Marijuana Myths: Does Holding In Hits Get You Higher?

Josh from StrainCentral cracks into yet another big marijuana myth. This time the myth is, “Does holding in hits get you higher?”

Sep 18, 2015

In another marijuana myths video by StrainCentral on YouTube, Josh cracks into yet another popular piece of marijuana myths. This time the myth is, “Does holding in hits get you higher?” People have constantly wondered if holding in hits get you higher and many people still do believe that and continue to do so when they take a hit from a bong, blunt, bowl, or even a drag from their Mighty vaporizer.

However, as Josh explains in the video, holding in hits does not technically mean you’re going to get higher. Realistically, according to the video, holding in smoke really does not do anything for you and your high. However, as Josh explains, you may have a quick head rush from oxygen deprivation and possibly an increase in heart rate.

If you enjoy Josh’s educational videos as you smoke, dab, and vape along with him while learning and being entertained in doing so, you can also check out his other marijuana myth video where he explains if “purple weed is better.” In addition, we also have posted his entertaining video where he describes how different the high is when you drink cannabis compared to smoking it.

If you’re just in disbelief at the fact that you don’t get higher when you’re holding in hits longer than usual, then go right ahead and continue to do so. However, this may be a great starting point for learning for those who are unaware and may want to do a bit more research to see if holding in hits longer is really worth it and will actually work. Enjoy the video!

Sep 18, 2015