101 Ways To Smoke Weed
Guides | 01.15.2021

101 Ways To Smoke Weed. How Many Have You Tried?

Never thought you could smoke over 100 different ways? Guess again.

We at Herb recognize that everyone has a favorite way to consume cannabis. And we understand that a few methods are much more popular than others, so we decided to create a list of over 100 ways to smoke marijuana that you might not have seen before. Make sure you let us know you favorite!

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  1. Apple Pipe
  2. Dabbing
  3. Glass Pipe
  4. Tobacco Pipe
  5. Lego Bong
  6. Starburst Pipe
  7. Gravity Bong
  8. Strawberry Pipe
  9. Soda Can (not recommended)
  10. Glass Bong
101 Ways To Smoke Weed

11. Gatorade-Bottle Bong

12. Carrot Pipe

13. Classic Joint

14. Spliff

15. Blunt

16. Wooden Pipe

17. Classic Coca Cola Bottle Pipe

18. Scorpion Joint

19. Magic Flight Launch Box

20. Portable Herbal Vaporizers (PAX 3)

ways to smoke weed

21. Hot Box

22. Desktop Vaporizer

23. Concentrate Pen

24. Portable Oil Rig

25. Pumpkin Bong

26. Braided Joint

27. Pear Pipe

28. Joint in Cigarette Paper

29. Watermelon Bong

30. Rocket Joint

other ways to smoke weed

31. E-Cig with THC Glycerin

32. Chocolate Easter Bunny Bong

33. Crystal Skull Bong

34. One Hitter

35. Bubbler

36. 3D-Printed Bong

37. XL Joint

38. Life Savers Pipe

39. Avocado Pipe

40. Artistic Bong

101 ways to smoke cannabis

41. Cube Joint

42. Watermelon Steamroller

43. The Fruit Bong

44. Jack Daniels Bong

45. Pringles Can Roller

46. Garbage Bin Gravity Bong

47. Xbox Controller Pipe

48. Voss Water Bong

49. Water Gun Pipe

50. The Gas Mask

ways to smoke weed gas mask bong

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51. N64 Controller Pipe

52. Hash Spliff

53. Christmas Ornament Pipe

54. The Atari Bong

55. Diamond Joint

56. Wooden Bong

57. Wasp Joint

58. Poppers

59. The Apple Steamroller

60. Cross Joint

101 ways to smoke weed

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61. The Bong Train

62. Light-Up Bong

63. Pure Kief Joint

64. The Party Ounce Joint

65. Rolling Machine Blunt

66. Windmill Joint

67. Twax Blunt

68. Portable Combustion Pen

69. The Couple Smoke Share

70. Volcano Vaporizer

ways to smoke weed

71. The Kief Bowl

72. Light-saber Joint

73. The Knife Dab

74. The Wax/Herb Combo Bowl

75. 100$ Bill Joint

76. Tulip Joint

77. Vaporizer Bubbler

78. The Snow Bong

79. Space Needle Joint

80. The Baguette Pipe

other ways to smoke weed

81. Rosin Tek Dab

82. Foot Long Joint

83. The Bracelet Pipe

84. Slurpee Bong

85. Pizza Box Pipe

86. 24K Gold Joint

87. The Flying Dutchman

88. Mason Jar Bong

89. Chong Bong

101 ways to smoke weed

90. Ghost Joint

91. Chessboard Pipes

92. Pineapple Bong

93. Canna-Cigar

94.  Coca-Cola Gravity Bong

95.  Flavored Joint

96.  1 Gram/Minute Challenge

97.  Campfire Spliff

98. Sherlock Holmes Pipe

99. Coffee/Cannabis Pairings

100. The Freezer Bong

snowman bong other way to smoke weed

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101. SnowMan Bong

What is your favourite way to smoke weed? Are you going to try some new methods found on this list? Let us know on social media or in the comments below!

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