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The Best Weed Weed Grinders To Buy In 2024

Grinders are key to experiencing weed, any way you smoke is likely to be enhanced by properly ground flower, especially if you resort to any of these devices.

Long time smokers are bound to know about the importance of grinders. Doesn’t matter if you’re preparing to roll up a joint, pack a bowl or refill your vape, taking flower apart by hand just doesn’t cut it. The task is too tedious and the result leaves much to be desired, large chunks of flower just don’t offer enough surface area to provide optimum smoke.

On the other hand, properly ground weed is a pleasure to light up and smoke. It burns neatly and evenly, allowing you to experience all of your flower and not just the outside of your nugget, burnt to a crisp.

Of course, not all grinders are made equal. Here at Herb we’ve put in the work to rank some of the best and most unique grinders out there, those that will help unlock the full potential of your weed.

The Best Weed Grinders To Buy In 2024

GRAV's 3-Piece Grinder

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Elevate your grinding experience with the GRAV 3-Piece Grinder. This compact and efficient tool stands out for its precision grinding, thanks to sharp, durable teeth that ensure a consistent, fine grind. Made from anodized aerospace aluminum, it’s built to last and designed for ease of use.

The grinder’s magnetic lid keeps everything secure, making it perfect for on-the-go use. Its clean, modern design not only looks great but also enhances functionality, making it an essential accessory for any cannabis enthusiast.

For more details on this must-have grinder, visit GRAV’s product page here and explore more innovative products at GRAV.

PAX 4-Piece Grinder

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PAX has proven the quality of its products thanks to its outstanding vaporizers, and now the brand has released its 4-Piece Grinder that promises to be the only grinder you will ever need. That is because of its functionality and durability.

The 4-Piece Grinder has a toothed grinding ring and 50 diamond-shaped teeth that will get the most stubborn buds well ground into tiny pieces.

Besides, magnets allow the compartment to slide smoothly so you can grind your buds effortlessly. And there is a mesh pollen catch screen below to prevent the large pieces of plant material fall into the chamber that holds the pollen.

Take your new PAX 4-Piece Grinder and prepare your weed for vaping, smoking, extracting, or cooking. And don’t worry if it falls. Its aluminum body won’t break.

Cloudious9 The Auto9 - Fully Automatic Grinder

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The Auto9 by Cloudious9 is a fully automatic grinder that saves effort and time when turning your buds into tiny pieces. Grind your weed 20 times faster than usual.

This automatic grinder uses an electric motor and 15 sharp diamond teeth to grind up 4 grams at a time, which is more weed than most grinders can hold. And it dispenses at the same time.

Don’t worry about losing autonomy. The Auto9 allows you to grind clockwise and counterclockwise. Thus, you can get the fluffy consistency of a traditional grinder.

Besides, you get the cleaning and loading accessories kit to keep your automatic grinder in optimal condition.

ShredStep Grinder From Tank Glass

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When speaking of the finest grinders available in the contemporary cannabis market, it’s impossible not to mention the innovation and craftsmanship brought forward by Tank Glass. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and dedication to the cannabis community has birthed the state-of-the-art ShredStep Grinder.

Here’s what sets the ShredStep Grinder apart:

Unparalleled Consistency

The precise and sharp teeth design ensures a consistent grind every single time. Whether preparing for a vaping session or rolling up, consistency is key, and ShredStep delivers just that.

Durability to Rely On

This grinder is a solid investment made with premium materials and built to last. You won’t find yourself needing a replacement any time soon.

Innovative Design

Beyond its grinding capability, its design facilitates easy collection and minimal wastage, ensuring that every bit of your precious herb is put to good use.

Compact & Travel-Friendly

Portable without compromising on its grinding capability, it’s a companion for your home sessions and adventures on the go.

For those serious about elevating their grinding experience, missing out on the ShredStep Grinder would be a grave oversight. Its blend of functionality, style, and durability makes it a shining example in cannabis accessories.

Kannastör GR8TR V2 Series Grinder

The all-encompassing grinding solution. This device is made of hardened anodized aluminum to ensure durability and solidness, and its pieces stick together with neodymium magnets that are above average in terms of quality and strength.

Besides that, its stylish matte design will make it stand out and separates it from most of its competitors.

The differential aspect of the GR8TR V2 is its five-piece customizable design that’s perfect for all types of users. It comes with interchangeable grater plates that deliver different grind levels, coarser for vapers, or chunkier for blunt smokers.

Moreover, the GR8TR V2 comes with an extra stash storing compartment that makes it a perfect solution for traveling where you can store everything you need. 

Aerospaced By Higher Standards

This luxurious grinder is an excellent addition to your cannabis rituals.

The Aerospaced by Higher Standards features aircraft-grade aluminum and sharp, diamond-shaped teeth that shred your herb to even, fluffy consistencies. 

It’s a 4-piece grinder with a pollen catch and an anodized finish for a look and feel you can’t find elsewhere. 

Sean Dietrich Grinder

Award-winning artist Sean Dietrich enthralls audiences with his exciting live painting shows. Finally, there is a spinning device you can enjoy to make your herbs even more enjoyable. This 2.25-inch grinder has the magnificent artwork of Sean Dietrich on top so people know what you’re using.

This hard-anodized aluminum 4-piece grinder features a magnetic closure and a textured top to prevent accidental spillage. With a sifting screen inside and a pollen chamber that is exposed from the bottom, it will help you collect every last bit of kief, leaving more room in the stash box for

It features super sharp teeth that shred and grind your herbs into the perfect fluffy consistency that’s ready for Rolling or packing. You’ll love using and showing off this awesome little grinder that’s just the right size to slide in your pocket or pop in your bag or purse.

SharpStone Crank Top V2 Grinder

Ever seen a grinder with a crank before? 

The Crank Top V2 Grinder from SharpStone makes your rituals effortless with a simple and unique crank design with diamond-shaped teeth, a transparent screw top, a pollen chamber, a pollen scraper, a sifting screen, and a protective pouch. 


Cali Crusher 4-Piece

A device that combines high-quality materials and delivers a finely ground herb consistently. This 4-piece grinder is made entirely out of aircraft grade billet aluminum with magnets that stick it together and a stainless steel screen that filters out the finest pollen.

Its diamond-shaped ultra-sharp teeth grind the herb to perfection without ever losing sharpness. They are designed with plenty of space between them so you can put in large-sized buds. Due to its magnetic connections and easy-grip lid, the Cali Crusher will be super easy to turn on every single time. Besides that, its 2.2 inch size makes it a perfect to-go or travel option. Portability, effectiveness, and reliability. 


One of the best value-for-money options in this selection. This Amsterdam-based company has been fabricating grinders for almost a decade, experience that is reflected in their products. This four-piece device is made entirely out of anodized aluminum with a stainless steel pollen filter.

Be sure that there won’t be any scratches, and its teeth will always be sharp. The aspect that separates this grinder from the rest is its “lion tooth” diamond-shaped teeth. This design allows it to finely grind your herb while maintaining it fluffy and avoids clogging. You’ll see the difference when the herb is burning. A super reliable, innovative device.

Chromium Crusher

A capable grinder for a low price. Material wise, the Chromium Crusher’s interiors are made of aluminum, a strong metal that’s perfect for grinding the herb. The body and exterior parts are made from a zinc alloy, heavier and more durable than aluminum, which gives a feeling of overall solidness to the grinder.

Its four pieces are held together by magnets, and between the first and second levels, it has a plastic ring, both features designed to ease the grinding process. The teeth are somewhat different from most, still diamond-shaped but with two of its sides slightly curved to improve the grind. A super complete grinder.

Mendo Mulcher 4-Piece Grinders

Most of the times, it is completely unnecessary to reinvent the wheel, herb grinder design may not be perfect, but it damn near is and needs only slight tweaks and a quality construction. This is what you get with Mendo Mulchers, a no frills, ultra-high-quality grinder for your everyday smoking needs.

Instead of a wholly round exterior, the USA designed and manufactured Mendo Mulcher has what they call a grip edge: a polygonal exterior that’s just easier to turn on account of its flat sides and knurled edges.

The oval shaped teeth inside will offer you one of the finest grinds in the list, making this grinder ideal for vapers. With 4 sizes available starting at 1.75”, Mendo Mulchers are an excellent grinder for the on-the-go lifestyle.


You can have the best pipe, the most potent vape, or a huge blunt, but if you do not have properly ground weed, your smoking won't be that great. That's why a grinder is something you should spend some money on.As long as you don't lose it and clean it often, a proper grinder will last you a lifetime. A lifetime of great smoke sessions, fluffy weed, and mountains of kief. That's why we prepared this guide, the most complete guide on the internet with all the best weed grinders available.Choose the one that better suits your needs and enjoy.

Cool Weed Grinders

Ooze Saturn Globe Grinder

Those who enjoy space should definitely get this cool-looking piece. It is a grinder inspired by the planet Saturn to incorporate the best quality when working with weed. Inside we can find very sharp teeth that work dry herbs excellently. This 4-piece grinder is more than enough for a smoker who needs to mobilize from one side to the other.

The nice appearance of the Ooze Saturn grinder is preserved thanks to its scratch-resistant anodized finish. Disassembling this accessory is very easy as well as when you need to use it. At the same time, the planetary design provides ease of use at all times.

Royale G Modular Grinder

What’s cool about this device is that it’s one of the most complete devices out there. You’ll find a set of pointed teeth in the lower chamber that allow you to pierce each herb exceptionally. The entire grip of this tool is fully ergonomic and provides an easy and simple twist.

The different parts incorporated can also be combined to obtain airtight quality storage. The magic screen is fully removable and provides additional functionality for collecting pollen of excellent quality. Even a scoop has also been incorporated to add any bud in the best style.

Santa Cruz x G Pen Hemp Grinder

An all hemp grinder made in collaboration between two of the most well-known brands in the industry. This two-piece, easy-to-use grinder is made of highly pressed biodegradable hemp plastic, a material that is completely harmless to the environment.

Besides, the design is classic and the size is perfect for on-the-go users. A great grinder for the environmentally conscious stoners out there!

Read our full review of the Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Grinder for more!

Best Grinder For Kief

As a reminder, those sparkly trichomes covering your bud that they call kief are the most potent part of the flower. If you want to get the most out of your weed, then you need a weed grinder with a kief catcher. That way, every time you use it, your collection will build more and more until eventually, you get so much that you can pack a kief bowl, or have enough to sprinkle inside of a blunt or joint. There are lots of ways to use kief.

4-Piece Santa Cruz Shredder

The 4-piece Santa Cruz Shredder is the perfect tool for starting a kief collection. It features four pieces, including a top-quality one-of-a-kind earth magnetic lid, a razor-sharp grinding area, and a compartment for storage with a kief catcher below, and a complimentary scooper, separated by a T304 micronic precision woven non-fraying stainless steel screen.

It is “the most optimal micron screen size of any grinder on the market,” according to the brand. It is also made of medical-grade anodized aluminum, which again, is one of the best and most durable materials for weed grinders.

Joints, blunts, spliffs, whatever you roll, a grinder ensures that your herb spaces out evenly on the paper and is easier to roll up. Of course, you don’t want to go overboard to the point where your flower transforms into dust, or else rolling will be impossible. You want to aim for a more fluffy texture.

Tectonic9 Auto-Dispensing Grinder

Joint rollers will revel in the additional convenience offered by this innovative grinder from Cloudious9, which includes a revolutionary automatic weed dispensing spout. That’s right, weed dispensing, a little nozzle from which your perfectly ground herb streams evenly into your rolling paper.

A viewing window with an LED light allows you to check how much grounded weed remains inside as your grinder pours your weed, and an internal vibration motor keeps the stream steady by maintaining an optimum frequency.

The Tectonic9 is the ideal grinder for those who make an event out of joint rolling, seeing it at work is cool, sure, but using it is a real pleasure.

Kannastör GR8TR V2 Jar Body

The Kannastör GR8TR V2 Jar Body weed grinder is designed to deliver the perfect grind. It features anti-friction and residue rings, micro teeth, Vape and Standard Easy Change Grinder plates, an Easy Change screen, and is built of 60/61 anodized good-grade aluminum. Also, it includes storage as a bonus, which is convenient when you’re a vaper.

With vapes, you have to pack them repeatedly, so having a tool to both grind and store your bud can come in handy. In fact, the GR8TR V2 Jar Body can be broken down into a slim and travel-friendly Storage Puck in case you want to carry your flower with you and leave the grinder part behind.

Marley Natural Wood Grinder

In our eyes, the Marley Natural Wood Grinder might be the best-looking and most elegant grinder on the list. Beyond Marley’s endless legacy and the sublime engraved monogram logo that identifies this grinder, it’s the solid, sustainably sourced black walnut construction that makes this piece so special.

There’s an unspoken synergy that arises when grinding weed with this device: The sleek feel of the wood finish and the smooth functionality of the 32 precisely positioned anodized aluminum cutting blades all converge to make a simple but fulfilling grinding experience.

The result is fluffy, uncontaminated weed that’s also easy to access without making a mess on account of the grinder’s removable screen and twist-off base.


The OTTO uses artificial intelligence to improve and ease the joint rolling process. With the OTTO, a cone, and your weed, you will be able to get a perfect, tight, slow-burning joint in seconds. The OTTO is composed of two pieces: an electric grinder lid and a cone holder base.

The grinder lid, with its artificial intelligence, will analyze your bud and see if it’s sticky, moist, dry, or full of stems. Then, it will adjust itself to the consistency and texture of the bud and use a specific pressure, speed, and direction to grind it. Press start and see how a perfectly ground weed fills and packs the cone under it. After that, just close the cone and get ready for smoke time.

Hemper The Keeper

Plastic grinders often get a bad rep for being frail and getting their parts stuck together, but not all plastic is made equal as The Keeper will show you. The sharp and highly resistant teeth of this grinder should serve you well in the long term and their simplicity should keep them from failing.

The strategic advantage you get when recurring to The Keeper is an abundance of storage. That’s right, if you like taking your weed places and showing people everywhere your exotic strains, this grinder will help you carry them safely.

Ample space to carry whole flower or ground plant material, in a rugged and practical presentation, all in all a great budget grinder if you don’t mind the plastic.

Storz & Bickel Volcano Grinder

Just by knowing the brand, you can already tell that this is a great plastic grinder that will do the trick for your herb. This small plastic grinder by the german brand Storz & Bickel has a three-piece body, it features sharp teeth and a built-in stash case for convenient carrying.

This is a plastic grinder that delivers results very similar to the ones of a metal grinder, no wonder it comes with the trademark Volcano vaporizer. This is a nice portable device that guarantees properly ground weed for a low price.

There’s also an XL version of the Volcano if you need extra grinding power.

Santa Cruz Shredder Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Grinder

There’s no denying that spending your money on an eco-friendly and biodegradable grinder is worth it. 

The Santa Cruz Shredder Eco-Friendly Grinder is the only grinder you can feel good about throwing away once it’s time for a new one. In the meantime, make great use of this travel-friendly and durable grinder with a unique tooth design made in California. 


Black Tie Grinder

For less than 30 bucks, you can get a grinder that’s next-level and grinds as smoothly and superbly as its pricier companions. That grinder would be the Black Tie Grinder. In addition to metal rings to keep the kief filter secure, the Black Tie Grinder comes with two scoopers for scraping up every speck of flower powder off the tool’s smooth, round-sided bottom. You get a carrying pouch, too, so that anywhere you go, your new favorite tool will stay protected.

Ongrok 5-Piece Storage Grinder

If you care about storage and need to level up from small grinders, the Ongrok 5-Piece Storage Grinder is for you. 

It comes in five different, sleek colors and packs double the storage area of average grinders. Always have herb grinded and ready to go with this beauty. 

Why Use A Weed Grinder?

best weed grinders Why Use A Weed Grinder?

Photography by Jonathan Coward for Herb

Using sharp teeth and a little hand power, or the press of a button if you’re working with one of the fancier electric types, a weed grinder rips your herb apart so that you don’t have to spare your fingernails or sacrifice the only pair of scissors you have in the house. As a result, you get perfectly smokeable ground bud without a sweat.

When you’re operating without a grinder, you can’t get your herb as fine as possible for optimal burning, especially if it’s that sticky-icky. Not to mention, you can’t get kief, the resinous trichomes that sparkle all over your bud and are mighty potent. Not easily, at least.

You could spend minutes cutting, or worse, picking your bud. Or, you could use a grinder and break down your stash in seconds and get kief, which you can sprinkle over your flower to enhance it. Talk about the icing on the cake.

Grinders also ensure an even burn. If you pack a bowl with chunky bud, then you can’t get as full of a bowl pack, and you’re essentially wasting it because it can’t heat it as thoroughly. Moreover, it’s harder to stir, and more often than not, there is still some green left, which you won’t realize until you go to dump out the “ashes.”

Joint and blunt smokers will benefit from a weed grinder as well. Weed that has been through a fine (but not too fine) grind can be evenly spaced out on papers and makes the rolling process breezy. And they smoke better, too.

Benefits Of Weed Grinders

Herb-lovers can all agree grinding your weed is a million times better than not. Grinding your flowers increases its surface area which allows for a consistently smooth and efficient burn. This extends your stash and the lifespan of your device.

Grinding also naturally separates the kief from the flower, setting you up for some pretty amazing hash-highs. Discover the best weed grinders, and why they should be considered a critical part of your herbivore repertoire.

They’ve come a long way from where they started, and now the best weed grinders are light and portable, leaving herbivores no excuse for not owning one. With this being said, it’s important to know that if you’re grinding up your bud in just any old grinder, you might as well not grind it at all.

Using the best weed grinders is the ultimate way to get the best blaze for your buck. Why should you waste perfect and pricey flowers on a crappy grinder?

No More Consistency Qualms

Photo by Victor Moussa / Adobe Stock Photo

Using the best weed grinders will grind your weed to an even consistency. The teeth of the grinder in higher quality models are evenly dispersed so that regardless of whether or not you spread the nugs out upon stuffing them into the grinder, all the grinds end up being the same texture.

As a result, the weed will vaporize or burn more evenly which makes for a super smooth session, not only in taste and aroma but also the high itself. The compounds of the herb will extract evenly when heated as your dry herb changes from flower to vapor or flower to smoke.

If you’re a vape-enthusiast, a fine-grind means thicker, more potent vapor. Loading an uncrushed nug into a vaporizer would be useless, not to mention just kind of weird. Whether it’s a conduction or convection heating system, you’ll get more out of your vaporizer by exposing more surface area to the heat by using evenly ground herbs.

And the same goes for people who prefer smoking a joint or bowl; nothing says buzzkill like an uneven burn. A consistent texture also makes it easier to roll a perfect joint.

Regardless of whether you use a vape or prefer smoking a joint, pipe, or bong, using a quality grinder means you can say goodbye to consistency qualms.

You’ve Got Big Bowls

Reasons You Cough: Hit size

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Grinding your weed into fine, loose pieces means you can pack bigger bowls in your pipe or bong. Denser bowls make for more powerful hits with big clouds. This is because increasing the surface area of cannabis in your bowl makes it easier to pull through when you inhale.

But hey, don’t worry if you don’t like big bowls. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to fill the bowl, it just means that even a densely packed half-bowl will provide some potent inhales.

Don’t Ditch Your Device

Use a vaporizer

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On top of providing more potent and powerful inhales regardless of whether you smoke or vape, properly ground herbs are better for your devices. Using a quality grinder makes it easier to clean your vaporizer because ground herbs leave behind less build-up and residue when they’re heated.

Pipes and bongs are also easier to clean when you bust up your bud because of an even burn. Lighting an entire nug often leaves the charred, ashy residue in the bowl from the part of the nug that completely burns up without even being inhaled.

This means that not only will your bowl be less gunked up, a high-quality grind also extends your stash since you’ll actually be inhaling everything that’s in the bowl. This will save you a lot of hassle, and a ton of money by extending your stash and the lifespan of your device.

King/Queen Of Kief

how to make weed last longer grinder

Photo by Georgia Love for Herb

If you’re not using a quality grinder, you’re wasting a ton of precious kief. Whether you sprinkle it onto your bowl like a fine seasoning or make homemade hash, kief is a concentrate that’s super easy to collect when you’re using a quality grinder.

The tiny hairs found on dry cannabis flowers naturally separate from the bud when it’s ground. The best weed grinders actually come equipped with sifting screens that catch and collect kief so you can use it whenever you want.

Found most often in 4-piece grinders, a grinder equipped with a sifting screen usually called a kief or pollen catcher, is a totally worth it investment. Using the best weed grinders will make you the king or queen of kief in no time.

Types Of Weed Grinders

best weed grinders Types Of Weed Grinders

Photography by Jonathan Coward for Herb

There are two main types of weed grinders: manual grinders and electric grinders. With manual grinders, a little more effort is required. You have to twist and turn using your hands to get the job done.

As for the cost of a manual grinder, the prices vary but most are considered affordable by the weed community. It all depends on the kind, as there are many varieties of manual grinders:

  • 2-Piece Weed Grinder: one compartment for grinding and storing.
  • 3-Piece Weed Grinder: two compartments, one for grinding and one for storing.
  • 4-Piece Weed Grinder: three compartments, one for grinding, one for storage, and one for kief complete with a screen.

Though they aren’t popular, there are also 5-piece manual grinders. This type usually has four compartments: grinding, storing, and two for kief. Having two kief catchers can help you catch more potent flower powder since it has an additional screen to trap excess small plant material.

A card grinder is another type of manual grinder that doesn’t have any compartments and is slim and portable. Card grinders won’t grind as well as other manual grinders, nor will they capture kief, but they’re cheap and make for an easy grind on-the-go.

Aside from being made with a different number of parts, weed grinders are made out of different materials, each of which has its pros and cons:

  • Plastic: cheap, lightweight, provides an OK grind, doesn’t last long, and more likely to break.
  • Wood: unique, organic, may produce metal shavings while in use and takes more effort to grind.
  • Aluminum: the cheapest of metals, lasts longer than plastic, weighs more than plastic, easy to use, and provides a good grind.
  • Titanium: highest of quality, doesn’t weigh as much as aluminum, most expensive, built to last, and user-friendly.

Finally, you have electric grinders. Electric grinders do all the work for you, and some will even dispense your weed, which makes them handy for rolling. They tend to be on the pricier side and won’t preserve kief, but if you’re someone with arthritis or have achy hands, electric grinders take away the strain from the grinding process.

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