WORLD HOTBOX RECORD: 442 grams of cannabis extracts?!

Can you imagine how baked they got? This is insane! And yes, we know you’re thinking: “442 grams is a waste.” We know. But what’s a world hotbox record for?

Jul 14, 2015 - HERB

Have you seen anything like this? We haven’t.

Many of us have hotboxed a car before, but we wouldn’t even consider attempting to fill a room of this size, in part because of the attention it would attract and insane quantity of marijuana it would require.

With legalization removing the legal dangers, along with rectifying product scarcity, we get to witness the world hotbox record. Things we are aware of:

  1. We know, 442 grams is a waste.
  2. We get that this isn’t a good portrayal of cannabis use for those not in favor of legalization.

But, let’s face it: the largest dab hit was only 22 grams — 442 grams is not the norm to say the very least and it’s just unbelievable that this even happened.

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