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What Are Cannabis Concentrates: Uses, Types & More

What exactly is cannabis concentrate? We take a deep dive to tell you everything you need to know.

Cannabis concentrates are potent products derived from the cannabis plant. Through processes that extract cannabinoids and terpenes, cannabis concentrates are made to hit you hard, delivering a potent high.

From waxes and oils to shatter and live resin, concentrates vary in texture and intensity, but all have one thing in common: a little of it goes a long way.

How Do You Smoke Cannabis Concentrates?

Marijuana concentrates can be smoked, vaporized, or eaten. The most common way to consume concentrates is via a smoking process called dabbing. Dabbing requires a special type of water pipe, called an oil rig. 

A titanium, quartz, or glass “nail” is heated to temperatures between 315 and 900℉ to properly dab. A small amount of concentrate is applied to the heated nail as the consumer inhales from the water pipe. 

Cannabis concentrates can also be used in vaporizers and to fill favor pen cartridges. Similarly, they can be added to drinks and foods to make fast-infused edibles. Both cannabis and hemp oils are also added to balms and lotions for topical application. 

Types Of Cannabis Concentrate

There are many different types of cannabis concentrates with varying extraction methods.

CO2 Oil

A popular concentrate used in vape cartridges and oral syringes, similar to BHO but often loses terpenes during extraction. To offset this, terpenes are typically added back into the final product after CO2 extraction occurs. 


A glass-like BHO variant. Post-extraction, it’s purged in a vacuum oven to remove impurities, giving it its distinctive texture. Agitation can change its structure, making it cloudy. Bloomble’s D8 Shatter delivers smooth, potent effects that craft a stimulatory experience for users.


A type of BHO, budder is whipped and heated following extraction to produce its creamy consistency. Badder is more oily and loose, similar to the actual cake batter. Dabblicious Extracts offers an award-winning budder, like the Lemon Banana concentrate with over 61% THC, providing a truly top-tier dabbing experience, especially when used with a clean rig. 

Liquid Badder

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Can you guess where Liquid Badder gets its name? Well, think of a creamy, slightly runny, buttery cake batter, but instead of flour, water, and eggs, it’s a potent cannabis concentrate.

Liquid Badder gets its name from its texture that looks and feels like cake batter. Its color is often pale yellow. In terms of quality and flavor, Liquid Badder is usually loaded with terpenes thanks to its unique extraction process involving heat and pressure.

Looking to experience this potent concentrate? We’ve found a federally legal vape that’ll knock your socks off. Say hello to Delta Extrax’s THCP+ 3.5g Disposables – Liquid Badder. These delicious disposables contain Delta-8 THC, Delta-8 THC Liquid Badder, THCP+, and terpenes. Plus, the device has a convenient pre-heat function and is rechargeable via a USB-C charging cable. 

Check out the available flavors below:

  • Alaskan Thunderf*ck
  • Star Dust OG
  • Dosi Killer

Each disposable is loaded with 3.5 grams of liquid badder. And since it’s incredibly potent (thanks to THCP+), it’s advised to start low and slow with 1-2 puffs. Order now from Delta Extrax and experience the finest legal liquid badder on the market.

THCA Diamond Vape

When it comes to cannabis concentrates, the industry is buzzing with innovations and premium offerings. A shining example is Indacloud, a brand committed to delivering unparalleled potency and flavor.

🔍 Built for those venturing into the world of cannabis concentrates, the Beast Mode THCA Diamonds Vape stands out as a must-try. Packing a whopping 6 grams, this vape is not just about quantity but also quality. THCA diamonds represent the pinnacle of purity in the concentrate world, and this product ensures a smooth, robust, and intensely flavorful experience with every puff.

Why choose Indacloud?

  • Diverse Offerings: From vapes to other concentrate forms, Indacloud showcases a plethora of premium cannabis products.
  • Quality: Every product undergoes rigorous quality checks, guaranteeing safety and potency.
  • User Education: For both newbies and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts, Indacloud offers detailed information on their offerings, ensuring users make informed choices.


Looking for high-quality concentrates? Look no further than Apotheca, the go-to dispensary for the finest THCA dabs, including their own amazing product: THCA Concentrate Dabs 2g.

Apotheca is proud to present a selection of THCA Concentrate Dabs that are unmatched in both yield and taste, with 4 mouthwatering and tantalizing strains.

Most impressively, with an astounding 79.7% THCA content, and believe us, these innocent dabs are not to be underestimated. In addition, they are made of premium materials and are laboratory tested, so you get a powerful and delicious, but also safe, experience.


A BHO or propane hash oil (PHO) derivative, wax has a dense consistency and notoriously high THC levels. Post-cooling agitation gives it an opaque, granular texture. Binoid’s high-potency Delta 8 THC wax dabs, with 92% D8 distillate, come in six distinct strains. 

Live Resin

Yet another BHO, live resin is produced by flash-freezing cannabis flower following harvest to preserve cannabinoids and terpenes. It varies from a thick honey-like substance to a more granular form depending on the curing process used. Oregon-based Dirty Arm Farm offers tasty, high-quality live resin. 

Bubble Hash

A non-solvent product, bubble hash uses cold temperatures and agitation to separate resin glands from plant material. It has a soft, mousse-like consistency with an amber-to-brown coloration. California-based Elevated Extracts, sibling to the award-winning Lifted Edibles, crafts high-quality, golden-colored hash using solventless techniques.


Another solventless cannabis concentrate, rosin is produced via extraction techniques utilizing extreme heat and pressure. It presents an amber, semi-translucent substance. CLSICS, renowned for its mastery of rosin, offers products ranging from dabbing tools to vapes and gummies. 

Vape Oil

A standard cannabis concentrate – best when free of harmful additives like PG and PEG. Botany Farms’ Delta 10 THC cartridge is a stellar choice for a high-grade, safe vape oil. 

THC Distillate

A notch below pure THC. Highly potent and produced through a complex process involving solvent extraction, ethanol treatment, and heat distillation. ‘The Clear’ offers a potent, nearly colorless, and tasteless THC distillate.

THC Isolate

The purified form of THC, akin to pharmaceutical-grade THC. Guild Extracts is a reliable source for your high-quality THC isolate purchases.

THC Crystalline

Akin to THC isolate and a 99.9% pure THC concentrate, produced using advanced techniques. Once again, Guild Extracts pioneers the space with their offering of a THC-acid crystalline product with powerful potency when heated.

CBD Crystalline

Mirroring THC crystalline, but featuring CBD. It’s extracted from high-CBD plants and processed into purified CBD crystals. CBDistillery’s high-purity powder would be an excellent isolate CBD choice for consumption, easily added to your favorite drinks and foods!

Terp Sap

Also known as terp juice, terp sap retains all terpenes and crucial cannabis molecules. This concentrate has various unnecessary axes and lipids removed, leaving behind potent, terpene-rich juice and cannabinoid crystals. British Columbia-based Elevated Extracts offers an excellent terp sap with impressive cannabinoid and terpenoid concentrations. 


With many names, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a full-spectrum cannabis concentrate resulting from the crude extract of dried cannabis plants, often using grain alcohol or ethanol. This black or dark brown oil is a favorite amongst medical cannabis users for its diverse-ranging benefits. 

Cannabis Concentrates Vs. Cannabis Extracts

Imagine your favorite fruit juice concentrate, filled to the brim with the flavor of fresh fruit without any of the pulp. That’s the essence of cannabis concentrates – they distill the most delightful elements of the plant, packing a potent punch of cannabinoids and terpenes while leaving out unwanted plant material. When you weigh out a gram of raw cannabis flower and a gram of concentrate, you’ll discover the concentrate is the true powerhouse of cannabinoids and terpenes. 

The secret behind these captivating concentrates lies in tiny, gleaming formations called trichomes – the guardians of the cannabis plant’s prized compounds, including aromatic terpenes.

Cannabis concentrates are a versatile bunch. You can enjoy their purest form, add a sprinkle to your joint for a potent twist, or fold them into your culinary creations for a precise cannabinoid dose. Created through a process involving the mechanical separation of THC and CBD from plant material, cannabis concentrates can take on many final forms, such as kief, hash, or rosin. Separation techniques can include hand-sifting or water and ice methods to isolate resinous compounds. 

Cannabis extracts are a type of cannabis concentrate that relies on solvents to extract desirable compounds. Just as alcohol is used to draw the delicious vanillin flavor from vanilla beans to create a vanilla extract, varying solvents can be used to craft cannabis extracts. Solvents range from butane to propane, which separates important oils from plant matter. Following this, solvents are then purged which results in products like shatter, wax, and oil

In contrast, not all concentrates are extracts as some skip the solvents altogether, opting for a more mechanical or physical method to extract the trichomes. Rosin and Kief are great examples of such solventless concentrates. 

Comparing cannabis concentrates to extracts– they share many common traits, although textures and appearances can vary greatly. The cannabis extracts separation methods allow for greater removal of contaminants from the desired compound and also tend to have more consistent cannabinoid profiles, making them ideal for consumers preferring a consistent dosage. Concentrates lean on physical processes and tend to gain more of the plant’s natural components, including flavonoids and lipids that can affect overall flavor and experience. 

Choosing between cannabis concentrates and extracts often comes down to personal preference, the desired experience, or specific medical needs. 

Cannabis Concentrate Dosing & Effects

Given the strength of cannabis concentrates, understanding dosing can be critical for a safe and enjoyable experience. This section aims to guide you through the basics of dosing and the effects you can expect to experience following consumption. 

Size does matter when it comes to the power-packed punch concentrates can deliver – start low and go slow definitely applies here. Think of starting with a small crumbly piece for your dab, vape, or a sprinkle of kief or wax on your joint or bowl – just enough to make your regular smoke feel like it’s been hit with a delightful, flavor-enhancing spike. 

Remember, fellow thrill-seekers, your perfect dose is as unique as you are. Dosing can be akin to picking out your ideal amusement park ride – some enjoy the adrenaline rush that a rocket ride can give, while others prefer the more gentle touch of a merry-go-round. There’s no right or wrong, just different levels of thrill. Listen to your body, experiment, and find your ideal!

Depending on the specific product and consumption method, the effects of cannabis concentrates can range from subtle to intense and can onset slowly or rapidly. 

Immediate and potent effects are typical following dabbing or vaping of cannabis concentrates due to near-instant absorption. More subtle and gradual effects are typical following the consumption of edibles infused with cannabis concentrates, taking anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours for it to kick in. Contrastingly, topical application of cannabis concentrates can offer localized relief.

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