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Photo courtesy of Purple Rose Supply

Learn | 04.04.2022

How To Make A Cannagar

Make nice moments last as long as your joint.

Some of the best moments of your life involve joints and blunts, surely sharing it with some friends drunk on good vibes. It is too bad when it is over, and you wish they didn’t burn that quick.

Purple Rose Supply brought back a Thai method from the ’70s to make cigars that last for hours. They are called Cannagars, and you can make them yourself at home.

Keep reading to learn how to improve your smoking experience and show off like a boss in front of your friends.

About Purple Rose Supply

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Photo courtesy of Purple Rose Supply

Purple Rose Supply is a brand specialized in taking joints and blunts to the next level. They give you the Cannagar, a full of flavor and slow-burning cigar.

There is hardly a smoother way of enjoying cannabis. Once you try them, you won’t go back to any other way of smoking.

Purple Rose Supply lets you make your own quality Cannagar by providing you with the best instruments to do so.

What Is A Cannagar

If you are a connoisseur, you might have heard about Thai Stick. It is an all Cannabis cigar compressed around a skewer, then they tied it with a hemp rope, and it is the predecessor of the Cannagar.

The difference? Back in the ’70s, they covered it in opium before curing it. Today we don’t use opium, and we only roll it in hemp or marijuana fan leaves.

It is always cool to learn from our predecessors. That is why we bring back this bad guy that is full of flavor, burns slowly, and lasts for hours.

How It Works

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Photo courtesy of Purple Rose Supply

Before getting into the matter, get your Purple Rose Supply kit ready, wash your hands, and roll up your sleeves!

Step One

First off, grind up your buds to the finest consistency. We need those pieces of flowers to be tiny so they can fit in the mold in the next step.

Check the best grinders on the market that you will love in this and every sesh.

Step Two

Lock the latch of the mold and place the clean skewer inside through the hole at the bottom. Then, Pack some ground-up flowers into the built-in mold. Use the compacting tool to press on that weed, it has a hole that fits the skewer so don’t worry about breaking it.

Don’t put it all at once before compacting. Press your weed in the mold every time you insert some of it to guarantee maximum compression.

Step Three

Cure your molded weed by storing it in a cool and dry place. The amount of time you need to wait for it to cure depends on the amount of weed you used. A personal Cannagar of around 3 g takes 1.5 hours to cure. A small Cannagar of around 6 g takes 3 hours. And, a large Cannagar of around 12 g takes at least 8 hours. In any case, it works best if you let them cure overnight.

Step Four

It is time to wrap your soon-to-be Cannagar. Take your cannabis fan leaves and place them on a flat surface with a damp towel underneath.

Moistening your fan leaves is a great way to keep them from cracking and breaking, similar to blunt wraps. Next, gently use your thumbs to remove the compacted cannabis shape from the mold, place it onto the fan leaves, and roll it up.

If you don’t have access to cannabis fan leaves and want an easier pre-made option, the All-in-1 Personal Mix from Purple Rose Supply contains a pre-rolled hemp shell that fits your Cannagar mold perfectly.

Simply slide the hemp shell around your cannabis mold; a pro tip is to add some concentrate to your weed before rolling to add more flavor and potency.

Step Five

Before smoking it, remove the skewer. You can notice the perfect airflow that the skewer hole provides. This will make your Cannagar burn evenly. Use a torch to seal the leaves, but don’t leave it too long over the same place, or it will burn.

Now it is time to light it up and enjoy the smoothest smoke ever! Use the torch to burn one extreme and use the wooden tip to protect your lips from the burning material.

If there is a pro tip here, it is to pass the Cannagar to your friends and enjoy it together. Depending on the size, it will last from 30 minutes to four hours, so there is enough for everyone in the room.

How Much Weed Do You Need

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Photo courtesy of Purple Rose Supply

How much do you want? Cannagars are thick, so they hold a nice amount of weed. A large Cannagar can hold around 12 g and up to 14 g. If that is what you want, you can have it, but try starting with smaller dosages around 6 g. And, if you are a new user, 3 g should be fine for you.

Don’t try to take more than what you need. You can get green out with unpleasant effects and waste your precious weed.

And, always buy top-quality buds so you can get the best you can from smoking cannabis. Better quality means smoother smoke, a better high, and less cough.

Check our article on how to buy top-shelf weed online.

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