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The 12 Best Haze Strains in the World

If you’re not specifically trying to avoid a little fogginess, or if your cannabis tolerance has built up to the point where cerebral fogginess makes you feel a bit looser, then haze strains are the perfect fit for you.

Most (but not all) Haze strains tend to deliver a feeling of fogginess that some people may not be particularly fond of. But not everyone has the same reaction to it, in fact, this is exactly the reason why so many people are fond of haze strains.

Along with a mellow fogginess to the brain, haze genetics are also known for providing energizing and uplifting effects. So, don’t think for a second that a haze bud will leave you glued to the couch, on the contrary, it lifts you right out of it and in many cases, turns on your creative light bulb.

If you’re not specifically trying to avoid a little fogginess, or if your cannabis tolerance has built up to the point where cerebral fogginess makes you feel a bit looser, then haze strains are the perfect fit for you.

Top 12 Haze Strains

Pineapple Haze

Even if we were talking about the THC content version this Haze beauty is an any-time of day type of strain. However, Botany Farms (as usual) brings us a beautifully crafted Sativa-dominant strain, rich in terpenes, coated with frosty white crystals, with 0% THC, and 12% CBD. Each bud comes with notes of tropical fruit, coconut milk, and sweet pineapple that makes you remember a nicely frosted piña colada on the beach (hence the name). This Botany Farms work of art is meant to help you end the day on a positive note while uplifting your mood and helping you retain focus.

Hawaiian Haze

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A well-known Sativa bud for the cannabis connoisseur that knows his/her haze strains. Hawaiian Haze flower usually comes with a high THC content that oscillates around the 20% mark. The strain is known for its rapid onset and euphoric effects that get your brain going. The strain reportedly makes most consumers feel social and talkative, however, if you’re planning to smoke this one in a social situation it only works if your tolerance has been previously been built up.

Botany Farms offers a THC-free option that does not get you high, on the contrary, it packs a dose of vitality, creativity, and focus. This is mainly due to the product’s high CBD content which sits around the 19.7% mark.

Suver Haze

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This sativa-dominant strain features a very high terpene profile. People who use it say that this is an ideal morning strain to pair with your cup of coffee or tea. Its sativa profile gets you energized and keeps you awake while the CBD content lets you stay clear-headed and relaxed. The high terpene content in Suver Haze buds has a fragrant flavor profile of sweet fruit, fresh citrus, and pepper undertones. Botany Farms Suver Haze tests at a steep 21.3% CBD, making it a perfect option to kick off a long day

Cannalope Haze

An extremely Sativa-dominant strain ranging in 90-100% Sativa genetics with a high THC content that can soar up to anywhere between 20% and 30% if grown right. CBD is not particularly high in this bud, so expect a potent cerebral high with a melon flavored undertone to it (hence the name).

Origins for this strain are a bit confusing but have been traced back to a crossbreed between Mexican landraces with Haze Brothers. Quite often used to make hash because of its sticky trichome genetics and its heavily flavorful profile.

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Super Lemon Haze

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Not quite as Sativa dominant as Cannalope but dominant enough at 70% to consider it a true Sativa enthusiast’s delight. Believed to be a cross breed between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze (another strain that’s coming up shortly), this cerebrally potent bud sits at almost 20% THC which explains its back-to-back wins of the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Expected from its name, SLH comes packed with citrusy scents and aromas. A highly coveted strain by outdoors growers due to the tree’s unparalleled height, Super Lemon Haze is meant to be smoked as a day-time strain and recommended for days when there isn’t much to do because it’s cerebral high is potent and long.

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Super Silver Haze

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This Super Lemon Haze parent is in itself bred from one of my favorite indica-dominant strains ever, Northern Lights and crossed with another classic original, Skunk. Despite it’s indica-dominant parent, Super Silver Haze is a 70% Sativa-dominant strain that delivers a potent cerebral high powered by it’s 22% THC content.

Expect some of the classic blended scents of Skunk and Northern Lights to be accompanied by a potent cerebral high that requires a bit of tolerance to be enjoyed. If tolerance is an issue with you, Super Silver Haze will take you on a ride.

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Blue Haze

Yet another Sativa-dominant strain that’s also bred from an indica-dominant parent. A crossbreed between the classic indica strain Blueberry and the renowned Sativa-dominant strain Amnesia Haze. Blue Haze is notorious for its blueberry like aromas and sweet taste, it’s high levels of THC ranging the 20% mark, and its combination of indica/sativa effects.

Most people report feelings of euphoria and happiness upon the first couple of inhales. Once the high begins to settle, the blueberry lineage of this strain will kick in for a satisfying end of day smoke. A nice strain to go for around 7 pm or so, when you feel like staying up a bit more, but not too long into the night.

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Chocolate Haze

A 95% Sativa heavy hitter bred from Cannalope Haze and an OG Chocolate Thai. Packing over 20% THC in most cases, this incredibly rare strain comes filled with OG Thai’s unique chocolate flavor and blends it with the melon profile notes of Cannalope Haze to give you a mixture of scents and aromas that cannot be found anywhere else.

Beware of an extremely strong high that takes no time to creep in. Although smooth and relaxing, Chocolate Haze may also provide feelings of euphoria that are not suited for the low-tolerant.

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Liberty Haze

A potent cerebral high powered by high levels of THC that average the 25% mark. This soon to be legendary strain is a cross breed between two other legendary strains; Chem Dog and G13 (which is coming up soon on the list).

Particularly easy to grow, this Sativa-dominant bud will get you to an uplifted state of mind that does not impair social interaction and is said to fill the consumer with energy. Unfortunately, I haven’t tried this one myself, but I’m definitely looking forward to my first batch.

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G13 Haze

80% of Sativa genetics make this one a must-have for any smoker who enjoys there toke of Sativa on a Sunday morning. A crossbreed between the classic G13 Sativa and the worldwide known Hawaiian Haze. Packing more than 20% THC, G13 Haze is a force to be reckoned with; expect a potent head high and a ton of foggy thoughts if your tolerance isn’t able to meet the power this bud packs.

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Amnesia Haze

Here’s one I’ve talked about many times in other articles. Amnesia was probably the first Sativa I tried following the advice from a friend (a.k.a. dealer). Safe to say, do not take advice from your dealer. Although Amnesia is a good suggestion if you’re into landrace strains (as it’s a cross between Jamaican, Afghani, Laos, and Hawaiian), it’s not necessarily the best strain to recommend to a newbie.

Almost 25% of THC content makes this an extremely potent bud that doesn’t let you gather your thoughts. In my personal experience, I’ve felt sleepy just minutes into the high, but perhaps that’s just because my tolerance isn’t all that high. Contrary to my personal experience, Amnesia has been documented to provide creative thoughts and a happy go lucky attitude.

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Purple Haze

A recognizably strong Sativa-dominant strain (70%) with a high THC content that’s said to sit around the 18% range (give or take). You might recognize the name from Jimi’s (Hendrix) popular classic song, and that should be enough to convince you to try it.

With this one you can be expected to feel a euphoric effect that does not take it’s time to make itself noticeable, creative, and at the same time, relaxed. Consumers have said this strain helps to handle stress and anxiety, and I agree. Purple Haze is a nice end of day strain, not too powerful based on my personal experience, but potent enough to make you feel like it’s taking over.

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