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20 Smoking Tips For A Better High

Here are some tips and tricks to reaching the ideal high.

Sure, you’re high—but are you as high as you could be? Science might be a bit behind in studying the ways to get a better high, but stoners around the world have shared their tips with each other since the first puff and pass. Hey, even if these tips don’t all work, you’ll get high trying them.

Use A Device That Has Your Back

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There’s nothing worse than packing your favorite herb or concentrate into a vaporizer and inhaling a metallic, flavorless, and harsh vapor.

We’re sure you’re looking for smooth, flavorful, and convenient hits, so we recommend the PAX 3 Vaporizer. This vape is referred to as the “iPhone of vaporizers” for a reason.

For one thing, it was designed for you to pack dried flower and concentrates, letting you switch things up for each sesh. It has a very long battery life and is small enough to bring anywhere, perfect for the busy stoner who needs a quick hit.

PAX’s industry-leading heat technology carefully vaporizes your cannabis without harmful butane, promoting the intended flavor and aroma of your strain and concentrate.

Finally, PAX made your life a whole lot easier through its Bluetooth App integration that lets you adjust the heating system to prepare for your sesh beforehand. The oven heats up in a record time of 20 seconds.

How To Get Higher When Smoking Weed

If you’ve been using cannabis for a long time, chances are you’re not getting as high as you used to. Your tolerance increases the more you use cannabis, and it becomes more difficult to get to the same level of high-ness that you could when you first started using cannabis. If you want to get higher, follow these simple techniques.

Keep All Your Goodies In One Place

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You know how much a good bowl improves the experience of your sesh once you find the right one. For instance, a bowl piece that will never break! We introduce you to Invincibowl, the only bowl you will ever need in your life. Unless you lose it, even your grandchildren will use it.

This is a 14 mm 6061-T6 aluminum bowl, the most resistant type of aluminum you can find. Even if you drop it from the roof of your house, it won’t break. If you dare to do it, just make sure no one will get hurt.

Another great addition is the Invincipole. You can extend it and retract it from 3 inches to 6 inches. Thus, it fits in most bongs on the market. But, don’t let that forgetful friend know it, or they might not return it. On the other hand, it is a great gift.

The Invincibowl acts as a great filter because it won’t let the ashes go into your water. And, it can’t be simpler to clean. Thanks to its material and design, the ashes won’t clog when discharging. You only have to flip it, and it is done.

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Try A Full Spectrum CBD+THC Product

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Yes, take the chance to try products that have Full Spectrum CBD+THC blends. This will cause the entourage effect to be boosted, that is, all the natural cannabinoids will work together to help perform their different functions and potential benefits, which could help you have a better high.

If there is one company that is an expert in this particular blend, it is the guys at five™ CBD. They have perfected the ultimate Full Spectrum CBD+THC products that you can actually feel. 

Each product contains a 5:1 ratio of CBD to other beneficial hemp cannabinoids like CBN, CBC, CBG, terpenes, and flavonoids to receive the highest-quality CBD for the best price, guaranteed.

With flavors ranging from citrus to chocolate mint, all from natural extracts. The Full Spectrum CBD+THC Oil comes in different sizes:

  • 1,500 mg of CBD tincture containing about 60 mg of THC.
  • 3,000 mg of CBD tincture, containing about 70 mg of THC
  • 6,000 mg of CBD Tincture which has almost 115 mg of THC.

The choice is yours. Take advantage and enjoy all the benefits this amazing blend has to offer and improve your high in no time.

Try Different Cannabinoids

Sometimes you might need a mix of different cannabinoids to spice up your “high” resistance. This is why we recommend trying out newcomers to the cannabis space like the psychedelic THC-O, which can help you try a different take on “high”.

Besides being incredibly innovative, and visually dazing (no pun intended), they also have superb quality in all of their products and most importantly, all of their products are cultivated, cured, and manufactured in-house.

This is the case for their hefty DazeD8 1g THC-O carts. Not only are they incredibly potent, they come in 5 different varieties to try from including;

  • Orange Push Pop
  • Guava Ice
  • Pink Champagne
  • Blueberry Donut
  • Cherry Pie

Their carts are not only flavorful, they are very smooth and third-party lab tested so you get the same quality of high each time. This is important as you want quality when talking about THC-O and other cannabinoids, as most of the time vapes are only enriched with them.

These carts will fit any 510 battery you have at hand, so no need to get other fancy wares or devices to try other cannabinoids.

You can check out their THC-O carts, disposables, gummies, and more on their online store, here.

Mix CBG Flower With THC Flower

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Here’s a tip that will help you improve your high in many ways. But first, let’s talk about CBG. Cannabigerol, a.k.a CBG, is called the mother cannabinoid. This is because all cannabis plants begin producing CBG, which then transforms into other cannabinoids like the well-known THC or CBD.

It’s a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that acts similarly to CBD, producing mind and body soothing sensations. But, CBG does not make you drowsy or sleepy. Instead, it delivers mentally stimulating effects that invigorate and energize you.

When you combine CBG with THC, a more balanced and enhanced high result that’s because CBG acts as a multiplier that heightens and compliment the effects of the THC. Not only will this improve your high, but it will also make your weed last longer.

Since it isn’t psychoactive, CBG can be sold in all 50 states. If you want the best CBG bud out there, then go with this CBG Sativa that’ll pair perfectly with any THC bud.

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Have A Cannabis-Infused Beverage

Photo courtesy of Keef Brands

An easy way to consume THC or CBD and also help you boost your high are cannabis-infused drinks. Because of their versatility and functionality they serve different purposes, such as quenching thirst, energizing, calming, enhancing a social event or hanging out in a different way.

What are cannabis-infused drinks? Basically, and although a bit obvious, it is any drink containing cannabis, which is usually made by infusion.

There are many different cannabis-infused beverage options available both with and without alcohol. Some options are: water, sparkling water, sodas, tea, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, all cannabis-infused.

Cannabis-infused beverages are a type of edible, so you must be careful with the doses and the tolerance.

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You should also consider that the effects take time to appear and are much longer-lasting than what you would get from a regular smoking session.

Drinking cannabis-infused beverages can increase and enhance the high due to the way it is metabolized in the body.

One brand that specializes in cannabis-infused drinks is Keef. Their product portfolio is pretty amazing, with a wide variety, including Classic SodaMocktailsEnergy BeveragesSparkling H2O, and Life H20.

These products range from 10mg THC to 100 mg THC and a balanced combination of THC and CBD, 10 mg each, depending on the product line.

Our recommendation is to start small and slow and build up from there. If you want to boost your high, these drinks are an easy go-to choice.

Elevate Your High With Quality Products

Photo courtesy of Elyxr

ELYXR’s weed vapes are all the rage these days, and for good reason. 

They’re discreet, easy to use, and offer a great way to enjoy your favorite strains of cannabis. Plus, they look pretty damn cool.

ELYXR’s line of vapes are some of the best on the market, offering a sleek design, easy-to-use interface, and a wide variety of strains to choose from. No matter your mood or preference, they’ve got a vape for you.

Come check out our selection today and see why ELYXR is the leading name in cannabis vaping.


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Give Delta 8 A Chance

A lot of us like to get really, really high. It’s all part of the fun.

However, it’s always a good idea to mix things up and open your horizons to the other cannabinoids that the world has to offer.

Delta 8 THC is the chemical cousin to the more well-known Delta 9 THC. It delivers a less potent effect while still giving you a well-deserved buzz. Delta 8 might not be as intense as regular THC, but it’s a great additive to your day-to-day lifestyle, especially if it involves being alert and clear-headed.

Brands like Delta Extrax make products for every kind of stoner: you can snack away at some Grape Gushers, get lit up by the Premium Delta 8 THC Texas Poundcake Pre-Roll, or feel like you’re part of the teen “in crowd” with euphoria-inducing vapes pens.

Cannabis is supposed to give us a lot of experiences, so don’t be afraid to step out of the box and try new things. Delta 8 THC is a great place to start experimenting, and Delta Extrax has got everything you could wish for.

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Use A Laser Bong

Photo courtesy of Hitoki

Bongs are a classic accessory in most stoner’s lives, but you can elevate the experience by trying the Hitoki Trident, the first futuristic smoking device that uses laser-combustion technology to turn your flower into clouds of high-inducing smoke that promises smooth and cool hits at every inhale.

Not only is this bong super duper cool – but it’s also a healthier alternative to using a lighter to light up. A seasoned smoker might know that butane and other chemicals found in traditional lighters mess with the quality, flavor, and scent of your herb. The Hitoki Trident keeps the integrity of your flower so you can enjoy it fully.

The cleaner smoking experience is one that is unforgettable – which is why it’s a great addition if you’re looking for a better high. Plus, your weed will last longer: you don’t need to pack it full of flowers, and it’s all evenly distributed and burnt so you won’t have any lonely leftovers. Not only will you make the most out of every toque, but your wallet and a stash of favorite strains will thank you in the long run.

You really get the best of both worlds with this science fiction-Esque smoking device: the classic ritual of lighting up a bong with the cool, innovative and futuristic experience that the Hitoki Trident provides.

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Use A Vaporizer

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Using a vape pen is the perfect way to enjoy cannabis in its purest form. You can get to the heart of the whole idea of getting high by vaping a concentrate that is all about flavor and cannabinoids. Vaping oils usually have cannabinoids concentrations above 90%, which is insanely good for anyone that seeks a quick and delightful high.

Vaping does the above and also takes away the harshness that irritates your lungs and makes you cough. And, to achieve this marvel of the cannabis world, you need a good vaping pen. Now, if you have vaped before, you could tell how good they are. Probably, you think you know what a good vape pen is, at least until you try the devices from GPen!

Hey, Vaping is not about having any vaporizers and expecting they are all the same. Vaping devices are evolving every day, and if you want the best experience you can have, then you need to buy from a brand that is innovative. And that is why GPen is so remarkable.

Their pens are all very portable and good-looking, like vaping with the hottest cyberpunk devices. But it is what you expect from every vaping pen that you want to use on the go. The guys at GPen go the extra mile by taking the idea of using the most popular kinds of vape pens to take them to the next level.

Check on their catalog and learn about their six next-gen vaporizers with ceramic heating, crazy precise and wide temperature control, massive battery life, and other features. All are enhanced by the best design and engineering on vaping devices. Whether you like vaping dry herbs, oils, wax, or any other cannabis product, you will find your next favorite toy in GPen.

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Try a Cannagar

Photo courtesy of Purple Rose Supply

Purple Rose Supply has some of the most innovative products on the market, and the Cannagar Mold is one that we’re obsessed with here at Herb. Made to mold your flower, dabs, kief, or anything else under the sun into a cigar, it can help elevate any session and give you thick, slow-burning, and delicious weed cigars that leave even the most seasoned stoner wanting more.

It’s pretty straightforward: just compress, cure, and wrap it to your heart’s delight. While cannagars are usually found only at dispensaries, Purple Rose Supply makes it easy and accessible for every weedhead to roll up their own. Rather than a joint or a backwood that’ll be gone before you know it, a cannagar’s slow burn and full flavor will have you puffing away for hours.

Highly customizable and smoother than peanut butter, there’s no doubt that rolling up a cannagar will upgrade your smoking adventures.

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Get Creative

Photo by Gorodenkoff / Adobe Stock Photo

Enhancing your smoking experience with creative tools and devices is one of the best ways to reach true connoisseur status.

For the bong-lovers out there who look forward to ripping a fat bowl on a sweltering summer day, we’d like to introduce you to the most creative, innovative, and consumer-forward bongs on the market from Chill Steel Pipes.

Take it from us; any bong user can benefit from the double-wall vacuum insulation, the first bong to carry such a feature. This, along with the smooth ceramic interior, was designed to keep your bong cold for up to 12 hours.

Creativity is clicks away when browsing the company’s Mix & Match Design Series. Here, you have the freedom to express your creativity through any bong color and design of your choice by mixing and matching different bong necks with bases.

One of our favorite pairs is the Chill Neckpiece Black Marble paired with the Chill Base Gloss Black.

For more options, browse Chill Steel Pipes’ extensive array of beautifully and creatively designed bongs here.

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Try Edibles

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Anyone who’s eaten a cannabis edible will attest to the fact that the high you get is completely different than what you get from smoking. For one, the high from cannabis edibles lasts much longer (usually, at least four hours and can sustain for as long as ten hours).

Unlike smoking cannabis, which allows the cannabinoids access to your bloodstream quite quickly, edibles are processed through the liver. And since you’re metabolizing the cannabinoids, the effects are much, much stronger. For this reason, we recommend, for a second time, to be very cautious with edibles.

Nearly every cannabis consumer has a horror story of eating too many edibles. Normally, one dose of an edible is 10mg. Try taking this dose, waiting at least an hour, and seeing how you feel. Remember, the high won’t come on all at once. You’ll get progressively higher over the course of several hours before your high plateaus and recedes.

Smoke Concentrates

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This is a fairly obvious one. If normal cannabis isn’t doing it for you, it’s time to try something a little stronger. Cannabis concentrates like hash oil (also known as dabs and shatter) is a concentrated form of cannabis that isolates cannabinoids like THC so that you’re consuming less plant matter and more pure THC.

This means that a small amount of cannabis concentrates will get you significantly higher than the same amount of cannabis flower. They’re also highly enjoyable to consume, and gives you the opportunity to taste your cannabis’ unique terpenes. Try consuming cannabis concentrates with a dab rig.

Try this Delta 8 THC dab that will get you buzzing and uplifted:

Find Binoid’s Delta 8 wax in five more strain-specific options: Blue Dream, Lemon Squeeze, Fruity Pebbles, OG Kush, and Zkittlez.

Smoking Without Combustion

Butane can make your weed taste weird, and there is always the risk of burning it too much when using fire. There is another way, a cleaner way. Use an Induction Heater that will get you enjoying a sweet cloud of vapor in 5 to 8 seconds.

Instead of using fire, the induction heater heats up conductive materials like the steel of your vape pen using magnets. The coil generates a magnetic field that oscillates quickly causing heat. Who says physics won’t help you get high?

This gadget pairs perfectly with the DynaVap Vaporizer. You only need to press the pen into the induction heater chamber until you hear a click, wait a few seconds, and enjoy. Don’t worry if you are focused on something else and forget to remove it, the heater will shut down after 15 seconds.

Smoke Strong Weed

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No matter what, weak weed just won’t get you there as quickly or efficiently as the good stuff. Here’s our guide with the strongest strains in the world, including indica, sativa, and hybrid strains.

If you want a hard-hitting smoke, we recommend you try this potent indica from Botany Farms. Coming in at 26% total cannabinoids, this bud is packed with Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 THC, CBG, CBD and minor cannabinoids!

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Modern Smoking Accessories

Trust in the Old Reliable: Chill Steel Pipes

When it comes to chasing that perfect high, there’s one thing in every stoner’s repertoire of weedy accessories that can’t be amiss: a bong that’ll never leave you hanging.

When searching for the best of the best, there are a lot of things to keep in mind: it has got to be reliable for every sesh, enduring enough to sustain many nights of fun and relaxation, designed to elevate the experience, and it sure doesn’t hurt if it’s pretty to look at.

That’s where Boulder-based brand Chill Steel Pipes comes in with their state-of-the-art, modern, durable, and beautifully designed bongs that deliver icy fresh hits every time you light one up.

There’s a lot to love about these pipes, starting with the innovative and patented double-wall insulation that keeps the water (or ice, if you’re feeling fancy) cool for refreshing rips every time.

Crafted out of food-grade stainless steel, these pipes are built to last and will probably survive even if you trip and fall (some of us are cute and clumsy, nothing to be ashamed of). The patented ceramic interior that can be taken apart makes it easy to clean and conserves that classic bong flavor that you know and love.

Having a bong that adapts to your green way of life is essential, and this pipe promises just that. There’s a reason they promise a Lifetime Guarantee: you won’t be disappointed by how Chill Steel Pipes elevate your every blaissez faire.

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Eat A Mango

Photo by Jonathan Coward for Herb

Mangos are not only delicious, but they are also highly practical for cannabis connoisseurs. Mangoes contain the chemical myrcene, which is one of the most common terpenes found in your favorite strains. Cannabis and mangos share this terpene in common, which will have you flying higher and feeling lighter.

Because of the extra terpene intake when you eat a mango and then consume cannabis, the THC in the cannabis will interact with the myrcene and its terpenes, increasing the potency and duration of your high. This effect will vary from person to person.

Head over to Old Pal to get some stash and don’t forget to pick up a mango along the way, and we’re sure you’ll have an outstanding high. This lifestyle cannabis brand brings stoners together, and it’s the perfect match for your mango-induced smoking sesh.

Plus, Old Pal supports local farmers, creating a community of like-minded smokers and producers alike, and leading to high-quality products like their Classic Shareable™Cannabis that is available in different sizes and strains for on-the-go and at-home smoking.

You can also grab a 2G Infused Blunt if you’re not in the mood for rolling up one yourself, plus you can be sure each blunt is rolled to perfection, potent, and full of flavor.

Once you’ve done some Old Pal shopping, eat a mango and wait an hour before lighting up. This will ensure a stronger and more euphoric high, not to mention giving you a daily dose of vitamins and nutrients that fruit provides. What could be better than healthy munchies and a stronger high? Not much.

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Eat Omega-3

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Foods high in Omega-3 include chia seeds, brussels sprouts, walnuts, eggs, spinach, salmon, tofu, avocado, flax, broccoli, and best yet, hemp. The Omega-3 in these foods has been said to accelerate your high.

While there’s still a dearth of scientific research around this, it’s at least worth it to experiment. At the very least, you’ll get to eat some delicious food. Try eating these foods 30 minutes before consuming cannabis to increase the potency of your high.

If you’re on-the-go or not in the mood for cooking, take some Omega-3 gummies with you.


Crack A Beer

Science is almost always right. A study published in 2001 in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence showed ethanol increased the rate at which participants felt the effects of marijuana.

Also, respondents reported more episodes of euphoria and showed higher plasma THC levels. Just be careful if you decide to mix the two, as alcohol and marijuana affect everyone’s bodies differently.

Hit A Gravity Bong

Many smokers swear by it. A gravity bong (sometimes called a bucket bong or a waterfall bong) uses gravity—often by releasing water—to pull weed smoke into a container that the user inhales it from.

Gravity bongs are something from another planet, they create huge clouds that will for sure get you higher than a regular joint, blunt, or regular bong. Besides, you can smoke your favorite concentrates in it.

If you want our recommendation, go with the Stündenglass.

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Eat Dark Chocolate

Photo by Jonathan Coward for Herb

Dark chocolate isn’t only great for the munchies. It’s also been known to increase your high. The darker the chocolate, the better.

The reason is that cacao, which is found in dark chocolate, decreases the amount of time it takes for your brain to break down anandamide–a fatty acid neurotransmitter that binds to the brain’s THC receptors.

It’s often called the “bliss molecule,” and if you ingest it before consuming cannabis, it’ll help prolong your high. The bliss molecule, indeed.

Do Some Cardio

Photo by Jonathan Coward for Herb

Many people love using cannabis when they exercise. In 2013, the University of Sydney conducted a study that reveals why cannabis might be such a great workout aid.

The study found that after a 35-minute workout on a stationary bicycle, participants had a “substantial increase” in blood THC levels. In fact, the THC levels in the participants’ bloodstream spiked by a whole 15 percent.

If you want to get higher, try going for a run, bike ride, or hit the gym immediately after consuming cannabis.

Avoid A Top Shelf

When you smoke, avoid a top shelf, which happens when the inhalation doesn’t get all the way to your lungs and gets caught in your chest, causing you to cough. To avoid this, try not to talk or laugh when you inhale (boo, we’re no fun).

Grind It Good

Grinding your weed gives it more surface area, allowing it to burn more evenly and slowly. Bust that bud up good with the revolutionary KLIP grinder.

With a patent-pending system that slices through your weed instead of grinding it like other devices, this Danish-designed grinder leaves your herb fluffier and covered with trichomes. Not only is it easier to use, but it also makes your weed stronger!

Click here for our full review.

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Cut It

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Some cannabis enthusiasts argue that grinding weed causes more THC to be lifted out – whereas cutting the weed with sharp scissors still allows for a fine cut, without the THC loss.

Drink Black And Green Tea

Photography by Jonathan Coward for Herb

Black tea and green tea are excellent resources for trying to get rid of the pasties. They’re also packed with the antioxidant catechin, which binds to the brain’s CB1 receptors. This is why you feel more relaxed after drinking a cup of black or green tea.

And for that same reason, you can use black and green tea in conjunction with cannabis to increase its stress-relieving properties. So if you’re looking to kick back, throw on a series, get ridiculously stoned and relax, try sipping black or green tea while you’re consuming your cannabis.

Roll The Joint Properly

A properly rolled joint burns evenly, has no seeds or stems, and provides a better high. It takes a few seconds longer to roll a joint properly, but those seconds are well worth it to get a few feet higher in the clouds.

Give RAW’s 100% organic, toxin, and chemical-free rolling papers a shot for that perfect roll every time. Learn how to roll a blunt by clicking on the link.

Smoke How You Smoke Best

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If you find that being around certain people kills your high—don’t smoke with them. If you get the best high by yourself, smoke alone. It’s that simple.

Use A Kush Bush To Keep Your Mouth Free Of Bong Water

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How annoying is it when we’re heavily ripping the bong and we get splashed with gross bong water?

It might just be one of the top five worst things that can happen to you while smoking.

If you want to prevent getting any disgusting, murky water from hitting your lips or face while smoking from a bong, the Kush Bush might just be the definitive solution to your problems.

This practical and beautifully made gadget is a must-grab for those messy smokers. The piece is a metallic cup that can serve two basic functions, it can be a splashguard or an ice tray that also prevents unnecessary splashing.

It will all come down to how you decide to use it and place it in your bong. If you place the cup with the opening face down it acts as a splash guard, but if you flip it you can neatly pack your ice for it to cool your smoke, without having to add as much as you put directly into the water.

This piece will set you back less than twenty bucks, and it can add a bit of flair to your rig. The Kush Bush Bong Splashguard has a sexy design that might make your bong look more luxurious than it actually is, partly because it is metallic golden, and the air holes are neatly made to look like stars.

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