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Guides | 08.19.2019

Make Your Own ‘Gandalf’ Wooden Pipe

You don’t have to be a bearded wizard from Aman to wield a Gandalf pipe. Follow these steps to make your very own wizard inspired pipe.

Many of us speculate about what Gandalf was smoking in his famous pipe. It was probably Middle Earth’s version of marijuana, after all the White Wizard is often a little goofy. So let’s put the speculation aside and make our very own Gandalf pipe tailored for smoking the ganja. Here’s what you’ll need according to Instructables.


  • Fire resistant and non-toxic wood of your choice
  • Nontoxic dyes, this may include leather dye etc
  • An aluminum or steel rod. Steel is better
  • A branch from your garden. Not very important about its toxicity. The fumes will only pass through it, absorbing only small moisture. You may find a special wood if you’d like
  • Polish


  • Dremel (optional)
  • Saw (woodworking, about any common kind will do)
  • Grinder (I use a disc grinder and it works just fine. If you have a couple billions lying around make sure you get the best of grinders because it matters to an astronomical degree
  • A blowtorch (optional)
  • A drill

Step 1: Safety


  • Gloves: Because grinding disks that revolve in around 11,000 revolutions per minute can very well leave a mark that may never heal. Also, you will look approximately %10 more professional.
  • Glasses: Never mind how retro you will look; because a bad reputation isn’t nearly as dangerous as flying shards of wood and metal.
  • Apron: Well, you mind as well keep your shirt clean. Not that important until we get to the drilling part. Then you might want to put it on.
  • Ear protection: Unless you want to lose your hearing quick, use them. Less headaches also mean a happier and higher quality work.

Step 2: Design

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Now, here are the few first steps:

Find yourself a good piece of briar/any fruit wood/or any non-toxic fire resistant wood. Mark out the dimensions and come up with a good template.

The design is as follows: A full block chamber with a small stem going out. It will be hollowed out to leave room for the tobacco. A diagonal hole to insert the stem. Shouldn’t take much time to make a good template.

Use as much as time to plan out the best course of future action. This will come into life in later steps.

Step 3: Shaping your block

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Mark the rough shape on the wood and start cutting away the estimate territory.

I would suggest using machinated saws and table grinders to cut and grind. Of course, if you don’t have power tools you can always do the boring, time-taking, old fashioned way of doing it by hand tools.

Disclaimer: You will hate everything in this process if you are impatient. Put on some music and get yourself a drink and start away. Think of how cool you will look. If you don’t think you will look cool then think of how cool hobbits did. Or Gandalf. I am only here to give instructions.
Also try to not cut your fingers in this step. Keep a first aid box in arms reach at all times and keep the ambulance on speed dial if you are still skeptic. May elven gods protect you from fast moving blades.

Step 4: Drilling the chamber

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Here is the part that is amalgamated with trial and error in my mind.
Mark out the first drilling spot and the chamber circle.
Drill and expand the area slowly until you completely hollow the circle.
Drilling a hole through the middle will make it easier to drill and help once you are making the inside holes.
Use the drawing to continue the design step

Step 5: Branch for stem

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Go to your back yard, go to a wood area, go to a place where you can find hollow branches.
Cut and bring it back, cut it to size and cut its skin.
Heat a metal rod to red color and clear its hole. The more time you put into this the better the smoke will be. Take your time!
Bend the branch slowly after boring the hole. Make sure that the branch is still alive and wet. Wet it if it’s dried. Slowly bend and avoid harsh maneuvers for it won’t have the tensile strength to defend a strong pull.

Step 6: Final touches

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You may use a black dye to give is a nice rad color or use the dremel tool to give it a rustication, or you might go ahead and give its grain a lift and make it look classy, or just give it a polish on the polishing wheel and varnish it with oil. You may engrave the images of your choosing or even carve out a face. Who knows?!

For dying, mix liquid leather dye with alcohol and lightly paint it. Take out a lighter and burn the wood and puff to put it out. Repeat about 10 times and finally wet it and leave it overnight.

For rustication, use the round tip of the dremel tool or craft yourself a handy rustication tool from nails and give it a rustic look by giving it notches on the surface. There are very good rustication guides available.

Step 7: Done!

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Let us know how your Gandalf pipe turns out. You can post your photos and recommendations on social media and in the comments section below.

Original article and photo(s) credit to: bcelik1 at Instructables.com

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