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Learn | 11.25.2021

How To Roll A Black & Mild With Weed

There are two different methods you can use to roll a mean blunt using a Black & Mild cigarillo, here is everything you need to know.

Black & Mild cigars have been around for a long time, since 1856 to be precise. Although not originally American, they have become the American staple for a quick yet satisfying smoke break. The reason for that is simple to infer; they’re small cigarillo-sized cigars that you can get on the cheap but still provide a pleasurable strength profile with a wide variety of equally appealing flavors.

But pricing and convenience is not all that makes Black & Mild’s popular. There’s an additional feature to the Black & Mild that attracts smokers in flocks to cigar stores seeking boxes and packs of these as if they were essentials, the main reason being; they make a great blunt wrap.

Long-time cannabis smokers, like us, usually find a certain appeal to the classic version of a blunt. There’s just something about a tightly packed, freshly picked, carefully ground, sticky flower bud rolled into a tobacco leaf. On a personal note, I think all of that bumps up a level if you flavor coat that tobacco wrapper. And that’s where Black & Mild comes in.

Unfortunately, the brand does not offer the tobacco leaf wrappers alone for you to stuff and roll, they only offer pre-rolled cigarillos with a filtered tip. This might seem like an obstacle for what we’re trying to accomplish, but there are many ways around it and what originally seems like a ‘con’ (the filter) is actually a ‘pro’ in disguise.

What You'll Need

Black & Milds

Can’t start without these.

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A Rolling Tray

Gotta keep your rolling area clean & tidy, and there’s no rolling tray that makes this easier than Matriarch’s Blunt Father. With over a dozen compartments you’ll be able to have your grinder, weed, and wraps all in the same place.

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Ground Weed

Choose your favorite strain and grind it up nicely to fill your Black & Mild. If you want a balanced experience, try Botany Farms’ Bubba Kush flower, which features Delta 9, Delta 8, CBD, and CBG for an entourage effect enhancing high.

And if you’re looking for the best weed grinder out there, you’re gonna want to get your hands on a KLIP grinder from HØJ. This revolutionary device slices through your weed without mushing it, creating trichome-covered and potent buds.

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2 Ways To Roll A Black & Mild Blunt

There are two different methods you can use to roll a mean blunt using a Black & Mild cigarillo, and they both start with the same first step so we’ll get that one out of our way first; Get your hands on some high-grade cannabis or whichever strain suits your tastes and grind it. Once that’s over and done with, you can proceed to work with the Black & Mild.

Because Black & Mild’s are pre-rolled, you first have to look for a way to dispose of its contents (unless you like a touch of nicotine with your weed) so you can proceed and repack it with the freshly ground weed. The tricky part is being able to access the insides of the Black & Mild without damaging the leaf so you can re-roll it.

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Method Number 1: Slice & Roll

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The first method requires you to slice the cigarillo down the side with a razor blade, refilling it with the weed you just ground, and then rolling it back up. Here’s what you’ll need and the steps you need to follow:

What You'll Need


  1. Take the razor using a paper towel or gloves so that you won’t risk cutting yourself. If you have a straight razor to hold the blade then that works as well.
  2. Take your blade and cut the cigarillo down the side starting at the opposite end of the filter. There is no need to cut all the way down to the filter, just enough to weed out the original contents of the cigar.
  3. Once you’ve emptied out the original contents refill the tobacco leaf with the ground weed. You can also mix in the weed with a touch of the original tobacco content if that’s something you enjoy
  4. Re-roll as tightly as possible using your tongue and saliva.
  5. Light up and enjoy!
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Method Number 2: Roll Out & Stuff

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One of the first ways I learned to smoke weed was by taking a traditional cigarette, gently rolling it between my fingers to weed out the contents, mixing those contents with ground weed and then stuffing the carcass of the cigarette through the open end as if it were a cone.

That’s basically what you’ll do here.

What You'll Need


  1. Take the Black & Mild Cigarillo between your index finger and thumb. Start rolling it gently working your way down from the filter end to the open end of the cigar. You’ll have to do this multiple times before the original contents are spilled.
  2. Once you’ve emptied out the blunt wrapper, take the ground weed and stuff it down the open end, leaving the other tip untouched. This will probably require you to use the toothpick to stuff the weed tightly.
  3. Light up and enjoy!

Pro Tip: Leave a touch of tobacco near the filter, this allows you to avoid ‘roaches’ that could result in wastage of perfectly good weed.

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