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Learn | 03.03.2023

What Is HHC And How Does It Compare To THC?


HHC is the new hot cake in the cannabis industry. It is a cannabinoid with similar effects to THC and is catching the attention of the cannabis community. If you are eager to try it, there are a handful of excellent HHC products. From edibles to live resin concentrates and vaping carts.

What Is HHC?

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HHC, or hexahydrocannabinol, is a naturally occurring cannabinoid. Like THC, HHC is psychoactive. But, you can only find HHC in trace amounts. Working their way around, researchers put THC under the hydrogenation process. The result was HHC.

Having the know-how to synthesize HHC, brands are creating fantastic products. While some users claim HHC has similar psychoactive properties to THC, others have experienced much more potent effects using this new cannabinoid.

Will HHC Get Me High?

HHC is one hell of a ride! The hottest part, HHC products are wildly convenient and will have you feeling higher than a kite in no time. HHC products are the perfect choice for anyone looking for an intense and euphoric high.

Based on personal experience, HHC is so potent that it can cause hallucinations. So, if you’re looking for a powerful high, this is the way to go. Just be sure to start with a small rip and work your way up bud.

Botany Farms HHC Vape Cartridge Bubba Kush

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Botany Farms has become renowned for their curated selection of flowers and potent distillate. The brand is proud to introduce the star of their vapeable HHC collection, the HHC Vape Cartridge Bubba Kush. This potent strain has all the makings of an exceptional vaporizer experience, not to mention the cartridge’s whopping total of 99.1% HHC.

This is a classic strain known for providing an elevated experience with notes of dark chocolate, coffee, and earth. Aromatic and full of flavor, this Bubba Kush cartridge is the perfect choice for an evening solo sesh. With its strong notes of chocolate and a coffee and earthy finish, Bubba Kush never fails to please. We invite you to come and experience the excellence of Botany Farms’ HHC Vape Cartridge Bubba Kush.


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Moonwlkr is taking the market by storm! Their lineup is strong, making other brands seem like beginners regarding design and curation.

This brand is committed to bringing extraterrestrial experiences to consumers on planet Earth. When it comes to HHC, Moonwlkr is making significant advancements in a field somewhat unknown to mankind.

Their Blue Dream Berry HHC Gummies are a product you don’t want to miss out on. The Moonwlkr HHC Gummies also come in Watermelon Zkittlez strain and flavor. Whichever you go with will be a great addition to your arsenal of cannabis goodies!

Their HHC Gummies are tasty and pack a powerful punch. Each gummy has 12.5 mg of hemp-derived HHC that will give you an energized high about an hour after consumption. New users should take caution, though, as it is advised to begin slowly, patiently, and increase the dose steadily.

Injoy Extracts HHC Gummies

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The HHC experience is nothing to shy away from. It is a blissful and relaxing keynote with a tingly, tangy comedown. Wherever you are, legal or not legal state, Injoy Extracts hemp-derived HHC gummies are Farm Bill compliant and ready to ship to you.

The HHC gummies from Injoy Extracts are a great option for those looking for a potent gummy with a high level of HHC. These gummies offer a pure, potent taste that is uplifting and calming, without the couch-lock side effects often associated with THC. Many reviewers have noted the difference in effects between HHC and THC and have found that the HHC gummies provide a much more positive and uplifting experience.

Injoy Extracts HHC gummies from Injoy Extracts are some of the most delicious gummies on the market. These gummies are available in four delicious fruit flavors: peach, apple, watermelon, and neon (mixed fruits). They are also vegan and gluten-free.

How Does HHC Compare To THC?

HHC and THC are both incredibly psychoactive cannabinoids. Any of them will get you into a deep mental state of well-being.

Still, there are crucial differences between both cannabinoids. Although you will read that HHC and THC have similar potency, HHC is more flavorful. And in some cases, HHC offers a more intense high than THC. Especially, when vaping and doing concentrates.

I would definitely recommend HHC to anyone who is looking for a powerful high. It’s great to get ripped. However, if you prefer to relax and unwind, THC is a better option.

Cannabis concentrates are nothing new. But live resin is a concentrate you need to try. For instance, live resin HHC is the most potent and flavorful concentrate available on the market. Live resin HHC is a highly THC-concentrated form of cannabis that contains all the plant’s good stuff to get you high.

If you’re up for an intense sesh, an excellent option is to try an HHC live resin. Delta Extrax Live Resin HHC is by far the best choice! This concentrate will provide a powerful euphoric high This stuff is amazing. Choose wisely, my friends!

What Are The Effects Of HHC?

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HHC users report this cannabinoid is a potent incarnation of the cerebral Sativa sensation experienced with Delta-9 THC. But, with the grounded clarity and warmth of Delta-8.

However, the experience can vary highly from person to person. While some people report a psychedelic and almost hallucinatory high, others acknowledge nothing more than a burst of focus or mild euphoria.

It’s important to take in new cannabinoids gradually following your own tolerance, so start with a light drag on a vape and ease into a higher dose from there.

Side effects can also be milder than those experienced when using Delta 9 THC. HHC can typically be more grounded and less hazy than its counterpart. Thus, it could be much less anxiety or paranoia-inducing.

What Are The Benefits Of HHC?

Many new HHC users are turning to it for pain relief. HHC contains sedative properties native to hemp. Besides, you can consume HHC the same way as any other cannabinoid. For example, edibles, vape oils, and tinctures.

The added benefit of HHC lies in its clear and energetic high. Its effects make it compatible with busy work or active routines. It keeps your spirit up and helps you focus through long days.

As before, it’s vital to gather more research before assuming other potential benefits. You might hear many stories, but some effects are down to only individual experiences.

Binoid Live Resin

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Ready to get your chill on? Binoid’s line of live resin is everything you need to make your smoking experience one for the books. From disposable vapes to cartridges, dab pens, edibles, and tinctures. They’ve got it all.

When it comes to guaranteeing a chill high, it’s packed with some seriously potent stuff, so get ready to be ripped after you hit it. HHC Cartridges have a higher concentration of CBD, but it still manages to get you high.

And that’s all we want, right?

Another favorite is Binoids capsules. They are perfect for those who need to relax and unwind. You can get capsules with THC-O, HHC, and Delta 8 THC. Each capsule contains the perfect dose, which makes them great for those who need a boost during the day.

Last but not least, another favorite from Binoid is their HHC Tincture. It comes in a small bottle that you can easily carry around, and it has a dropper to easily control how much you take. Plus, since it’s flavorless you don’t have to worry about the taste vs other tinctures on the market.

Take a minute and check out Binoid’s HHC products. These are only three of our favorites from Binoid out of a huge selection. Now go forth and get high, my friends!

Tasty HHC Gummies By DazedD8

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If you’re looking for a super chill, laid-back evening, what you need is an HHC Gummy that will get you that relaxed, euphoric high. DazedD8 HHC Gummies are that little treat that will send you to the moon.

With 250mg in the entire pack and 10 Gummies with 25mg of HHC in each, these little flavor pods are bound to have you floating in a dream state.

Benefits of DazedD8 HHC:

  • Provides relief from pain
  • Helps reduce stress
  • Aids sleep
  • Calms your body and mind

The HHC from DazeD8 is potent and pure and will help get you to your desired destination.

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