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culture | 12.05.2019

Watch This Guy Hit 1 Gram In 1 Minute

A for effort! Watch this guy try to take on a full gram of herb in under a minute.

There are realistic smoking challenges, impressive smoking challenges, and then there is this guy. You have to watch him naively take on a full gram of herb in under 1 minute! He may not finish on time, but he does finish. Who says cannabis makes you less ambitious?

A gram a minute?

This guy should have known he was in trouble when he weighed out his bud. A gram is 3 good size bowls. If you have ever smoked a bowl… Just kidding, who hasn’t? You should be able to see pretty quickly this isn’t going to work, but hey, what is YouTube for, if not for trying ridiculous challenges?

The challenge isn’t in the amount of herb. I can imagine that you are nodding in agreement. The trick is to blaze it all in under a minute. Aside from one giant bowl and a torch, I don’t see it happening.

More like a bowl a minute

I will give him this, he doesn’t try to win by burning the weed off and not taking the whole hit. He clears the bong every time. Good job! Strategy suggestion? If it is about taking hits fast, a bong is not the best option, though it will make the smoke smoother for the first few hits. This guy needs some senior smoking mentorship. I know an old lady who can out smoke him.

His next challenge?

Aside from the challenge of completing his outro while trying to form a complete sentence, what is next for this brave soul? Cookie eating challenge? I want to see his face after he gets introduced to the world of dabs. Now that is a challenge!

I am so ripped right now. I am so g*d-d*mned high… um.

What’s great is that even doing his outro, he is still exhaling smoke! Watch closely at the 6:25 mark.

You guys should be… What I did. So I got two minutes and fifty-seven seconds to finish…”

Then the high really kicks in, and he stops mid-sentence, staring off camera, turning at a perceived sound. Don’t you hate it when things interrupt your video recording, like the sound of your hair growing?

Have you done an official smoke challenge? What are your victories and failures? Share with us on social media or in the comments below.

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