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The 20 Best Blunt Wraps Of All Time

Seek and ye shall find the best blunt wraps, from every price point, flavor profile, and rollability.

Blunts are an integral part of cannabis culture.

The art of dumping the cheap tobacco from a gas station cigar and re-rolling it with dank cannabis flower is a ceremony and an art form. Blunts are the best way to spice up your smoking game or roll a big fatty to share with your friends.

Because we love blunts so much here at Herb, we decided it was time to share our absolute favorite blunt wraps.

The Top 20 Blunt Wraps of 2022

Here’s Herb’s list of the 20 best blunt wraps available right now. There’s one for every user, need, and budget.

Recommended Flower To Roll Up

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Tasty flower to fill your favorite wrap. 

The folks at Botany Farms have one of the most extensive flower arrays to choose from. Besides the incredible potency and flavor, they offer something for everyone, including:

  •  Delta 8
  • CBD
  • CBG-only Flower

Their Sour Hawaiian Haze is a delicious Sativa strain that has over 18% of cannabinoids. Besides its iconic orange filaments and bright green colors, its aromatics are just a quick all-paid trip to Hawaii.

Expect delicious tropical fruit notes, specifically sweet and slightly tangy Guava and juicy Mango. This strain also has incredible sour notes, perfect for balanced tokes that have both the sweet, the sour, and the hoppy with its earthy pine notes.

Zig-Zag Zagz Blunt Wraps

Zig-Zag, makers of the classic rolling papers, also sell decent blunt wraps. The cool thing about Zagz Blunt Wraps is that they don’t waste your time with a whole tobacco filled cigarillo. They know you’re buying this wrap to stuff it full of weed.

These wraps are easy to roll with and burn evenly, but sometimes they can be a little too moist when you open the packaging. Many users just let them sit out for a couple of hours to dry first. Zagz also come in all the flavors you could dream of. And the best part, these wraps are only two for a buck.


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Here at Herb, we love Backwoods for our blunts. That’s because these OG cigars are made with 100 percent natural tobacco leaf that gives you that extra buzz. Backwoods also come in a variety of flavors, like Honey Bourbon and Sweet Aromatic. But their real appeal is the fact that they were designed to be unrolled by hand, so you don’t have to split them like other cigars commonly used for blunts.

Plus, Backwoods are easy to roll. If you’re looking for some tips on how to roll a Backwoods blunt like a pro, we’ve got you covered.

Premium Hemp Wraps by Higher Standards

Higher Standards was created to provide true connoisseurs with all the tools and products they may need for the most elevated smoking experience possible. These Premium Hemp Wraps by Higher Standards are made in the Dominican Republic. They are ideal for pure, long, and natural dry herb smoke sessions.

These wraps are made with hemp only and are free from tobacco and nicotine. They burn slowly and deliver smooth smoke, becoming a great pick for anyone who prefers rolling to glass.

Dutch Master

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Dutch Master is another classic brand of blunts that can be found at gas stations and convenience stores in every corner of the country. People love Dutches because they smoke well. But, one of the biggest perks of Dutch Masters is the size; they’re extra-long and can be shared with more than a few friends. The only complaint we have about Dutch Masters is the price. These babies can cost a bit more than other blunts on this list.

For some expert tips on how to roll the perfect Dutch Master blunt, look no further.

High Hemp

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High Hemp Wraps are our new favorite thing. These blunt wraps are made with organic hemp, so they’re not only completely nicotine-free, but pesticide, fertilizer, and additive-free as well. Like classic blunt wraps, High Hemp also come in a selection of flavors, like Grape Ape, Honey Pot, and Maui Mango.

These wraps are more expensive than traditional tobacco cigarillos, costing around five dollars for two instead of 99 cents, but considering they’re made of hemp, are totally organic, and 100 percent vegan, it’s definitely worth the extra cost. They even come with their own tips!

Vibes King Size Rolling Papers

Vibes is the product of one of the many collaboration of the rapper, influencer, and cannabis entrepreneur Berner. These premium rolling papers, cultivated and crafted in France, and cut and knitted in the Dominican Republic, are carefully designed to elevate your smoking sessions.

With Vibes, you’ll enjoy a smoking experience designed for the true cannabis enthusiast; a slow, even burning paper that preserves the potency and purity of your herb, letting you enjoy it to the fullest. Find them available in their hemp, rice, and ultra thin versions.

White Owl

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White Owls are very similar to Swisher Sweets. They’re the same style of cigarillo, come in tons of the flavors (in the U.S., at least), and are sold at two for 99 cents.

These blunts are great when you don’t have tons of weed to spare for a blunt because they’re a bit smaller than other popular wraps. Great for a solo sesh or for sharing with a friend or two, White Owls are a popular choice among every day blunt smokers.

Kush Hemp Wraps

These all-natural hemp wraps from Kush are the perfect choice if you want to savor the full flavors of your chosen herb instead of tasting the actual wrap. These natural wraps are made with 100% high-quality Canadian hemp. They are completely free of tobacco, nicotine, and any harmful chemicals associated with them.

With these hemp wraps, you’re getting a smooth, slow-burning, flavorless smoke session. Each pack contains 2 large wraps each that give you a tight roll and seal without the need for glue.

The Toad King Size Blunt Wrap

These blunt wraps are the product of a collaboration between Mike Tyson and Tyson Ranch and the Amsterdam based rolling company Futurola. The Toad King Size Blunt Wrap is a natural terpene-infused blunt wrap inspired by the champ himself that uses legal plant terpenes.

The Toad Blunt Wraps have a slow burn design that helps to reduce waste of your precious herbs and offers a much more enjoyable, long-lasting smoking experience. The king-size blunt wraps are tobacco-free and come in a decorative, air sealed package for safe and easy transport and each pack contains one quality blunt wrap.

Beamer's Vegan Hemp Wraps

Beamer’s new hemp wraps have everything you’ve ever wanted in a blunt wrap. They are made from premium quality Canadian hemp and are vegan, pesticide-free, GMO-free, tobacco-free, bleach-free, and chlorine-free. Beamer Vegan Hemp Wraps All are among the smoothest, best tasting wrap you’ll find in today’s market. Each pack comes with 4 wraps and is resealable for maximum freshness.

Old Pal 2g Infused Blunts

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Old Pal specializes in creating natural and high-quality products with smokers in mind. Their approach is sun-kissed, rain-watered, simple, sustainable weed. Literally, they say it’s just about the weed.

Old Pal’s infused blunt line speaks for itself. You can see the quality from the package to the finished product. It’s even indicative of very clean processes in harvest, manipulation, and curation.

The most impressive feature of these blunts is how premium they are. They are made with a glass tip and incredibly tasting wraps that add flavor to the mix and are infused, making the experience even better. At the end of the day, you elevate the smoking experience to a whole other level.

Each 2-gram blunt is infused with diamonds and features either an Indica, a Sativa, or a hybrid strain. Take your pick, you can tailor your user experience according to your preference. For connoisseurs and lovers alike, it is a pleasure to be able to acquire potent, pre-rolled blunts in U.F.O.G, Mango Biche, and Dolce Vita varieties.

Purple Rose Supply

Smoke Like A Boss

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Purple Rose Supply brings you the blunt that will take smoking to the next level. Make your blunts last longer, and conserve the flavors and cannabinoids of your weed by smoking Cannagars.

Although the method was born in the ‘70s it came back recently becoming a new way of smoking for most users. And, it is an easier way to roll top-quality cigars at home compared to other blunts.

A Cannagar is a cannabis cigar that is made by compressing the weed around a skewer. Then, you roll it in hemp or marijuana leaves to have a fully natural blunt, and the neatest smoke of your life. Purple Rose Supply provides you with the materials and gear you need to do the best Cannagars possible.

King Palm Rose Cones

Tired of the old hemp flavor? Maybe some all-natural rose cones will do the trick. These king-sized cones by the folks at King Palm are as big and delicious as the joint you can roll with them.

These cones are made with fully natural fresh rose petals, all assembled into a cone for a sweet smoking experience. The delicious rose notes will make spice up your sessions with their notes while having a slow burn so you can have smooth smoke with each toke.

The rose cones come in three different colors, purple, gold, and rose. All of them are for sure eye-candy and really easy to fill up, so feel free to load them up with your favorite strain. Or, if you are more of a cannaseur, you can even mix-and-match strains to compliment the sweet floral notes of these cones.

They come in a 3 pack and the sizes are 109 by 26mm, perfect to hold anywhere from half a gram and up to a full gram of your favorite bud. Whether you can get creative or just want something more natural to smoke your bud, these king-sized cones are a way to get out of your old rolling routine.

So, if you wanted some aesthetic-looking but also floral and delicious jumbo jays, these might be your new go-to. You can check them out here, at King Palm’s website.

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