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Guides | 11.23.2021

How To Roll A Cannagar Like A Boss

It might look tricky, but with our how to make a cannagar guide you’ll be lighting one up in no time.

Imagine a king-sized blunt, except instead of a tobacco leaf your weed is rolled in more weed. It’s called a cannagar.

Sound awesome? It is.

Whether you’re a blunt enthusiast trying to preserve your lungs from the harsh smoke of tobacco leaves or simply looking to take your smoking game to the next level, cannagars are an increasingly popular way to consume cannabis.

They come in all shapes and sizes just like cigars. The size you choose defines the experience, a smaller gauge cannagar will burn faster, while larger ones can last for hours.

Cannagars may look difficult to roll. But with the right materials and instructions, anyone can become a cannagar-rolling master. We called in the experts from Hamilton Cannagars and Purple Rose Supply to teach you how to roll a cannagar.

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Photography by Jonathan Coward for HERB

Choosing the right supplies

Hamilton Cannagars are what cannabis royalty would smoke. And, according to them, it all starts with finding quality ingredients and materials. Here’s their guide on how to do that.



To start you will need cannabis leaves. Leaves from an indica strain generally work best because of their broad shape. If you don’t have access to leaves, hemp-based blunts paper also works well.

Note: If you have access to cannabis leaves that are “flushing” (going thru cannibalization) you can use them. Colored leaves are not only fun but also contain less chlorophyll. No worry if not, fresh green leaves work too as the curing process eliminates the harshness.

Cannabis Flower:

The cannabis you select defines your cannagar and how it will smoke (speed/burn characteristics etc.) The most important quality to look for in your flower is stickiness. The more resin in the flower, the better it will stay packed together. Besides that, feel free to mix and match strains. Depending on the gauge of cigar mold you pick you will need 4-10 grams of cannabis flower per cannagar. Remove the stems.

Cannabis oil:

The cannabis extract you choose has a huge impact on the taste of the cannagar.  The lighter the oil, the better. Expect to use 1.5-2.5 grams per 10 gram cannagar. The oil not only acts as glue but ensures an even burn that lasts over an hour with your whole crew.

Sticking them all together is where the cannagar becomes a craft.


Purple Rose believes that everyone should get to treat themselves. And what better way to treat yourself than a cigar rolled entirely out of cannabis? Here’s an inside look into how Purple Rose rolls gorgeous, slow-burning cannagars in only a few simple steps.

Make Your Cannagar Core

  1. Make sure you have your selected flower and a cannagar mold—like the Purple Rose CannaMold—to make your cores with.
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Photography by Jonathan Coward for HERB

2. Latch your mold together so it stays closed and insert the skewer through the bottom hole of the mold.

3. Give your flower a rough grind, then place it down the mold shaft and use your packing tool to pack your flower tightly in the mold. The longer you pack it, the tighter it will burn.

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Photography by Jonathan Coward for HERB


  1. Store your mold in a cool dry place for a minimum of 3 hours. We recommend 55-62% humidity for 2 days for the best results.
  2. The longer you store it the better it will keep its shape and the smoother it will hit due to the cannabis curing.

How to Roll a Cannagar

NOTE: You can roll your cannagar mold with any rolling material, but the “standard” way is to use cannabis fan leaves, so this guide will go over that. We decided to roll with hemp-based blunt paper, which you’ll see in the following videos. If you decide to go this route too, just replace any steps that say “leaves” with “hemp-based blunt papers.”

  1. Remove your cannagar core from its mold, and make sure you have a handful of cannabis fan leaves to work with. You can either use fresh or slightly cured leaves that are not too dried out or they will crack.

2. Coat your cannagar core with concentrates of your choice. You can either use rosin or oil, you just need to make sure it’s sticky and soft enough to put around your cannagar core. Purple Rose recommends using oil that is in a syringe because it is easier to work with.

3. Take your destemmed leaf halves and start wrapping them around the coated cannagar core in a spiral pattern (kind of like a barbershop pole or candy cane). If rolling with all-natural hemp papers, roll similarly to how a blunt is rolled.

4. After applying your first layer, you can apply another coating of concentrates and another layer of leaves to make sure everything is evenly coated

5. Once you are happy with your layer of leaves, you can store your finished product in a cool dry place (55%-62% humidity preferred) for a week. This extra week of curing will remove the extra chlorophyll and moisture from the leaves, giving you a better smoke.


After curing, remove the skewer from the cannagar, light with a torch lighter, and enjoy.

Pro Tip: Don’t place your lips on top of the skewer hole or you might feel a burn from the hot smoke. Instead, place it over the whole cigar end like a real cigar.

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