Blue Haze Weed; Blue Haze Cannabis Strain; Blue Haze Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Blue Haze Marijuana Strain

Blue Haze is a Hybrid marijuana strain. A cross between two classics, Blueberry and Haze, this flower will leave cannabis consumers feeling uplifted and happy.

Nothing but good things happen when breeders cross heavyweight strains. Blue Haze is the delightful Hybrid offspring of Blueberry and the original Haze strain. THC levels can vary wildly with this herb, between 16-26%, so less experienced cannabis enthusiasts are encouraged to be careful when consuming in larger amounts.


Blue Haze Experience

Blue Haze kicks off with a cerebral high that will have marijuana enthusiasts buzzing with energy. This energy is perfect for social situations, like parties or get-togethers, as conversations tend to flow just a little more freely. Many cannabis consumers who suffer from social anxiety could benefit from this uplifting strain.

One of the benefits of this herb is that the head high rarely becomes overwhelming, instead fading into a relaxing and soothing body buzz. The physical effects coincide with the melting away of woes and concerns.

Happy, even euphoric feelings wash over the body, relieving stress and anxiety, but without leaving marijuana consumers feeling couch locked.

This nice combination of effects is very well suited for creative or problem-solving exercises, or even powering through chores and errands. The relaxing effects of this strain can make for an excellent nightcap or way to end a stressful day and practice hobbies.


Traits of Blue Haze and Blue Haze Seeds

Marijuana enthusiasts will immediately notice the sweet blueberry aromas. There’s a subtle earthiness that helps to balance out the sugary scents, but very little of the traditional Haze family flavors.

Those characteristics reveal themselves more in this herb’s flavors. There’s more of that alluring sugary blueberry, but marijuana connoisseurs will also notice the spicy and herbal elements of this lively Hybrid.

Nugs are typically larger than average, with dense and tightly coiled leaf structures. The green foliage is coated in a thick layer of crystal trichomes, which make this some seriously sticky weed. Cannabis consumers are advised to keep a grinder nearby if they want to break up these tough buds.

Thanks to this strain’s Blueberry lineage, it can occasionally display some purple leaf coloration, if exposed to cold temperatures at the right point in its growth cycle.


Medical Benefits of Blue Haze

This Hybrid strain’s nicely balanced effects and therapeutic benefits can be just what certain medical marijuana patients are looking for to treat their symptoms and ailments.

  • Conditions such and stress and depression can benefit greatly from this herb’s uplifting vibes.
  • The increased sense of focus can help with the management of ADD/ADHD.
  • Pain, stemming from a number of causes including inflammation and fibromyalgia, can be soothed by this strain.

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