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The Strongest Vapes Of 2023

Never has a vapor cloud gotten you as high as vaping these concentrates.

Vaping enthusiasts have reasons to be happy this 20203. The vape extracts have reached a new peak of potency and quality. Producers constantly go the extra mile to provide an intense physical and mental experience while watching the safety of their products.

And this list has some of the best cases.

These are the strongest vapes of 2023 to indulge the senses of stoners looking forward to expanding their boundaries in the cannabis world.

THCA Live Rosin Diamond Wax Dabs

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The Binoid THCA Live Rosin Diamond Wax Dabs take that name because they are solid concentrates as colorless as actual diamonds. And they look like it because cannabinoids have no color. The purity of these THCA Diamonds is superior to those concentrates with a yellowish appearance.

In other words, Binoid THCA Diamonds are 1500 mg of 99% THCA distillate.

The rest of the content is Live Rosin, a solvent-less extract that adds a tiny amount of terpenes profile to the precious THCA Diamonds. This huge cannabinoid content is possible thanks to advanced extraction methods that only top brands like Binoid possess.

Having such unparalleled purity, the Binoid THCA Diamonds are incredibly potent. Even a little hit can knock you out when vaping these concentrates. So, they are the personal jewelry of seasoned users with high tolerance to THC.

Enjoy the available terpenes profile for the Binoid THCA Diamonds:

  • Gusherz (Indica)
  • Jillybean (Hybrid)
  • Candy Cloud (Sativa)

THCA Disposable Vapes – Live Rosin

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The Binoid THCA Disposable Vapes contain 0.5 grams of 99% THCA distillate. Keep in mind that THCA is as potent as Delta 9 THC. Using a Binoid THCA Disposable Vape is a tremendously psychoactive trip from start to finish.

Moreover, the Binoid THCA Disposable mixes THCA distillate with premium-quality Live Rosin Extract to add the flavor and therapeutical effects from the terpenes of some of the most popular strains. So, every puff creates a spectacular entourage effect that will uplift your spirit.

When using the Binoid THCA Disposable, you can expect an intense mental rush with full-body effects. The vapor cloud will wash away all aches and foggy thoughts bothering you.

You will find peace full of good vibes in every terpenes profile available:

  • Unicorn Berry (Hybrid)
  • Sour Pebbles (Sativa)

THCA Vape Cartridge – Live Rosin

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You asked for it, and Binoid delivered. Binoid’s THCA Vape Cartridges are the first THCA Cartridges on the market. And when another comes, it will hardly rival the quality of Binoid THCA Disposable Vapes and their cannabinoid content of 99%.

You can tell that every puff produces immensely intense effects on your body and mind, from a burst of euphoria to a knockout punch that will put you to sleep.

Besides, Binoid pairs this 99% THCA distillate with Live Rosin extract to provide top-shelf terpenes profiles. Being Live Rosin means it preserves the vast diversity of natural compounds in the cannabis flower before the curing process. And it also implies that the extraction method doesn’t involve solvents.

You will surely find your new favorite vape cartridge in the terpenes profile available options:

  • Exotic Kush (Indica)
  • Cranberry Haze (Sativa)
  • Mango Tango (Indica)
  • Avatar OG (Hybrid)

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