for its potency and flavor. But “smoking” dabs is a bit of a misnomer since the concentrates are technically vaporized, not smoked. And unlike smoking flower from a bong, the devices used to consumer shatter—dab rigs—are made to be as small as possible. This keeps the concentrate vapor condensed, potent, and flavorful.

One of the most important components of the dab rig is the Quartz Banger. This is the part of the dab rig that you heat up and vaporize the concentrates in. It’s basically the dab rig version of a bowl piece. And depending on how your Quartz Banger is designed, it can help boost the flavor of your concentrate, keep your dab rig clean, and/or allow for greater variations in the temperature you can dab at.

So don’t just go and buy the first Quartz Banger you see. We’ve compiled the following list so that you can make an educated decision on the Banger that’s right for you. And once you find that perfect Banger, we’ve got tips for you on how to keep it clean so that it lasts and you can experience the full flavor of your concentrates every time.

Photography by Georgia Love for Herb

Best Cheap Quartz Banger

The key word here is “cheap,” and while this Quartz Banger isn’t low quality, it is simple. But sometimes, simple is what you need—especially for only $24. This Quartz Banger from the Smoke Cartel is your standard banger, with a 45° bowl shape for easy access. It has a perfect five-star rating, for its durability, ability to transmit flavor, and heat retention. If you’re looking for a reliable, sturdy Quartz Banger that won’t break the bank, this Smoke Cartel Quartz Banger will get you where you’re trying go.

Best Cheap Quartz Bangers (Runners-Up):

“Dozer” Quartz Bangers

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This extremely cost-effective Banger is made by the Smoke Cartel brand, UPC, which stands for “Until. Prohibition. Ceases.” The purpose of this piece is simplicity and functionality. It’s made with a large bucket to allow for an even vaporization of your concentrates so that you can experience their full flavor and unique terpene profiles. Need a Banger to start hitting dabs, but don’t have the funds to buy a custom piece? The Dozer, on sale for only $24, will get the job done.

Quartz Honey Bucket with Swing Arm

Photo Courtesy of

This Quartz Banger is made by the Smoke Cartel and includes a swing arm. This allows you to swing out the dish, directly torch the bottom of it, then swing it right back into the dome and apply the concentrate. Best of all, this Quartz Banger only costs about $20.

Flat Top Thick Banger with 25mm Cup

Photo Courtesy of

The Flat Top Thick Banger by the Smoke Cartel is simple and effective. This Banger is known for its excellent heat retention, and for offering flavorful hits, allowing consumers to taste their concentrates’ distinct terpene profiles. This Banger is only about $25.

Cube Quartz Banger

Photo Courtesy of

If you want a unique looking Banger without spending a fortune, try this cube-shaped Quartz Banger from DabWorthy. Reviewers suggest this banger for low-temperature dabs. It’s only $25.

Terp Slerper Style Vacuum Banger

Photo Courtesy of

The Terp Slerper is a double-decker Banger that’s built to impress on a budget. At 24.8mm, the top bowl is smaller than the bottom bowl, which is 28mm. This Banger functions well at low temperatures, and its size allows more skilled operators to fit more concentrates inside the bucket. This Banger only costs $24.

Puffing Bird, The Bulldozer Quartz Banger

Photo Courtesy of

This Quartz Banger unsurprisingly resembles the bucket at the end of a bulldozer. This means that you have significantly more space inside the bucket to fit concentrates, for anyone who is trying to hit a heroic-sized dab. This Banger is made by Puffing Bird and is now on sale for $13.99.

Best American Quartz Banger

The “Yellow Dog” Honey Bucket

Photo courtesy of Empire Glassworks

This Yellow Dog Banger, clearly designed after Adventure Time’s Jake the Dog, is made by Empire Glassworks. Crafted in Placentia, California, this Banger is made locally with care in what is possibly the cannabis capital of the world.

The “Piranha plant” Honey Bucket

Photo courtesy of Empire Glassworks

This clever, Mario-themed Banger is also made by Empire Glassworks. It comes with a matching carb cap, stylized after the piranha plants that try to eat Mario as he searches for Peach. You know the ones: red, white-spotted plants with teeth that slizer out of the ubiquitous green pipes of the Mario universe. For $120 you could turn every hit from your dab rig into a trip to nostalgia-land…probably before you fire up the old Super Nintendo for some Mario Cart and Paper Mario.

J-Red – 14mm Thermal Diamond Knot Bucket

Photo courtesy of Aqualab Technologies

J-Red Glass’s Thermal Diamond Knot Bucket is made for heat retention, making it the perfect Banger to use at low temperatures. The domeless bucket is large and cylindrical, making it optimal for bigger portions of concentrates. This Banger is handmade in Washington, USA. It’s currently on sale for $180.

Pulsar – Color Change Thermal Banger

Photo courtesy of Aqualab Technologies

This thermal, color changing Banger from Pulsar Vaporizers is made for flavor. It’s 90° double layer bucket design is made for retaining an optimal temperature. The bucket is also crafted with heat reactive crystals that change color when they’re exposed to the torch. At $34.99, this Banger offers quality at an affordable price.

Highly Educated – 90º Quartz Gavel V2

Photo courtesy of Aqualab Technologies

The Quartz Gavel V2 is designed for optimal airflow and flavor. This banger heats up quickly and stays hot. Made by Highly Educated, this 100% American-made Banger is simply high quality. Its 4mm opaque quartz floor is its most notable feature, since it absorbs and retains heat better than the traditional clear quartz floors. At $180, it’s on the higher end but also built to last.

Sabertooth – Quartz Terp Locker Banger

Photo courtesy of Aqualab Technologies

The Terp Locker Banger is a unique design by Sabertooth Glass. The “cup” on the inside of the bucket is meant to retain heat. It certainly offers a different experience than the traditional, simple buckets. So even though it may be difficult to clean, it might not necessarily be for everyday use. But when you find some extra quality shatter, try enjoying it with the Terp Locker design. It only costs $34.99.

Cheech Glass – Dual Quartz Banger

Photo courtesy of Aqualab Technologies

This Cheech Banger is just stylish. The front of its deep bucket features the classic Cheech design. The top of the bucket slopes down at 45° for easy access. Its simple-shaped bucket also makes it a breeze to clean. At $37.50, it’s high quality at an affordable price. It’s dual jointed, fitting both 14mm and 18mm joints.

XL 25mm Thermal Hybrid Quartz Banger

Photo courtesy of Fadespace

This 100% American handmade Thermal Banger is by Massachusetts’ and Wisconsin’s Scientific Glassblowers, and available for purchase on FadeSpace. This is the perfect Banger for the consumer who wants something high quality and longlasting that won’t get dirty too easily. Since this Banger is designed with an extra inset bucket, your concentrates won’t gunk-up the neck of the banger. It costs $160.

Best Quartz Banger for Enail

Photo courtesy of High Five Vapes

If you’re looking to use an enail to consume concentrates, you might want to consider a Quartz Banger specifically designed for enail use. This 20mm Quartz E-Banger from High Five Vaporizers is exactly that. You can also use a torch on this Banger. Reviewers gave the Quartz E-Banger five stars and claim that it retains heat well, allowing for low-temperature dabs. This amplifies the flavor of your concentrates, so you can taste its unique terpene profile. It’s also among the most affordably priced Bangers at $35.

Best Quartz Banger Under 50 Dollars

Photo courtesy of Dankstop

This Thermal Banger by Dankstop consistently gets high reviews, and it’s easy to see why. Its thermal design allows for optimal hot and cold hits. And due to its inset design—essentially a bucket inside a bucket—there’s virtually no possibility of clogging the neck of the Banger with concentrates. The Banger also has a 45° joint, which many cannabis consumers find to be more accessible than other angles. It’s also an easy Banger to maintain, since it’s still a relatively simple design despite the inset bucket. All these factors have led to the Thermal Banger getting consistent five-star reviews. And best of all, at $19.99, it’s well under $50.

Best Quartz Banger Under 100 Dollars

Photo courtesy of

Quartz Tech’s Flat Top Quartz Banger is designed with an opaque floor, a popular new technology that allows the Banger to heat up faster than the classic clear-fused Quartz. It also retains heat much better. This will ultimately allow you to take hits that are flavorful and give you the full experience of your concentrates’ unique terpenes. It can also easily be upgraded with a Quartz insert in the future. This Quartz Banger only costs $45. But the truth is, Bangers tend to come in two price ranges: $0 to $50, and $100 and above. If you’re getting a Quartz Banger under $100, you don’t need to go spending $75 or $80. Until you get above the $100, and probably even $150 mark, you don’t need to spend more than $50 to get something that you’ll be happy with.

How to a Clean Quartz Banger

Once you’ve picked which Quartz Banger to buy, you’ll want to make sure you keep it nice and sparkly. The methodology for cleaning your Quartz Banger will vary depending on how dirty it is. If you clean it after every hit, for example, you may only need to give it a quick wipe with a q tip. But if you’ve used your banger extensively without taking the time to clean it after each hit, it will require a more rigorous cleaning.

How to clean a Quartz Banger with a Q-Tip

Photography by Jonathan Coward for HERB

This is the easiest way to keep your Quartz Banger clean. All it requires is consistency from day one and all you need is a q tip.

After taking a hit, while your Quartz Banger is still hot, simply take a q tip and use it to wipe out the yellow residue on the inside of the Banger. This technique is similar to using a paper towel to clean out the inside of a still-hot cast iron pan. The gunk left on the inside of the pan—or banger, in this case—is easily and effectively wiped away, so long as you don’t give it time to cool. But once your melted shatter cools and hardens to the inside of your banger, it’s too late. In this case, it’s time to break out the rubbing alcohol.

How to Clean a Quartz Banger with Alcohol

Before you go pouring alcohol into your Quartz Banger, first see if you can get the resin out with a q tip that’s been dipped in rubbing alcohol. If this doesn’t work, grab a fresh q tip and squirt just a drop or two in your banger. Swish it around a bit, and use your q tip to scrub.

If this still doesn’t work, it’s time for the deep clean. Fill a plastic bag with 99% isopropyl alcohol and salt (preferably sea salt, kosher salt, or something coarse). Then, put your banger in the bag so that it’s completely submerged in alcohol, and leave it like that overnight. The next morning, take your banger out of the alcohol and run it under warm water until you’re confident that all of the alcohol has been washed away. At this point, the resin caked onto the inside of your Banger should be loosened enough that you can scrape it away with a dab tool, or similarly thin and blunt object.

Once you’ve de-gunked your banger to the point where you can’t get any more resin off, it’s time to blast it with heat. Torch your banger for a good 30 seconds or so. Let it cool, and then try scrubbing the inside of the Banger once more with a q tip soaked in rubbing alcohol.

Once your Banger is sufficiently clean, take a dry q tip and wipe off any alcohol remaining inside the bowl. Then, blast it with your torch for another 10 seconds so that any remaining alcohol evaporates.

Wait a few minutes before taking your first hit out of your newly cleaned Quartz Banger.

April 19, 2019 — Last Updated August 06, 2019
Written by Rob Hoffman

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April 19, 2019 — Last Updated August 06, 2019
Written by Rob Hoffman

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