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Buy Weed Edibles Online: THC, CBD & CBG That Ship Anywhere

Our guide to edibles that will ship anywhere.

Sometimes you just feel like you need to roll up, kick your feet up, and watch the sunset with a doobie in one hand and a cocktail in the other. But most of the time there just isn’t enough time in the day for that, or perhaps you don’t have a balcony and prefer something that won’t hotbox your living room.

That’s when alternatives like extracts and edibles come in handy. Besides, what better option than a creamy cupcake or a bag of your favorite gummies infused with a generous dose of your preferred cannabis concentrate.

Things become even more exciting when you have a large selection of delicious weed edibles that can be ordered online for delivery. Herb brings you a vast list of the best edibles that ship anywhere.

Edible selections are continually evolving, and companies are always investing in product innovation. So perhaps the next time you care to look at your favorite brand’s list of products, you’ll find that things don’t look quite the same as they did last time. But don’t be scared, this just means things are getting better!

The Best THC Edibles To Buy Online

Botany Farms Delta 9 THC Gummies

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If you want THC, then go with these revolutionary gummies from our friends at Botany Farms. This Minnesota brand, famous for its quality CBD products, has made the leap into the THC world, and they did it masterfully.

Each watermelon-flavored piece has 10 mg of hemp-derived Delta 9 THC and 14 mg of CBD. The fact that it’s hemp-derived THC means that these treats are 100% Farm Bill compliant and can ship anywhere in the US!

You can pop one in at any time you want, but we recommended you eat them at the end of your day. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the bliss.

Simply Crafted Delta 8 Gummies

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Finding the right gummies is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Sure, there might be plenty out there that’ll do the trick, but at the end of the day, you want a product you can rely on to give you the buzz and relaxation that you’re searching for.

Here’s where Simply Crafted comes into play: the growing movement and awareness surrounding the benefits that cannabis holds are slowly coming to the surface, and this brand knows how to give its consumers what they’re truly searching for. Simply Crafted sets a high standard for itself, so there’s no going wrong with their 100% hemp-derived CBD + THC Gummies.

Made with care out of full-spectrum CBD and Delta 8 distillates, you can expect to get the most out of what you’re paying for (and if we’re being honest, the price won’t burn a hole in your wallet either).

With a delectable blackberry flavor, these gummies are a super effective and reliable way to get your fix and are crafted from USA-grown hemp. Because the 2018 Farm Bill allows you to get cannabis anywhere. These are also an excellent option for those who might have a more challenging time getting weed where cannabis consumption is still under consideration.

Wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever your cannabis habits, and whatever your lifestyle, these gummies are a great addition to your green lifestyle.

five™ CBD - Full Spectrum CBD+THC Gummies

five™ CBD gummies are the ideal option to order online. Getting these handy gummies through their website couldn’t be easier, plus they are delicious and full of benefits.

Each gummy contains 25 mg of CBD and 2 mg of THC per piece.

They have different options for personal needs and tastes, depending on whether you want an energy boost or to relax deeply.

We love the CBD+THC Sleep Gummies, as the name implies, they are perfect to take before bedtime.

These specially designed Sleep Gummies contain an incredible blend of 5 mg of CBD, 2 mg of THC, and 3 mg of Melatonin.

A bomb of natural ingredients that will have you sleeping like a baby.

They are also great for;

  • Chronic pain
  • Anxiety
  • Daytime stress that keeps you awake at night

The company suggests taking them an hour before bedtime to ensure a restful sleep and easy rest.

Kalibloom Kik’s

Looking for some delicious end-of-the-week gummies to enjoy your Saturday night movie? What are you going to watch this time? Either way,  Kaliblooms Kik’s Bites are there for your chill session, they offer a Kik Rope Candy with 100mg total, also 25mg per delicious bite with 500mg total in these products Neon Smiley, Neon Bears, Neon Worms, Peach Rings,  However, the Squares area bit more potent with 50mg of Delta-8 per bite and 1000mg in the total of the product.

Kik Bites pack a punch so take getting kik’d to the next level with their Delta-8 Gummies. You can explore this edible’s effects on your body by starting “low and slow.” Relaxation will fill you up, blissful vibes are just around each corner –  there’s a Kik Bite for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Head to and stock up on Kik Bites today!

Galaxy Treats D8, D9, THC-O, and HHC Gummies

Galaxy Treats provide incredible new cannabinoids to the game with THC-O and HHC-based gummies. All of their products are delicious and potent, even third-party lab tested for purity and potency.

If you want a twist on your D9 or D8 gummies, Galaxy Treats has some delicious 20-count packs in different flavors to spice up the edible routine.

Their D8 Gummies are available in Bluerazz Rocket, Starberry, and Mars Mango. On the other hand, D9 gummies have a special flavor with Melon Lifter and come in 200mg of sweet D9 THC – compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, of course.

If you are looking for a true space trip, Galaxy Treats THC-O-based edibles contain full-on 25mg of THC-O for a strong entourage effect. 

Now if you haven’t tried HHC, one of the biggest newcomers to the “cannabinoid” scene, their HHC-based edibles are an excellent choice. They come in 300mg of sweet HHC per container, making them 15mg per gummy.

If you’re looking for something to spice up your edibles while keeping them safe, and still out of this world, we recommend you gravitate towards Galaxy Treats products.

Bay Smokes Delta-8 Gummy Peach Rings

Peach rings are a long-time gummy classic, covered in sweet sugar and boasting a fragrant and fruity taste. And while we could probably down an entire bag of those in one sitting, the same cannot be said about these Delta-8 Peach Rings by Bay Smokes, which had us pleasantly high in no time.

With 25mg of Delta-8 THC on each piece, these pack a peachy punch. Use them wisely and dose according to your own tolerance. Their fresh D8 high is smooth and therapeutic, a solid end to a busy day.

The repertoire of edibles available from Bay Smokes goes far beyond these gummies, though, and although they are our favorites, we can recognize they’re not the top choice for any situation. Their tinctures, for example, will serve you better for cannabis cuisine, and if cooking isn’t your thing, then take a peek at the rest of Bay Smokes’ edibles.

Brownies, cookies, tortilla chips, funions, barbecue chips, and an assortment of cereals, all infused with rich D8. With such a selection and easy delivery, Bay Smokes is as close as we’ve seen to an online cannabis snack bar.

DazeD8 - CBN Delta 8 Gummies

These gummies with a balanced blend of Delta 8 and CBN are the ideal choice for edibles that are easy to carry and full of flavor. Of course, without leaving the potency aside, these gummies will give you a strong hit.

They contain 35mg of D8+CBN per gummy. With assorted flavors and availability to purchase from the DazeD8 website, they are a great option that gives you the freedom to order them from the comfort of your home.

Each pack contains 15 gummies full of flavor and potency. For consumption, it is recommended to start with one gummy or even half a gummy and wait for the effects, from there define the tolerance and increase or decrease the dose, remember that it will always be easier to consume a little more in case you need it than to have a bad time by exceeding.

The effects of these gummies are varied, although they are focused on relaxation and general well-being. They also have laboratory tests that guarantee their high quality and purity.

Friendly tip: Always check the state regulations of each place where you want to order, avoid headaches.

Plain Jane Gummy Diamonds

With a sweet tooth for dessert, Plain Jane Delta-8 Diamond Gummies are the perfect treat! Each 1000 mg bottle comes packed with 40 juicy gummy diamonds that will make your mouth water. Now each Plain Jane Delta-8 Diamond Gummy contains 25mg of CBD-derived Delta-8 THC so they’re sure to pack quite an impactful punch – recommended dosing around a 1/4th of a Diamond Gummy every 60-90 minutes (we don’t want anyone getting too high on their candy).

These gummies come in a variety of tasty flavors, those being Sour Worms, Peach Rings, Diamond Gummies, this is the type of candy you have been looking for. Sweet and strong

Plain Jane is making a big splash in the industry with their unique approach to the plant.

For starters, Plain Jane is focused on making the experience of all of the cannabinoids of the plan more accessible and approachable for everyone. They do this by offering a wide variety of products, including pre-rolled joints, edibles, topicals, and more.

But what really sets Plain Jane apart is their commitment to quality and transparency. All of their products are lab-tested for purity and potency, and they make all of their lab results available to consumers. This commitment to quality and transparency has already earned Plain Jane a loyal following among cannabis users.

Binoid Delta 8 THC Gummies

Treat yourself to a delicious, chewy gummy that will change your life. Each gummy is infused with the most refined and effective Delta 8 oil on the market. Perfect for pain relief, these gummy candies are healthy and delicious! Whether you’re looking to ease pain or have a taste of nature, these gummies will do it.

These brightly colored gummies offer a way to consume cannabinoids that is fun and appetizing. They’re significantly better than other cannabis edibles due to their natural flavoring and use of lab-tested, high-quality ingredients.


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These delicious and discreet ELYXR gummies are a perfect midweek pick-me-up for those looking to relax.

Each ELYXR gummy has 10mg of THC, giving these treats more than enough reason to add them to your stash box. ELYXR gummies are all-natural, vegan, gluten and soy-free, and free of all artificial flavors.

ELYXR makes Delta 8 gummies in various tasty flavors, including blueberry, raspberry, orange, and grape. You’ll be shocked how great these vegan gummies taste, and you’ll love how they make you feel.

DIMO Premium Delta 8, Delta 9, & HHC Gummies

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When shopping for edibles, we’re looking for great taste. But overall, we want potency and consistency. DIMO is here to offer a very tangy and delicious product that will blow the top of your head off.

If you’re to browse DIMO’s lineup of gummies you will get to see very well-made products that are sure to spark up a conversation due to the insane colors and design of their packages. There are edibles, flowers, cartridges, and more, in all of the available cannabinoids for you to enjoy your user experiences as much as possible.

The DIMO gummy and edible line is astounding, there are many options and flavors to choose from, and the tricky part is deciding what to go with. There are sweet options, sour and tangy products, and tropical flavors that may amuse and entertain you.

If you’re looking for a sour kick that gives you a solid high, you will want to try the DIMO Blue Raspberry Sour Belts Infused with Delta 8. These bad boys are infused with Delta 8 THC Distillate, 100mg apiece.

These gummies feature a more giggly and overall aroused high that entertains the mind and spirit, a very enticing approach to the social and uplifting high.

You can also try the Mango Sour Belts Infused with 1000mg Delta 8 and the Rainbow Sour Belts Infused with 1000mg Delta 8.

Some may prefer a milder yet still potent experience. For those cases, you could go for something like the Premium HHC Gummies, which provide a happy and relaxed tone with a fruity and juicy flavor that will tickle your taste buds. You can grab these gummies in Blue Raspberry, Sour Peach, and Strawberry.

Of course, everyone needs a little Delta 9 in their lives. We suggest shopping DIMO’s vast Delta 9 Gummies selection for a sweet and euphoric experience. All Delta 9 gummies contain 200mg Delta 9 per package and are the perfect psychoactive treat for users who prefer different unique flavors.

When I was a kid, I’d always crave sour gummy worms, and to be honest, I still do. Fortunately, the DIMO Sour Gummy Worms Infused with Delta 8 distillate are the bomb! These lip-puckering treats are infused with 100mg of premium D8 per piece, so you can set the tone just right.

TribeTokes Gummies

TribeTokes believes you shouldn’t have to choose between your wellness and your tastebuds. Their Delta 8 THC Gummy Bears are colored and flavored with all-natural juice extracts such as carrot juice, black currant, turmeric, and cherry juice – no high fructose corn syrup or carcinogenic food colorings such as Red 40 or Yellow 5/6.

For easy self-dosing, each adorable and delicious bear has 25mg of Delta 8 THC. These pack a punch, so we recommend starting with half a bear and seeing how you feel a couple of hours later before consuming more!

Delta Munchies Sour Worms 1000mg & Watermelon Runtz 1000mg

In today’s cannabis market there are no shortages of brands that claim to produce the best Delta 8 products, specifically edibles. Delta Munchies is at the top of the shortlist of brands that can actually be relied upon when looking to satisfy your “stoner tooth.”
With over 15 years in the industry, they have formulated the perfect blend of taste and experience that has propelled them to win multiple awards and accolades. With zero compromises when it comes to quality, integrity, and creativity it’s easy to see why they are such a sought-after brand. The Delta 8 is fully derived from 100% American hemp and is also backed by third-party lab testing from the DEA. This assures that they are delivering the cleanest and most potent Delta 8 on the market, with dosing sizes in the following  100mg, 200mg, 300mg, 450mg, and 1000mg. The next time you’re looking to satisfy that craving, take a look at their Sour Worms 1000mg. 

Sour Worms 1000mg by Delta Munchies has hit a home run with this classic, providing exceptional taste with a balanced sweet and sour blend. This product comes in a 1000mg bag and would be the perfect option for a heavy hitter who needs the extra dosage or who likes to bulk up their stash. The most-reported feelings and effects are euphoria and relaxation, which has made this product one of the most popular on their list. This product includes:

– 1000mg
– 25mg per gummy
– 40 pieces per bag

Safe And Discreet Cannabis Edible Delivery

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Companies that make it onto Herb’s catalog are renowned for providing safe and discreet product shipments. Not only that, but everything on the delivery menu is lab tested and certified for fast and convenient delivery.

What Are Weed Edibles Good For?

In a time where respiratory health has become a primary concern, it might prove to be the best moment to start looking at organic cannabis edibles as an alternative to smoking. This way, you’ll experience cannabis’s pain relief effects while snacking on healthy (perhaps vegan if that’s your jam) finger food.

The brands you’ll find on the Herb product catalog have different missions and visions, but one thing that’s common between all edible brands we feature is that they all have a high standard for quality. So take the plunge; be it cannabis cookies, cannabis candy, or marijuana drinks, my guess is you’ll enjoy it.

How To Buy Edibles Online? Go To

Now, if we’re going to go all-in and dive into one of the best sources for tasty and powerful edibles, we have to look at These folks have it all under their sleeve. They’re an online retailer specializing in many cannabis products.

As the name suggests, there you can find weed online. Most interestingly, though, when you enter their store, you see it is organized by the type of cannabinoid you want and the type of product you need.

Their portfolio has some of the industry’s best and top-selling brands and all the types of goodies we want and crave. The wide array of products allows users to fully tailor the wanted experience according to preference, experience, and, most importantly: the user’s needs.

What Can I Buy on

Photo by MART PRODUCTION / Pexels is focused on bringing the user high-quality products that entertain, soothe, calm, relax, energize. So whether you need a milder D8 high, some energizing HHC, or relief from some CBD, there’s something for you.

You can get your hands on flower, edibles, tinctures, oils, concentrates, and more. In addition, sells bongs, pipes, vapes, and tools that will enhance your user experience.

There are a lot of different products, and a lot of different cannabinoids like those mentioned before, and others like Delta 9, Delta 10, THC-O, HHC, and CBG. Depending on the type of cannabinoid you’re interested in, there will be some products available. For instance, edibles are available in the D8, THC-O, and CBD departments.

What we’re here for, really, is something a little more chewy, sweet, and tangy. Gummies are not the only forms of edibles. They might be one of the most popular ones, though, and along with capsules, drinks, and other delicious infused treats, edibles are an exciting way to experience cannabis.

What Edibles Can I Buy Online on

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Let your mouth water as you stare with awe at all the incredible different edibles featured on You can purchase gummies, capsules, and other edibles in different types of cannabinoids.

When looking at the Delta 8 gummies available, there are very tasty and powerful gummies by producers like Binoid, CBD Pharm, 3 Chi, and Koko Nuggz. 3 Chi comes up under the Delta 8 Gummies selection but brings a very interesting D8-infused chocolate chip cookie.

If you’re looking for a great way to spice up your buddies’ getaway, take advantage of the Binoid Delta 8 THC gummy bundle with three packs of delicious gummies in three flavors: Strawberry Bliss, Peach Dream, and Green Apple Candy.

If you want a more soothing and therapeutic experience, go for some CBD gummies or capsules, some come paired with melatonin for that extra sleep assistance. Find brands like CBDfx, Binoid, and Medterra, which bring tasty gummies in tropical and tangy flavor options, or potent capsules that will get you nice and relaxed or give you that little extra morning boost you need.

The CBDfx Morning & Night CBD bundle has a very sexy pairing of capsules. The night capsules will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, with terpene enhanced CBD and CBN, plus valerian root and zinc. On the other hand, the morning capsules contain CBD and CBG, caffeine, turmeric, and a proprietary focus blend that helps you through your mornings.


Buying edibles online has become the go-to for many regular cannabis consumers in times of Covid-19. Quarantines and health issues alike have pushed us to change behaviors that we often referred to as “common.” Times are strange, and cannabis consumption has not been the exception in this period of change.

Edibles can provide a sustained and durable high just as satisfying as a joint or blunt (if a high is what you’re looking for). Not to mention an array of delicious flavors and textures to kick it off with. If you haven’t tried edibles yet, then it’s my duty as a cannabis writer to put in my word of recommendation (for edibles, not for you… although I’m sure you’re a stand-up person in your own right).

Check out our brand selection, experiment, choose a product you crave on the regular, and perhaps you’ll end up substituting it for its cannabis-infused version altogether!

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