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How Are Cannagers Different From Blunts And Joints?

A Cannagar is a different way of smoking cannabis than blunts, joints and spliffs. Its main attraction is its slow burn, which allows it to last for hours.

If you are looking for a sublime method to enjoy cannabis, Cannagars should be your best choice. Purple Rose Supply has revived this Thai method from the ’70s to make cigars that last for hours.

Meet Cannagars, cigars full of flavor and slow-burning. The best part? You can make them yourself at home thanks to the best tools offered by Purple Rose Supply.

What's A Cannagar?

Photo courtesy of Purple Rose Supply

Cannagars are basically king-sized blunts rolled in weed. No tobacco leaves or tobacco are used inside, it is literally weed rolled in weed and this is what makes them so special.

Cannagars not only burn slowly, but thanks to their particular way of making them, they offer a full-flavored, uniform, and velvety cannabis smoking experience.

Basically, to assemble a Cannagar, large quantities of cannabis must be compressed around a wooden skewer and then wrapped with cannabis or hemp leaves. The cigar is then tied to hold the mold in place and then vacuum sealed to cure it.

Fortunately, to make this process easier there is Purple Rose Supply, and they offer the best options for putting together your own Cannagar quickly and efficiently (Try the Personal G2 CannaMold Kit).

How To Smoke A Cannagar

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Before smoking it is important to know How To Roll A Cannagar Like A Boss. Here we explain step by step how to do it.

Once you have your Cannagar ready and cured, smoking it is quite simple. Just remove the wooden skewer, light it up and that’s it. Enjoy long hours of smoking.

Pro tip: it should be smoked like a real cigar, do not place your lips over the hole of the skewer or you might feel a burn from the hot smoke.

What's The Difference Between A Cannagar And A Blunt?

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Blunts traditionally include a ground cannabis core rolled inside a hollowed-out cigar or cigarillo.

Cannagars are compressed and hollowed out to allow airflow throughout the cigar. This process is more complicated and time-consuming than simply rolling a cigar.

Blunt wraps come from tobacco leaves. They give your high a spike of energy, but they also make the smoke rougher and overpower the flavor of your flower.

Cannagars wraps, on the other hand, are cannabis or hemp leaves that can be coated with kief and concentrates, you get a cleaner, purer taste.

In short, these are the differences between blunts and cannagars:

  • Blunts are rolled with tobacco leaves, they are a little harsher to hit, and the high is a mix of tobacco and cannabis effects.
  • Cannagars are rolled in cannabis or hemp leaves that can be coated with kief or concentrate, having a hole in the middle facilitates airflow and gives smoother hits. They burn longer than blunts.

What's The Difference Between A Cannagar And A Joint/Spliff?

Joints are one of the most popular and well-known ways to consume cannabis. You can roll your cannabis inside a paper made of hemp, rice or bamboo. The filters at the end of the joints act like a mouthpiece and help maintain the shape of the fragile paper.

Usually, joints provide a better flower flavor profile than a blunt and are usually less harsh. The joints can be large or small. They are easy to light and hit. And because they burn quickly, joints are an efficient way to consume cannabis in single sessions.

Here are some of the main differences between a joint and a Cannagar:

  • Joints are ideal for individual or few-person sessions, they are rolled in paper wraps that can be flimsy and include a mouthpiece, tend to burn fast and unevenly, ideal for quick and efficient sessions.
  • Cannagars burn slowly and evenly, are perfect for long smoking sessions or with many people, and are rolled in cannabis or hemp leaves.

Spliffs are similar to joints, except they contain cut tobacco mixed with cannabis inside rolling paper. This helps ensure that they burn evenly and don’t self-extinguish in the middle of a session.

In summary, the differences between a spliff and a Cannagar are:

  • Spliffs contain cannabis and tobacco, can be harsher because of the mixture of the two, roll up like a joint and also have mouthpieces to make smoking easier.
  • Cannagars are 100% cannabis, and last longer. In addition the taste is cleaner and purer, the effects are just those of weed.

By inhaling more tobacco with spliffs than with blunts, spliffs are harder and more cigarette-like than joints or blunts.

Also, the flavor of the spliff can be more tobacco intensive than a blunt. So you’ll miss out on the cannabis flavor profile that a cannagar can offer. And while a spliff may last longer than a joint, a cannagar will still outlast them all.

The final decision will depend on your preferences and the conditions of the smoke, if it is an individual and short session or a long one with many people. If you prefer the pure flavor of cannabis or with more or less hints of tobacco.

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