The Best Grinders on the Market

No matter if you vape, roll joints or take bong rips; when it comes to smoking weed, there’s always something that you must have: a proper grinder. Here are our ten picks for the best grinders in the market right now.
May 28, 2020

No matter if you are a cannabis newbie or a seasoned enthusiast when it comes to weed, there is something vital for a successful session: properly ground herb. Regardless if you are a smoker or a vape-user, the one thing that you must always have on you is your grinder. The reason is simple; you need fine, chopped up weed that can burn smoothly. Why? Because more surface area means better highs.

Some people use scissors, your fingers can also do the trick, but no method compares to the old reliable grinder. They come in all shapes and sizes, you can find them in any material you can imagine, and with recent innovations, you’ll find some that are impressive in terms of design and functionality. Innovation and technology are continually improving the grinding process, and if grinding evolves, smoking evolves as well. Check out this selection of the 10 best grinders in the market right now and see what makes a grinder stand out from the rest.


The top place in our list goes to this Danish designed device that is the evolution of herb grinding. Most grinders end up mushing your herb with their teeth, resulting in clogged screens and hard to turn lids. The KLIP is grinding reimagined. The device comes with a patent-pending custom-designed cutter that does just that: cut your herb finely without mushing it, clogging, and keeping all of its trichomes intact. The result is a potent, fluffy, fine herb that’s perfect for vaping and burning. The KLIP is made out of anodized, recyclable aluminum, and its four pieces stick together with rare earth magnets that also make it super easy to use and clean. This device will cost you $130 to $150 depending on the size you want, but be sure that you are getting the most powerful and easy-to-use grinder available.

2. Kannastör GR8TR V2

The all-encompassing grinding solution. This device is made of hardened anodized aluminum to ensure durability and solidness, and its pieces stick together with neodymium magnets that are above average in terms of quality and strength. Besides that, its stylish matte design will make it stand out and separates it from most of its competitors. The differential aspect of the GR8TR V2 is its five-piece customizable design that’s perfect for all types of users. It comes with interchangeable grater plates that deliver different grind levels, coarser for vapers, or chunkier for blunt smokers. Moreover, the GR8TR V2 comes with an extra stash storing compartment that makes it a perfect solution for traveling where you can store everything you need. For $75, be sure that you are getting the most complete grinder available.

3. Santa Cruz Shredder

One of the highly technologically advanced grinders available. Its body is made of the highest quality aerospace-grade aluminum that’s scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and wear-resistant. It comes with four levels, giving you an extra compartment for stash or pollen. The Santa Cruz Shredder sticks together magnetically and has a rugged lid; this means that the grinding process is ultra-smooth. What separates this device from the rest is the design of its teeth. With its curved square-shaped teeth, the Santa Cruz Shredder will grind your herb to perfection, always keeping it fluffy and without removing its trichomes. For $50, you’ll be getting a device that’s perfect for any occasion and goes with every style; find it in its four available sizes and choose from one of its 10 colors.

4. Space Case Titanium Grinder

Space Case has a reputation for having some of the most durable and robust grinders out there. Like most other premium grinders, this one is made out of anodized aluminum, but the differential factor is that it is coated in titanium. Herb does not stick to titanium, which means that with this grinder, you won’t lose your product, and cleaning will be way easier. Diamond-shaped teeth guarantee proper grinding every time, and its lower compartments are perfect for catching pollen and for storing your stash. A grinder that made to last and can grind lots of weed at a time. Get it for $30 or $50, depending on the size that you want.

5. Aerospaced

Easy to use and super-efficient. This four-layer anodized aluminum device is made to last a lifetime without losing consistency and usability. The first thing that stands out form the Aerospaced grinder is the design of its lid: completely see-through with a mill handle. This innovation makes it extremely easy to use by simply rotating the handle; it also ensures that you grind your herb exactly how you want it due to its transparency. Grind wise, this device comes with diamond-shaped, ultra-sharp teeth that can turn even the tightest buds into dust. Use its fourth layer as a stash compartment and a pollen collector, it comes with a pollen scraper to help you get all of it. A grinder perfect for smokers and vapers alike, from newbies to experts that you can get for $25.

6. Cali Crusher 4-Piece

A device that combines high-quality materials and delivers a finely ground herb consistently. This 4-piece grinder is made entirely out of aircraft grade billet aluminum with magnets that stick it together and a stainless steel screen that filters out the finest pollen. Its diamond-shaped ultra-sharp teeth grind the herb to perfection without ever losing sharpness. They are designed with plenty of space between them so you can put in large-sized buds. Due to its magnetic connections and easy-grip lid, the Cali Crusher will be super easy to turn every single time. Besides that, its 2.2-inch size makes it a perfect to-go or travel option. Portability, effectiveness, and reliability for just $25. 

7. Masterdam

One of the best value for money options in this selection. This Amsterdam based company has been fabricating grinders for almost a decade, experience that is reflected in their products. This four-piece device is made entirely out of anodized aluminum with a stainless steel pollen filter. Be sure that there won’t be any scratches, and its teeth will always be sharp. The aspect that separates this grinder from the rest is its “lion tooth” diamond-shaped teeth. This design allows it to finely grind your herb while maintaining it fluffy and avoids clogging. You’ll see the difference when the herb is burning. A super reliable, innovative device that’s only going to cost you $23.

8. Chromium Crusher

A capable grinder for a low price. Material wise, the Chromium Crusher’s interiors are made of aluminum, a strong metal that’s perfect for grinding the herb. The body and exterior parts are made from a zinc alloy, heavier and more durable than aluminum, that gives a feeling of overall solidness to the grinder. Its four pieces are held together by magnets, and between the first and second levels, it has a plastic ring, both features designed to ease the grinding process. The teeth are somewhat different from most, still diamond-shaped but with two of its sides slightly curved to improve the grind. A super complete grinder that will only cost you $19.

9. Mendo Mulcher

A quality device that makes the grinding process easy. It’s the only one in our list that moves away from the round-shaped lid. This easy-grip lid design makes the Mendo Mulcher a very easy to use grinder that will do a proper job with any type of herb. It has oval-shaped teeth that grind your herb finely and a stainless steel filter for your pollen. The device is entirely made out of anodized aluminum, which makes it super durable and gives it a solid appearance. Another positive thing about the Mendo Mulcher is how portable it is. At only 1.75 inches, it is the best travel companion for a cannabis enthusiast. Get the Mendo Mulcher for $18.

10. iRainy

It may be the last one on our list, but the iRainy is still one of the most effective grinders out there. What first stands out from this device is the extra layer that works as a second pollen filter. This guarantees that in the last compartment, you will only get the finest pollen possible. If you find it too big, simply remove one of the pollen filters and make it more compact and portable. The iRainy is made out of a zinc alloy that’s durable and ultra-lightweight. The insides are made of aluminum for the diamond-shaped teeth, stainless steel for the two pollen filters, and magnets to stick all the pieces together. For only $14, it’s a superb value for money deal.

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