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Behind The Brand: Cookies, America’s First Weed Empire

If it weren't for Cookies, our favorite strains simply wouldn't exist.

One could compare the Cookies cannabis brand to Apple or Tesla. But what do these different companies have in common?

They are trailblazers, leading the way in their respective fields and changing how the world views technology, driving, and cannabis.

What started in a San Francisco garage has now grown into a $1 billion empire thanks to the powerhouse entrepreneur Berner and the cannabis whisper/cultivator, Jai.

You might have seen Cookies branded products in your local dispensary or online. But knowing the story behind America’s leading cannabis brand and understanding its impact on cannabis culture is far more important than what’s on the shelves.

Behind The Brand

Photo courtesy of Cookies

Cookies is the brainchild of rapper and entrepreneur Berner alongside the skilled cultivator Jai. Together, they’ve launched some of the industry’s most sought-after and legendary strains.

With all the growth and expansion, Cookies has stayed true to its mission; authenticity and innovative genetics.

It takes great pride in controlling the entire process. From seed to sale, Cookies ensures its global varieties and full lineup of strain-specific products are grown and developed to perfection in its various state-of-the-art facilities.

Berner has indeed left his mark on the cannabis industry. Not just with Cookies, but by founding or co-founding the following businesses;

  • 1212 Ventures
  • Lemonnade
  • Cookies SF
  • Weedmaps
  • Vibes
  • Santa Cruz Shredders
  • Hemp2o Water
  • Bern One Entertainment Music Label and Social Club

And it didn’t take long for Cookies to pop off either.

From 2018 to 2022, Cookies went from zero to 49 dispensaries and two apparel stores. But what makes Cookies so popular? Why do consumers choose Cookies time and again?

That answer is simple. If it weren’t for the cannabis whisperer Jai, our industry wouldn’t have some of our favorite, precious strains.

Cookies & Innovative Genetics

You might have heard (or smoked) some of the industry’s most sought-after strains like Girl Scout Cookies, Cherry Pie, Sunset Sherbet, Gelato, and Biscotti.

Thanks to the two green thumbs on Jai, we consumers can explore his top-shelf genetic pool in a variety of different, wildly popular strains.

He started cultivating cannabis in San Francisco garages as a teenager after learning the ropes from family members. It wasn’t long until his strains took the Bay Area and the world by storm.

From there, he and Berner launched cookies with outdoor grows in North America’s favorable cannabis-growing climate, the Emerald Triangle. Not to mention state-of-the-art indoor grow facilities throughout California.

With consistently kickass strains and the finest selections of flower known to man, it’s no wonder why Cookies has become America’s first legal cannabis empire. If the dedicated team has proved anything, it’s that Cookies isn’t just a brand; it’s a lifestyle.

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