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Learn | 03.08.2022

Breaking Down A Grinder: What’s The Role Of Each Compartment?

Now, you might know how to use one, but do you really know the ins and outs of the grinder? Created with Flower Mill.

In the survival pack of every stoner, you can find some unmissable essentials: something to smoke out of, something to smoke, probably some snacks, and – of course – a trusty grinder.

For those who like to take hits of cannabis smoke the old-fashioned way, it’s crucial to have a grinder at hand to make the entire process easier and make the most out of your weed.

In this article, we’re teaming up with the good folks over at Flower Mill to give you a rundown on what each compartment of a grinder is good for.

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Mills are as diverse as they come: plastic, metal, wood, manual, electric,  colorful, simple, stylish, you name it! If you’ve thought about it, it probably exists. 

If you’re in the market for a grinder, Flower Mill has got you more than covered. Check out their Standard Edition for an all-in-one experience that perfectly suits the cannabis lifestyle, or listen to the age-old saying “go hard or go home” and invest in the Premium Edition, which is well worth the extra change.

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The Teeth

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This is where the magic happens, so to say. The teeth are the main part of the grinder, without them, a mill wouldn’t be of much use.

Right under the lid, sharp-ish teeth interlock with each other to grind the flower and break it down into smaller pieces.

Not only does this make your weed last longer, it also helps you make the most out of every small bit.

The Mesh

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The mesh screen is what separates the bottom chamber of the grinder from the top, where the grinding happens.

It catches the pollen that has been ground up, giving easy access to it and making the whole packing process easy as pie.

Storage Chamber

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This is where the goods are stored. All the bits and pieces that have been ground up should be stored here.

When you’re looking for the weed to pack your joint, pipe, spliff, or any other accessory to be filled with, this is where you’re gonna look for material.

It’s basically the holding chamber for the ground up weed (other than the super fine kief, which is stored in the kief compartment).

Kief Compartment

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Everyone knows that kief is probably the best part of having a grinder. After a few uses, your kief compartment will be filled with the strongest stuff you could ever wish for.

The longer you use your grinder and wait for it, the more there will be (and who are we to complain).

This is the most potent ground weed you could wish for, so we’re willing to bet that you’ll be saving it up until the right moment shows up. 

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