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Learn | 02.23.2022

Our Full Review Of The GR8TR V2 Jar Grinder

Is this the best grinder out there?

There are many great grinders out there, and there’s serious competition for which performs best, looks more striking, and so on.

The RYOT Kannastor GR8TR V2 jar grinder is full of features and very aesthetically designed, which is why we want you to read our full review.

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This grinder comes from RYOT, a brand that makes incredible grinders, tools, and trays for the stylish stoner in love with gadgets.

Their glassware, ceramics, and metalwork is pristine, elegant, and packs style in performing pieces. What is a better way to design?

RYOT has several lines of grinders, all of which are packed with a set of features and specs for you to decide which is most appropriate for you!

Check out their Kannastor series, a set of beautifully milled metallic grinders, or their wooden line with sick designs in gorgeous shapes and styles.

About Kannastor

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Photo courtesy of RYOT

The Kannastor series is a delicate composition of aesthetically charming and well-engineered pieces that respect every stoner’s needs. 

These metallic grinders come in different shapes and sizes; single chamber grinders have astonishing prowess and four-chambered mills. Some accessories are available, such as a press, storage, and grinder screens.

RYOT has made a very sexy multi/chamber grinder, and their Playboy line has two sexy contenders, one with a solid body and a jar body grinder. However, the crown jewel of the Kannastor series is the GR8TR line, of solid proportions, incredible milling power, and astonishing design. 

All Kannastor grinders are made from 60/61 hardened aluminum, which means you’re to expect a durable and functional, lifetime piece. 


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The updated version of the meanest grinder on RYOT’s arsenal is the GR8TR V2, a piece that comes from a long line of tradition and is a breakthrough in design and technology. This grinder is versatile and strong.

It delivers a signature smooth grind and is modular in design to be easy to use and clean.

This sexy grinder comes in different sizes and configurations. The GR8TR V2 Jar Body Grinder features a glass jar module. There’s a mini version that won’t feature the jar or the standard size with some variables. 

The modular design of this grinder allows the user to customize the use they give to this piece; there are other accessories available to enhance the grinding process further.

Some like the exterior shells so much they order an extra pair to create a ‘’puck’’, a great storage solution for all stoners alike.


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Photo courtesy of RYOT

The GR8TR V2 comes with two different grinding plates that allow the user to get a fine grind, more intended for vaping, and a medium grind for all your other uses. 

All of the GR8TR, and the rest of the Kannastor series, are made with food and medical grade materials and processes. The grinder will have passed a chemical bath and anodization process to eliminate potential impurities. 

For quality assurance purposes, RYOT checks and tests all its products for maximum strength, functionality, and performance before production. As such, every product manufactured has gone through a complete engineering and design stage that looks for the best features.

The Kannastor GR8TR is, by far, the most packed out grinder; it has two different grinding inserts that guarantee you get what you need. It also packs quite a punch on kief collection with the stainless steel easy-to-change screen inserts.

They have thought it all.

How To Use

As with most grinders, the process of milling flower on the GR8TR is quite straightforward. The only matter to consider is that this piece is equipped with interchangeable grinding plates, which are commercialized as easy to change. 

Select the grinding plate you wish to use, which will undoubtedly come down to whether you’d be vaping or rolling. Use the medium-sized grinding plate for a smooth and fluffy mill intended for joints, blunts, and whatnot. Whatever you use this for, you’ll be good.

You may also select the fine grinding plate for a delicate approach meant for vaping. This will provide you with a fine powder ideal for those high heated situations.

How To Clean

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Photo courtesy of RYOT

The best news about the Kannastor GR8TR is that the contoured inside, modular build, and design favor the cleaning process. Simply disassemble the grinder completely frequently and give it some maintenance. 

As long as you clean your piece frequently, you’re going to be able to keep it fresh for ages. If you need some deep cleaning, the best way to clean a grinder is by fully taking it apart and soaking it in isopropyl alcohol in a ziplock baggy. 

Afterward, you can go into de muck and grub that builds up on corners and angles. As stated previously, there are some contoured parts, like the top and bottom, but grinding surfaces might need some polishing, metaphorically speaking. 


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The Kannastor GR8TR is a fine tool for the craftsman and vaper alike, and the Jar Body version is my favorite. The modular design lets you take what you need on the go while you leave whatever you won’t be usin’ at home.

The most distinct feature of this grinder is its design alone; it has been polished and thought with due care and determination. I am left struck with the functionality and the exterior looks of this baby.

What a grinder!

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