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How To Best Pack A Bowl With Ground Weed

Packing a bowl with ground weed and having it fall straight through the cone piece is a pet peeve for a lot of smokers. When you pack a bowl correctly you ensure a smooth and efficient hit.

Packing a bowl with ground weed and having it fall straight through the cone piece is a pet peeve for a lot of smokers. There are measures you can take to ensure that your weed doesn’t fall straight through the bowl. This is a how-to guide on packing your bowl with ground weed.

A super easy to pack bowl that’s also great for on-the-go smoking. The Genius Pipe’s lid lets you carry your pre-packed bowl with you and holds any funky smells. It’s called Genius for a reason. Check it out:

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Don’t Grind Your Weed Too Much!

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The reason most bong smokers experience lose their weed to the hole in the cone piece is simply that they grind their weed down too finely. You do not need to grind your weed into a powder to smoke a bowl. It just needs to be small enough to cover a good surface area, and then it can be pushed down with the thumb.

Here’s a revolutionary grinder that doesn’t grind your weed at all. It slices it with a patent-pending system that makes it fluffy and full of trichomes!

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Put A Little Bud At The Bottom Of The Cone

Another option is to use a small chunk of weed as a screen. Put it in just enough to cover the hole in the cone piece, then top up your cone with ground weed. Don’t pack down too tightly, and don’t completely cover the hole in your cone piece, or it will block airflow.

The Creative Option

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If you are the kind of stoner that looks for a creative solution to your smoking problems, you can solve this one with a stem of weed. Search your stems for one that is in the shape of a Y. Put the bottom half of the Y in the hole at the bottom of the bowl, and it sufficiently blocks weed from falling through without blocking the air flow. Just pack in your weed over the stem.

Buy A Screen

The most effective way to save your weed from falling through the bowl is to go and buy a screen. They can be purchased from any head shop and are really cheap. When they get really dirty, they are easily replaced. For a heads up, this also helps keep your pipe or bong cleaner!

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