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strains | 07.13.2022

Strains Sense: Chemdawg

Discussing the experience, effects, and traits of this popular hybrid strain.

When you think of legendary strains, Chemdawg should be on your list. 

Referred to as Chemdawg or Chemdog, this balanced hybrid strain is thought to be the original parent of Sour Diesel, another sought-after strain. 

Additionally, it’s not uncommon for the THC content in this strain to reach above 20%. The hits from Chemdawg are potent and smooth, and the strong effects might last longer than expected. 

Keep reading for our full review of this classic hybrid strain. 


Not to be confused with Chemdawg 4 or Chemdawg 91, Chemdawg sits in its own balanced hybrid category. 

This strain is high-yielding and produces almost psychedelic effects. This potent hybrid is excellent for those in need of some hardcore pain relief. 

Yet, the heavy-hitting cerebral and body highs may not be so good for beginners. Chemdawg produces a buzzy and uplifting head high with full-body relaxation and zen. 

Because it’s a balanced hybrid, users will appreciate the equal parts of mental stimulation and bodily bliss. 

Chemdawg Genetics

There’s a lot of cannabis lore surrounding this strain. 

Legend has it that some bud was given to well-known cannabis breeder Chemdawg, at a Grateful Dead concert. Luckily, that bud happened to contain some seeds. 

These seeds sprouted what came to be the original Chemdawg strain. Because of this mysterious history, the exact genetics of this strain are unknown. 

However, this strain is thought to be a possible parent of the equally famous OG Kush and Sour Diesel strains.

Flavor & Aroma

Cannabis connoisseurs will detect the powerful diesel smell this strain lends to its possible offspring, Sour Diesel. 

There’s also some pine and a slight earthy musk. The subtle notes of pine are very pleasant but make the strain dank, so be sure to preserve that savory smell in an air-tight container or bag. 

Despite its chemical odors, marijuana enthusiasts can expect a smooth draw with a tangy ammonia aroma. Its flavors are earthy on the inhale and gassy on the exhale. 

Medical Benefits of Chemdawg

The combination of a cerebral buzz and a heavy body high will please medical marijuana patients looking for relief from;

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Inflammation
  • Chronic pain

Chemdawg is also helpful for tackling ADHD symptoms, migraines, PMS, and even arthritis. It can also be great for patients suffering from a lack of appetite. 

With its high THC content, this strain packs a potent punch that can catch some novice marijuana consumers off guard. 

Cannabis enthusiasts who are concerned about anxiety or are particularly sensitive to high THC levels should be careful when consuming in larger doses.

Chemdawg Seeds

Some seed companies like Greenhouse offer a version of “Chemdog” that is a cross between OG Kush and Sour Diesel.

Other breeders claim that their versions of Chemdawg contain the original lineage. At this point, however, it’s very difficult to tell who used the real Chemdawg and who did not. 

Some suspect that this strain may have Nepalese and Thai heritage. Part of the craze about Chemdawg is its mysterious origins, so perhaps ignorance is bliss in this scenario.

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