The Right Way To Ash Your Bowl, Bong, Pipe, Or Joint

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Guides | 01.06.2023

The Right Way To Ash Your Bowl, Bong, Pipe, Or Joint

It’s always good form to ensure your smoking etiquette fundamentals are solid. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or a noob, this revision / lesson on how to ash correctly is a helpful read.

If you are a seasoned smoker you will, of course, know how to properly ash your bowl, bong, pipe, or joint. However, this how-to is for those out there who perhaps have not had as much experience in the ways of the weed.

Most stoners have had to learn the hard way, by breaking many joints trying to ash them and getting bong ash everywhere. Luckily for all those smokers out there who have just been acquainted with their stoner sides, there is now an instructional on how to ash properly!

Remember, it’s nice to be in touch with smoking etiquette, and not ruining the joint when ashing it is part of that etiquette!

Of course, rolling a proper joint is one of the better ways to ensure that your joint doesn’t break when you ash it. But in case your joint-rolling abilities are still flimsy, there are ways to ensure your smoking experience isn’t ruined half way through. Follow this guide, newbies!

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Ashing a Bong or Pipe

Ashing a bong or pipe

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Ashing a bong or pipe is similar, because they both have a bowl.

  • The Blow – Blow into the bowl and ash will fly out everywhere. Obviously not a preferred method if you are trying to control the mess.
  • The Tap – Take the bowl out of your bong and turn it upside down. Then tap on the underside with your lighter or some other object and the ash will fall out. With a pipe, just turn it upside down and do the same thing.
  • The Scoop – Use anything, even your fingernail, to scoop the ash out of the bowl.
  • The Bitch Slap – This method has been called the bitch slap because it gives your bowl a very good clean. Take the bowl out of your bong and give it a proper slap on your hand a few times. You’ll have ash all over your hand of course, but an effective method nonetheless.
  • The French Blow – This method is only for use on a pipe! If you do this with a bong, it will end up very messy. Just blow air into the bowl from the mouthpiece. The ash will fly out everywhere, and it will be messy.
  • The Vacuum – This method is only for a bong. Take the bowl out and turn it upside down into the stem. Inhale through the mouthpiece of the bong and the air flow will suck the ash out of the mouthpiece and into the water. It will stay in the water until eventually you clean it.

Ashing a Blunt

Ashing a blunt

Ashing a blunt is not like ashing a cigarette because cigar wraps are usually quite flimsy, and most blunts don’t have a filter. Use one of these four methods to ash your blunt successfully:

  • The Graze – You can gently graze the end of your blunt against a surface, such as the inside of an ashtray or the corner of a table. You can even graze on the ground. The ash will fall off and your blunt won’t be damaged.
  • The Tap – You can tap the blunt gently and the ash will fall off. If it is a really delicate blunt, you can hold it in one hand and tap it gently with the other, using the holding hand as extra support. But if your blunt is really bad, this method could be its demise.
  • The Blow – This method is messy if you are somewhere you are trying to protect from an ash storm. Blowing on the end of the blunt makes the ash just fly away. This method is the best if you are outside.
  • The Knock – Knock the blunt gentle on the edge of an ashtray. But be warned, this could ruin a very fragile blunt.

Ashing a bowl can be a messy hassle, but with this product, it doesn’t have to be. The Invincibowl is an aluminum bowl that fits into all 14mm bongs, not only is it unbreakable, it simplifies the ashing process to only two steps. Check it out and say goodbye to those unwanted dirty bowls.

Ashing a Joint

Ashing a joint

If you roll a joint more or less like a cigarette, you can probably ash it like one, too. However, if it´is flimsy, it may require a little more care.

  • The Flick – This is the same way you would ash a cigarette. Flick it from the end that has a filter in it with your thumb. The ash will fall off. If the joint doesn’t have a filter, this could damage it.
  • The Blow – Blow on the end of the joint to make the ash fall off.
  • The Graze  – Graze the joint on any surface, like an ashtray. The ash will fall straight off.
  • The Knock – Knock the joint on the corner of an ashtray. Be careful that this could damage a really fragile joint.

Do you have any more tips or suggestions? Let us know in the comments below, or on social media.

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