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strains | 01.01.2022

Sunset Sherbet Marijuana Strain

Sunset Sherbet is a Girl Scout Cookies offspring. This is a more mild bud than its famed parent, featuring a nice indica body high with some focused cerebral effects.

Sunset Sherbet is an offspring of the famed Girl Scout CookiesThough this lovechild is perhaps less potent than its parent, this marijuana strain is a specimen to behold.  This Indica-dominant flower has a knack for relaxing the body while freeing the mind. Save this strain for the afternoon.


Sunset Sherbet Experience

Overall, the high from Sunset Sherbet is deeply relaxing and physical. Yet, you’ll also have plenty of mental energy and focus. This odd combination makes this strain useful for creative projects. It can promote focus in lower doses, as long as the task is not overly complex. 

This cannabis strain is a flower for experienced consumers. Potent and somewhat sedative, this plant produces a pleasant heavy-bodied sensation without slowing the mind. It’s not uncommon to hear that this strain provides mental energy and focus. Yet, higher doses of this herb may put you in the mood for a nap.

Recommended for a slow afternoon or the evening, this flower is perfect for winding down. Pick up this weed when you need a little help fighting stress at the end of a workday.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this cannabis strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Sunset Sherbet Oil Pens are available from brands such as Flor De Canna, BriteLabs, and CO2 Clear
  • Sunset Sherbet shatter, Sunset Sherbet wax, and other Sunset Sherbet concentrates are also available from a number of retailers


Traits of Sunset Sherbet and Sunset Sherbet Seeds

This flower is the product of a cross between the famed Girl Scout Cookies and another well-bred hybrid, Pink Panties. Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most potent flowers on the market.

A stand-out offspring, this marijuana strain shares this potent lineage. While THC levels vary in all samples, this strain is known to produce up to 19 percent of the psychoactive.

This cannabis strain has inherited a sweet and earthy aroma, perhaps with hints of skunk and mint. The taste of this flower offers touches of fruit and citrus.

Flowers tend to be conical in shape and feature a mint green coloration. A treat for both consumers and growers, ample pistillate hairs adorn this resinous herb.


Medical Benefits of Sunset Sherbet

Medical marijuana consumers tend to like this strain for the management of a range of conditions and ailments.

  • The mood-lifting effects of this marijuana strain make it a popular choice for stress management and the treatment of anxiety disorders
  • Sunset Sherbet consumers may enjoy the slight sedation this strain provides, which can be helpful for those who struggle with insomnia and sleeplessness
  • This strain is also known to stimulate appetite, so those with nervous stomach or gastrointestinal pain may appreciate this sweet flower

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