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strains | 01.20.2020

Liberty Haze Marijuana Strain

Liberty Haze is an award-winning hybrid that produces up to 25 percent THC. Happy and relaxed, this easygoing bud is great for daytime social festivities.

Consumers and growers have many reasons to love Liberty Haze. Liberty Haze is an award-winning hybrid that produces up to 25 percent THC. Happy and relaxed, this easygoing bud is great for daytime social festivities. A fast-growing and long-lasting hybrid, this bud creates a happy upbeat vibe that’s great for unwinding during the day. This strain is considered to be 60/40 sativa-dominant, giving it an uplifting and mildly energizing effect. The upbeat attitude this flower instills makes it perfect for sunny a weekend out and about town.

Liberty Haze Experience

While this strain has some heavy G-13 lineage, Liberty Haze is upbeat and blissful. The effects of this strain perhaps lean toward what is thought to be the traditional sativa side of things. While this herb does provide a nice balance between relaxed and aware, the experience is happy, joyful, and engaging.

The mind-altering effects of this herb kick in after just a puff or two. Featuring a fast activation time and a long-lasting cerebral effect, this plant is a great choice for those who need a late morning pick-me-up. In general, this strain is thought to provide a lighthearted, rolling euphoric high.

The effects are considered so great that this strain received one of the highest honors in the world of marijuana: Best Overall Strain at the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup. However, unlike pure sativa or indica strains, the Liberty Haze experience is not often overwhelming. Rather, you’ll likely be able to focus on finishing up chores or intellectual work. This strain is also a great one to share, as it tends to be quite happy and giggly overall.

For recreational cannabis consumers, this strain is delightful. Great for social occasions, marijuana enthusiasts can count on a giggle fit or two with this bud. Fast-acting and long-lasting, Liberty Haze is a great daytime strain for experienced marijuana consumers.

Traits of Liberty Haze and Liberty Haze Seeds

Liberty Haze is a sublime cross between G-13 and Chemdawg 91. G-13 is a strong-armed indica rumored to be an offspring of a U.S. government breeding project. Chemdawg 91 is the classic cut of a world-famous hybrid strain.

Bred by Barney’s Farm Seeds, Liberty Haze flowers in a short 60 to 70 days and performs well indoors and out. It’s extremely high-yielding, producing long and thick colas that produce bountiful buds. These long, typically Sativa shaped nugs are covered in a layer of translucent trichomes. This makes them incredibly sticky, but lacking in the “frosted” look some higher THC strains can possess. Clear crystals just allow marijuana enthusiasts to get a better look at the delicious weed underneath. Pistils are so rich that they’re almost red in appearance, twisting their way out of vibrant green leaves.

This strain is indeed potent, but it isn’t always the strongest on the shelf. Featuring between 15 and 25 percent THC on average, it is recommended for experienced cannabis consumers. For novices or those sensitive to the effects of THC, this strain may cause some anxiousness.

Liberty Haze features a unique woody lime aroma, giving it a bit of a tropical forest vibe. The taste can come across as pleasantly skunky, making it a stand-out flower.

Medical Benefits of Liberty Haze

Recreational cannabis consumers may enjoy the racy cerebral effects of this strain, but these same effects can be just what medical marijuana consumers are looking for.

  • Medical cannabis consumers, however, often report that this strain eases stress and mental ailments like depression. It’s easy to take your mind off of the day’s worries and concerns with the help of this friendly green herb.
  • Mild and moderate pain is another common reason to pick up Liberty Haze, as it has inherited some of G-13’s soothing physical effects.
  • This strain is not exactly couch-locking, but it does seem to relax stiff muscles and may help take your mind off of the unpleasant sensation.
  • Novice marijuana consumers might experience some anxiety with this strain, which may be more pronounced in higher doses.

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