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The Best Weed Edibles For Sleep: How To Treat Insomnia With Cannabis

If you want to treat insomnia with delicious cannabis treats instead of pills, look no further.

The best edibles for sleep are any edibles, right? Wrong! Even though edibles may make you sleepy, there are some brands making edibles specifically designed to help you catch some serious Zzz’s.

If your busy mind is keeping you up at night, or you suffer from insomnia, check out our list of the best edibles for sleep, so you can stop tossing and turning.

The Science Of Sleep: How Does Cannabis Help Treat Insomnia?

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Go a few days without getting proper rest at night and it becomes painfully apparent just how crucial sleep is to overall health and wellness. Despite years of research, scientists don’t fully understand the functions of sleep, however, we do know it has an impact on several key functions.

Learning and memory, for example, can be severely affected by sleep deprivation. Without proper sleep to allow neurons time to rejuvenate, they become exhausted. This leaves us unable to recall information or to coordinate it properly. It affects muscle function, mood and the ability to focus. Depending on what you do for work, that could result in anything from clerical errors to major accidents. And in fact, insomnia-caused accidents and injuries reportedly cost the US close to $63 billion dollars.

Characterized based on duration, insomnia is one of the leading causes of sleeplessness and is surprisingly common in adults. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine:

  • 30 to 35% have brief symptoms of insomnia.
  • 15 to 20% have a short-term insomnia disorder, which lasts less than three months.
  • 10% have a chronic insomnia disorder, which occurs at least three times per week for at least three months.

Beyond diagnosable insomnia, sleeplessness can be caused by a number of other factors, including pain, anxiety, PTSD, and many other conditions. And it just so happens that these are some of the conditions that may be better managed by using cannabis.

How Does Cannabis Help You Sleep Better?

For starters, many of the active components in cannabis are relaxants, like the cannabinoids THC and CBN, and many terpenes, including myrcene. Relaxants ease muscle tension and relax the body, priming it for a good night’s sleep.

Cannabis for sleep also works by relieving many symptoms that keep people awake at night, including stress, anxiety, and pain. Plus, these symptoms are exacerbated by the lack of sleep, creating a negative feedback loop of sleeplessness. But that’s where cannabis for sleep comes in, it both reduces symptoms and makes users tired – breaking the cycle and allowing you to catch some quality Zzz’s.

You Fall Asleep Easier

THC can significantly reduce the time it takes for us to fall asleep. A 1973 study showed that THC reduced the time it took for subjects with insomnia to fall asleep by over an hour.

A Deeper Sleep

Deep sleep is restorative sleep, the time that your body is able to regenerate itself, and the portion of the sleep cycle most affected by cannabis.

Research has found that the primary psychoactive in cannabis, THC, extends the amount of time you spend in deep sleep. So by partaking in a bedtime blunt or edible in some other way, you alter your endocannabinoid levels.

For more information on how cannabis affects deep sleep cycles, check out this article.

You Breathe Better

Sleep apnea is a medical condition where a person’s breathing is interrupted during sleep due to a lack of oxygen to the brain.

According to this study, animal data suggests that THC may be able to combat the condition by stabilizing breath and blocking the serotonin-induced exacerbation of sleep apnea.

Which is great news for the 25 percent of men and nine percent of women suffering from sleep apnea.

You Sleep Longer

Increasing the dose of THC also increased the amount of time spent sleeping.

Look for indica-dominant strains with a high THC concentration to get the best effect.

Shorter Time In REM

REM stands for rapid eye movement, and it’s one of four primary stages in the sleep cycle. Consuming activated cannabis before bed extends your time in deep sleep, the stage just before REM sleep.

The downside of this, however, is that evidence shows that REM sleep is for processing memories and information received during the day. Cannabis changes the length of the sleep cycle, so many nighttime canna-lovers tend to remember dreams less than their non-consuming counterparts.

How To Use Cannabis For Sleep

There are so many different cannabis strains and edibles, how do you know which one is the best cannabis product for sleep? First of all, you’re going to want to start with an indica strain of cannabis as opposed to a sativa. That’s because indicas are known to relax the body and mind, while sativas induce the opposite effect, making people uplifted and energized.

As far as THC, CBD, and cannabinoids go, we’d suggest picking something with 20 percent or less of THC to help you relax. Strains with more than 20 percent THC could end up energizing you or causing anxiety. Plus, many report feeling a little groggy the next morning after using super-high THC strains at night. Also, look out for the cannabinoid CBN when buying cannabis for sleep for its anti-insomnia effects.

When it comes to CBD, you want some CBD in your strain, but only consuming CBD before bed could actually stimulate you rather than put you to sleep. This evidence is anecdotal, but some people report CBD-only products to be energizing rather than sleep-inducing. Unless you prefer to avoid THC altogether, we’d suggest a strain with THC as well as CBD for your nighttime routine.

There are also some relaxing and sleep-inducing terpenes to look for when buying cannabis for sleep. Check out a strain high in Myrcene for its sedating effects. Also look for Terpinolene, which relaxes the body so much you won’t want to move at all.

Another great terpene for sleep is Phytol, which will make you drowsy and has pain-killing effects. Plus, terpenes interact with cannabinoids to produce certain effects, so you can always ask your local budtender for some recommendations.

The Best Cannabis Edibles For Sleep

Binoid Delta 9 THC Gummies - Fruit Punch

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If you’re having trouble falling asleep, just one of these Delta 9 Fruit Punch Gummies from Binoid will have you counting sheep in no time. With a delicious Fruit Punch flavor containing 10 mg of Delta 9 and 50 mg of CBD per gummy, each pack contains 20 gummies.

These Delta 9 gummies are infused with a premium Live Resin Full Spectrum mix of Delta 9, other powerful hemp compounds, and beneficial terpenes to give you that punch you need.

As with any edible, it is ideal to start small and find the point of tolerance where you can get all its benefits. Consume one serving before going to bed and enjoy its relaxing and soothing sensations for a restful sleep.

The Binoid Delta 9 THC gummies have an unbeatable relaxing feeling, are derived from hemp, and are federally legal.

Botany Farms Delta-9 THC Gummies

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Are you the friend that everyone calls to ask, what’s new, what is good? If you are, this article is not for you, we know you have already purchased these edibles.

When you heard that THC Delta 9 is what governs the legality of cannabis vs hemp products in the United States, did you ever imagine that you could purchase Delta 9 products legally without visiting a dispensary? Neither did we.

Botany Farms took Hemp derived edibles to a new level with their new, Delta 9 gummy line. A Delta 9 edible with less than 0.3% THC Delta 9 is now being offered in an exclusively new product line from Botany Farms.

Boston Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

If you are looking for a smoke-free experience, sometimes edibles can take a little while to kick in. This is why we also added to the list a brand that does not need a tea party to shine through.

The folks at Boston Hemp have fully organic or natural ingredients with third-party lab results that back up their hemp-based products. Born in 2018, this newcomer into the CBD space wanted to create products that could have a premium standard while using hemp’s wellness effects to the best of their ability.

This is how their hemp products were born. From disposable pens to hand cured, grown, and curated products, they truly have a top-shelf experience that can make hemp accessible to more people. Their Full Spectrum CBD Tincture is no exception.

With a hefty 1200mg of CBD per bottle, this oil-based tincture is perfect for getting a small boost into dozing off. With about 3mg of melatonin and 40mg of CBD per serving, this tincture can help you regulate your sleep cycles and get healthier sleep overall.

Flavor-wise, expect a fruit and soft strawberry note that just melts in your mouth. It’s great to have on your own or to experiment with a drink or some dessert cooking. So feel free to get your creative juices on while trying this high-quality tincture.

You can read more about Boston Hemp and this delicious, Full Spectrum CBD Tincture on their website.

Delta Extrax - Sours Hydro HHC Gummies

We have all had a restless or sleepless night at one point in our lives. Finding the right sleeping aid is not an easy task at times, but we may have a solution for you! Insomnia meet Delta Extrax and their Sours Hydro HHC Gummies, a product that allows consumers to catch that needed extra zzzs.

Hexahydrocannabinol or better known as HHC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in hemp plants. HHC is a relatively new discovery, but the implications have it sharing many similarities of effects to Delta 9 THC, including sleep aid.

Delta Extrax is the mastermind behind the Sours Hydro HHC Gummies. Every container contains 25 pieces for a total dosage of 250mg of HHC and offers consumers a flavorful experience from start to finish. In addition, Delta Extrax has formulated the perfect dosage of 10mg of HHC per piece, putting its consumers in a relaxing state. With many terpene flavors, this HHC product should not be overlooked!

  •  25 gummies per jar
  • 10mg of HHC per gummy
  • 250mg of HHC total

Kandy For The Insomniac Delta-9 THC Gummies – Mango

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Edibles can be raunchy. What if I told you that the best-tasting edibles are right here? Kandy Boy is the new kid on the block.

Dispensary grade Delta-9 THC edibles made from hemp. These delicious candies will melt away the stress of the day and your sweet tooth all in one.

The delicious nature of these edibles can be dangerous to some users, but for the insomniac hoping to sleep better? Look no further.

Which Edibles Are Best For Helping You Sleep?

A number of factors go into determining the specific strains ideal for each individual. THC tolerance and sensitivity, experience, and personal preference should all be considered when selecting a strain. Also, keep in mind that consumption methods should be considered when using cannabis for sleep.

For example, when eating or consuming cannabis through the digestive tract, we can actually stay asleep longer and with fewer disturbances because the effects of cannabis have a greater duration. Inhalation, on the other hand, has a much faster onset time. What we gain in speed, however, will be forgone in the length of the effects.

When looking for better sleep, Indica strains with their higher levels of myrcene are the place to start. What’s most interesting is how myrcene interacts with the cannabinoids in a given strain to produce a compound effect.

A 2011 study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology called “Taming THC: Potential Cannabis Synergy and Phytocannabinoid-terpenoid Entourage Effects,” discovered that while myrcene is an effective sleep aid, it can combine with CBD to decrease pain, inflammation and even potentially fight cancer. Combining the terpene with higher THC strains results in pain reduction, muscle relaxation, and sedation in high enough doses.

Integrating cannabis, as well as other positive habits, like exercise, healthy eating and good sleep hygiene can go a long way to making sure we get the restorative sleep we need to help us be our best selves.

Cannabis vs Sleeping Pills

best edibles for sleep

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Sleeping pills, like Ambien and Lunesta, are some of the most common prescription drugs in the U.S. In fact, between 2005 and 2010, 8.6 million Americans had an Ambien prescription for sleep – even though cannabis is safer and increasingly proving effective. In fact, one in six Americans is prescribed a psychiatric drug, and Ambien is in the top five, after Zoloft, Celexa, and Xanax.

Ambien has tons of weird and potentially dangerous side effects, like amnesia, sleepwalking, daytime drowsiness, headaches, and allergic reactions. It will make you feel like crap the next morning and can even be potentially lethal if you take too much or mix with alcohol or other drugs. Plus, if you take Ambien for a long period, you will experience some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when you try and discontinue use.

But that’s why cannabis for sleep is the best sleeping pill – it’s natural, there are virtually no side effects, and if you happen to take too much, you won’t overdose, you’ll probably just fall asleep. Although more research needs to be done on cannabis for sleep, tons of people are already making the switch from prescription pulls to natural herb.

The 2017 Eaze State of Cannabis Report looked at this trend in California and found 57 percent of survey participants use or have used sleeping pills. Of that 57 percent, 95 percent are using cannabis for sleep to reduce their sleeping pill consumption. What’s more, of that 95 percent, 45 percent have completely made the switch and have stopped taking sleeping pills entirely and use cannabis for sleep instead.

Cannabis for sleep is safer and more natural than prescription drugs for sleep, making the plant the best sleeping pill.

Boston Hemp HHC Gourmet Peach Ring Gummies

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If you are looking for a smoke-free experience, we know a brand that has incredibly yummy and strong treats. This is why we also added to the list a brand that does not need a tea party to shine through.

The folks at Boston Hemp have fully organic or natural ingredients with third-party lab results that back up their hemp-based products. Born in 2018, this newcomer into the CBD space wanted to create products that could have a premium standard while using hemp’s wellness effects to the best of their ability.

And this is how their hemp products were born. From disposable pens to hand cured, grown, and curated products, they truly have a top-shelf experience that can make hemp accessible to more people. Their delicious HHC Gourmet Peach Rings Gummies are a classic with a twist that won’t disappoint you.

With a strong 750mg of HHC per pack, with 25mg of this new cannabinoid per gummy, these edibles are perfect if you want something a little stronger than your usual D8. HHC is a cannabinoid very closely related to D9 THC, with still fewer side effects but more potent than other cannabinoids like D8 or D10 THC.

These gummies are perfect both recreationally and for their therapeutic effects, as they can help you doze off more easily or just let you have a fun Saturday afternoon while binging something.

Flavor-wise, you’ll find their take on the classic peach rings will just melt in your mouth. They taste delicious and feel even better, ready for some nostalgic bites while also giving yourself a little twist. So if you were looking for something different from the list you can give their HHC-infused gummies a try.

You can read more about Boston Hemp and their juicy and flavorful HHC Gourmet Peach Ring Gummiesover at their website, here.

Sweet Tooth Helping You Get ZZZ’s

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We all know how important a good night’s sleep is for our overall health and well-being. But sometimes, no matter how tired we are, sleep just doesn’t come easy. That’s where gummies can come in handy.

One of the best gummies for sleep is Kandy Boy Delta 9 THC Gummies. These gummies are made to taste like candy. Loaded with Delta 9 THC, and sure to put you down for the night.

Kandy Boy gummies are non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan, perfect for people with specific dietary restrictions. If you’re looking for a gummy that will help you get a good night’s sleep, Kandy Boy Delta 9 THC Gummies are a great option.

five™ Full Spectrum CBD + THC Gummies - Sleep

The Full-Spectrum CBD + THC Sleep Gummies from five™ contain 6x more minor cannabinoids than the competition. 

They’re packed with the highest quality CBD and THC extract, containing 25mg CBD and 5mg THC. Each container comes with a variety of flavors, including blends of blue razz, lemon, raspberry, and other fruity flavors. 

They’re an excellent option for hitting the hay and waking up the next day feeling refreshed. The comforting 5:1 CBD:THC ratio will calm the mind and body while helping you drift into dreamland peacefully. 

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