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Guides | 01.20.2023

The Best Live Resin Vape Cartridges Out There 2023

Check out the best of the best live resin for your next adventure.

Vape oil pens are used for various reasons, including having a relaxing time, being fashionable, and experiencing a different lifestyle.

Vape oils are commonly used on a daily basis; they can be enjoyed inside the house or outside with friends. Vape oils are not only great for the outdoors, but they also provide relaxation when used in your home because of the different flavors that can be chosen.

Many people enjoy the convenience and portability of vape oil pens and oil cartridges.

Another popular trend in the cartridge world is to infuse these strain or experience-specific cartridges with terpenes. Brands infuse hash oil with terpenes for two main reasons: for flavor and to enhance the oil’s viscosity.

We all know that live resin is the top dog when it comes to flavorful cannabis concentrates.

Let’s find out who’s got the best oils out there.

What Is Live Resin?

There are a few different kinds of cannabis concentrates on the market. One of the more popular ones in recent years is live resin.

The main reason for its popularity is its unmatched potency due to its unique extraction process.

It’s created by freezing cannabis plants and adding a solvent and high pressure to efficiently extract the flower’s cannabinoids and terpenes. The end result is a brown, amber, or dark yellow liquid that’s sticky and thick.

Extraction methods that don’t use frozen plants often lose cannabinoid and terpene potency. That’s exactly why live resin has become a fan favorite for many dabbers and vapers.

Not only is it a favorite, but it’s also one of the most common concentrates on the market. Chances are, your favorite shatter and wax concentrate is live resin.

How To Smoke Live Resin

In the modern industry, the most common way to smoke live resin is through a cannabis vape pen. This could be a disposable pen or an individual cartridge that must be locked into a vape battery.

That said, a more traditional consumption method of live resin is through dabbing. This is essentially a manual vape, meaning you have to do the dirty work and heat up your rig so the resin can produce inhalable vapor.

Finally, another easy way to consume live resin is sprinkling it on top of bowls and joints. It’s worth noting that resin is incredibly strong, so sprinkle with caution.

Live Resin Vs. Distillate

While live resin is packed with all the plant properties like cannabinoids and terpenes, distillate isn’t.

Cannabis distillate is also an extract, a concentrated liquid form of weed. However, the main difference between distillate and live resin is that the former focuses on isolating cannabinoids, and the latter contains all plant properties.

It’s common to see pure THC or CBD distillates, but these concentrates lack all of those precious plant terpenes that offer unique flavors and add to the entourage effect.

These differences stem from their extraction processes. Live resin is created with frozen cannabis, whereas distillate uses dried and cured flower.

The distillation process isolates cannabinoids like THC, but the live resin extraction process preserves and maintains all cannabinoids and terpenes for a more true-to-plant experience.

The Best Live Resin Vape Cartridges

Binoid THC-O Live Resin Vape Cartridge

Binoid’s Live Resin Cartridges have finally arrived on the market, being pioneers in cannabis innovation. Their gold line could not be more aptly named, products that shine for their quality and potency.

These innovative vaporizers use different distillates, THC-O, HHC-O, D8, or THC-P, combined with live cannabis resin to provide a powerful mental and physical buzz, like no other cartridge.

The best part is that they are sold individually or in a bundle for you to try each of their incredible flavors and effects:

  • Blueberry Kush: Premium Delta 8 Live Resin Distillate. An indica strain that helps you relax and free yourself from worries.
  • Pura Vida: THC-P + Live Resin Distillate. A hybrid strain that will give you a smile even on the greyest days. Perfect to feel energized and happy.
  • Candy Jack: Premium HHC-O Live Resin Distillate. A Sativa strain with uplifting effects.
  • Cereal Milk: Premium THC-O Live Resin Distillate. A hybrid strain that will give you balance in your days.

These cartridges are great for sharing or enjoying solo and are flavorful like no other cartridge on the market. They are also one of the most potent cartridges on the list, enriched with live terpenes so that every puff you take melts your stress away.

Botany Farms Delta 8 THC Live Resin Cartridge

Botany Farms Live Resin Delta 8 THC vape carts produce milder effects than a pure D8 THC product and are intended for those who love what CBD flower provides with a little extra love from the THC.

Their live resin is extracted in small batches to preserve the highest quality. Hand-crafted extract preserves the terpene profiles for the most flavorful experience possible.

Stiiizy Live Resin Pods

If you are looking for a premium, artisan experience, Stiiizy is one of the best.

Their Live Resin Pods are extracted from freshly harvested, flash-frozen cannabis to enhance all of that terpene and flavor goodness. This ensures all of their authentic flavor profiles are present with each hit.

Created with a full-spectrum experience in mind, they have one of the best taste profiles out there. Best of all, you can get any of their 45+ flavors in 0.5 and 1 g versions to have on a smoking sesh on the go.

Whether you feel like trying an indica-based Zkittles Cake, or one of their luscious hybrid-based Banana Pie, all of their options are a tasty way to get your best hits.

They come in small batches, so be sure to check the availability of their flavors.

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