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How To Increase THC With This Easy Trick

A good stoner always wants to get the most out of his buds. In this article, we will tell you how to increase the level of THC in your yields to get the most frosty and flavorful trichomes and the best highs possible out of them.
How To Increase THC With This Easy Trick

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The more trichomes a bud has, the more potent the marijuana will be.  Trichomes are the medicinal crystals of the plant and form as the bud yields into its final stages. These crystals peak during the plant’s drying and curation process, and the more frosty your nuggets become determines how strong your highs will be.

The key to getting the most trichomes starts with how the plant is grown; method and timing are essentially key, and to perfect the cure making sure that the plant dries properly will bring the trichomes to peak intensity.

Tricks To Increase THC

Tricks to increase THC

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Ever notice how when you keep your freshly clipped herbs in a mason jar they get crunchier and more crystallized? This is because they are drying even more. Removing the moisture brings the buds to the highest of their THC yield.  Try keeping your buds in a glass jar for a week and see if you notice the difference. Also, get one of these Boveda humidity-absorbing packs that can also help you keep a crisp bud!

Freshly harvested marijuana is always going to contain much more water than sets of nuggets where all the moisture has been removed from the buds. Water does not contain cannabinoids so the higher the moisture content of the freshly picked sample, the lower the THC and other cannabinoids in the resulting content yield. This is the reason that pure extracts contain so much more THC, where they remove all other plant material and are condensed down to only the plant medicine through processes of purging, buds retain their water from harvest, making THC unavailable at point of moisture.

On average most dried and cured buds have a moisture content of between 8-12%.  Using simple math growers can help adjust for these variable levels of moisture content in their grow.

According to growingmarijuana.com, “A fresh cannabis plant is 80 percent water. The grower must reduce this to be able to end up with a good quality weed. You can start curing your weed when there is only 33 percent of water left and weighs 50 percent less than its original weight.” Making sure your grass doesn’t have a high level of moisture ensures reduction for bacteria and molds and will keep your grass fresh and strong for longer.

Doing The Math

The first rule is finding the baseline moisture content. Since most cured buds are between 8-12% it is generally safe to go with a 10% baseline moisture level.

Marijuanagrowershq.com picked two make-believe buds for their explanation of the process. Both have been lab-tested and show a total THC level of 18%. The difference is that one sample has a moisture content that is 15% while the other has only 5%.

The difference between the 15% moisture content and the baseline of 10% is a difference of 5%

Multiply 5% (.05) by the THC content of 18% or (.18) which equals 9% or (.009)

Since we know that a water content over baseline will mean more cannabinoids, we add this to the original THC content of 18%.

Our THC content adjusted for water content is .9% + 18% = 18.9%

Now this doesn’t seem like a huge number but let’s compare it to the sample with a moisture content of only 5%. Instead of adding .9% we need to subtract it from the original 18% THC

Our THC content adjusted for water content is -.9% + 18% = 17.1%.

Even though these two buds both showed 18% THC in the lab results, we know that if they were both dried to the 10% moisture level baseline, one would test at 17.1% THC and the other at 18.9% THC. This increase from 17.1% to 18.9% THC is an increase of a little over 10%. When growers are experimenting with methods for increasing the THC content of the buds they grow, a 10% increase is pretty substantial

Do you have any other methods for getting the most out of your THC?

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August 12, 2019 — Last Updated November 06, 2020
Written by Brandon Lee
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August 12, 2019 — Last Updated November 06, 2020
Written by Brandon Lee

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