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Learn | 07.01.2021

Get High & Save The Planet With This Eco-Friendly Grinder

Love the planet? Love weed? If you said yes to both, then read this review of the Santa Cruz Shredder hemp grinder, the next gadget that will join your stash.

Before I even start talking about this product, I want to quickly say that if anybody has ever told you that grinders shouldn’t be used on weed because they ruin the flower and such, it is straight-up BS. Grinders are excellent tools that make life easier, cleaner, and more efficient.

Ok, now that we managed to get that out of the way, let me tell you all about the Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Grinder.

Santa Cruz Meets G Pen

You’ve probably used G Pen vapes, or at least heard of them, at some point in your life. They are one of those brands that have gone above and beyond with their products, bringing in the latest tech advancements and the best materials to create revolutionary, first-of-its-kind products.

Santa Cruz specializes in grinders. From 2 to 4-piece shredders and some unique options, too, they are masters in shredder art. 

Both brands have teamed up to create this beautiful product, combining their specialties to make it excellent quality, reliable, and eco-friendly.

The Materials

The G Pen x Santa Cruz Shredder hemp grinder is a 2-piece grinder with a proprietary bioplastic binder. The blend primarily includes hemp fiber and hemp cellulose, making it biodegradable! How cool is that?

The Product

This durable grinder is small enough to fit in any pocket or stash box, making it super comfortable for traveling or stashing, and fits perfectly in most of all the rolling kits both brands offer.

The teeth on the grinder are also interestingly shaped, and it makes the cuts smooth and even on your flower.

The grinder is branded with Santa Cruz’s iconic logo on the lid and has a beautiful and discrete cream color. It is a great addition to give some variety in style about the colorful, overloaded images and symbols shredders that Santa Cruz typically offers.

Product Specs and Highlights

  • 100% hemp fiber with proprietary bioplastic binder
  • 2-Piece Grinder
  • Patented-tooth design
  • Travel-ready size

Where To Buy It?

The grinder costs around 12 bucks on every website that I have seen offering it. You can purchase it on trusted headshops like DankStop

Other places like sell another version of this eco-friendly grinder – a collaboration made between Santa Cruz and Vibes Papers. You’ll be getting the same device but with a Vibes logo on the front.

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