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How To Make Potent Cannabis Oil From Kief

Check out this video on how to make your own potent kief oil!
How To Make Potent Cannabis Oil From Kief

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Ever wondered how to make your own cannabis oil from Kief? This video will show you how! Hoping for a simpler method? It may be worth it to invest in a MagicalButter machine, which gently infuses oils, butter, tincture, and other products with dry herbs. Otherwise, expect to put in a little work!

The Supplies

The Supplies to make potent kief

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5 Grams of Kief

20 milliliters of Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin or VG which you can buy online from places like Amazon.

20 milliliters of Food Grade Propylene Glycol of PG, which you can buy online from places like Amazon.

A 10-milliliter syringe

A double boiler setup

A Coffee filter, cheesecloth or a fine metal mesh strainer

40 milliliters total of the VG/PG solution which is combined 20 x 20.

Combine the Ingredients

You will want a 50/50 solution of 20 milliliters VG and 20 milliliters PG. This equals 40 milliliters all together for 5 grams of Kief. Think of it as 8 milliliters of the VG/PG mixture per every one gram of Kief. You can also adjust these measurements based on your own preferences. Set up the double boiler and make sure it boils at medium heat. Put some of the VG/PG solution in the top of the double boiler. Then add the 5 grams of Kief. Using the syringe add the rest of the VG/PG solution. Stir it with a metal or silicone utensil to mix it.

Heat, Stir, Repeat

make potent kief

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Here’s where a MagicalButter machine would really come in handy. However, those without should set a timer for twenty minutes. Keep the water in the bottom of the double boiler boiling. Every twenty to thirty minutes take the utensil and stir the mixture. Then let it sit covered for twenty to thirty minutes and again. Repeat this process for two hours straight. You can do this process for up to six hours if you got time.

The key is to make sure you keep the water in the bottom of the double boiler from evaporating. Make sure the Kief mixture on top doesn’t evaporate and dry either. You can leave the top uncovered or you can cover it if you don’t want it to smell up your kitchen. Bugs might be attracted to it so covering it will ensure they stay away. After two or more hours you can add some flavored eCig juice for taste. That’s optional.


When the mixture is ready you can choose to strain through a coffee filter, which is definitely the cleanest way. It will take a while to strain through the coffee filter. If you use layers of cheesecloth it can be squeezed to get all the eCig juice out.


Now your cannabis eCig juice is ready to store or you can use it immediately in any standard vaporizer. Feel free to flavor it to make it tastier and to hide the smell of the vapor. While oil is relatively easy to make, a MagicalButter machine is highly recommended to anyone hoping to speed up and simplify the process for regular use.

August 14, 2019
Written by Evan Hundhausen
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August 14, 2019
Written by Evan Hundhausen

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