Culture | 10.11.2022

Want To Vape Cannabis And Nicotine In One Device? Meet ExStax

Cannabis technology company ExStax will soon launch the world's first dual-cartridge system for cannabis and nicotine vapes.

There’s always been an apparent divide between nicotine and cannabis vapes. While one gives you a head rush, the other bestow that familiar marijuana high many of us adore.

You’re in for a treat for vapers who might use both devices. Never confuse your vapes again, thanks to ExStax, a cannabis technology company that just announced the launch of the world’s first stackable dual cartridge system that works with nicotine and cannabis.

In short, the company will soon launch a unique, customizable vaping experience that lets you swap out cannabis and nicotine cartridges or stack them for simultaneous use.

Consumers can mix, match, and combine their cartridges. The device‘s small holes allow the user to puff on different extracts and easily switch from one to another. The .510 cartridges are compatible with .510 thread batteries, meaning consumers can use virtually any .510 liquid they please.

The cartridges come in the following ml, or “stacks”:

  • .3ml
  • .5ml
  • .7ml
  • 1.0ml

Furthermore, when you purchase a cartridge from ExStax, the company also includes a removable mouthpiece. This means consumers can take the familiar route and screw on the mouthpiece and battery, or they can remove the mouthpiece and stack another cartridge on top.

ExStax’s new product is huge for consumers who use both nicotine and cannabis vaporizers. For one thing, you never have to worry about confusing your vapes again since both substances can be used in one device.

This also reduces the risk of losing one of your vapes now that you‘re only using one device for two reasons. Even better, if you‘re not much of a nicotine vaper, the ExStax battery lets you mix and match different cannabis cartridges to make your own hybrid experience.

Co-CEO at ExStax, Rick Avila, stated how the new dual cartridge system was created to “give users freedom…a new freedom and new experience not available anywhere else.”

The new dual cartridge system from ExStax will launch this Thursday, October 13. For more information about ExStax, visit its website at

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