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How To Roll A Dutch Master Blunt

This guide will make you and your friends expert Dutch Master blunt rollers in no time.

The Dutch Master is a popular cigar best known for being rolled into a blunt by many cannabis enthusiasts. It’s also quite affordable.

You can easily find these at your local gas station, smoke shop, or online. While it may be the least expensive cigar around, it won’t skimp on quality.

Here’s the easiest way to roll one of these into a slow-burning blunt.

Equipment Needed

A Pack Of Dutch Masters

How are you gonna roll one without these?

A Rolling Tray

There’s gonna be a lot of equipment involved, not to mention the slicing and grinding. You need a proper rolling tray to fit all your goodies and make this process simple. Our suggestion is Matriarch’s Blunt Father; a stunning wooden rolling tray designed to be your all-in-one blunt rolling station.

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A Grinder

The better you grind your weed, the better your Dutch Master will smoke. Make sure to get a quality grinder like HØJ’s revolutionary KLIP Grinder that slices through your bud instead of grinding it, creating even trichome-covered weed.

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Steps To Roll A Dutch Master Blunt

Gut & Cut

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This can be challenging if you’re not careful. First, you want to cut the Dutch right down the middle. Don’t cut so deep that you end up slicing the thing right in half.

Once you have cut open your Dutch, empty the contents into the trash.

Afterwards, cut off the rounded end of the blunt. This will make it less likely that your blunt will close up while rolling.

Be sure to also lick the edges to seal up any tears.

Fill It Up

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Now comes the fun part, adding the weed! Break out your grinder, grind up the amount of weed you wish to use, and fill up the blunt so that the weed is spread neatly across the blunt.

Be sure to use enough weed so that you don’t have to worry about a collapsed blunt while you’re trying to smoke it.

Roll & Spark!

Photo by Jonathan Coward for Herb

Start by carefully folding and rolling the blunt upward. Tuck the shorter side of the Dutch around the weed, then proceed with the rolling.

Make sure not to pinch the ends shut, or you’ll have a pretty rough time smoking it when the time comes. Lick the blunt afterwards while pressing down to ensure that the blunt is nice and secured.

Once you’re finished, run a lighter up and down it lengthwise so that it drys.

Now it’s time to spark it up and get high!

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