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The Biggest Bud Ever Recorded & Other Cannabis World Records

Meet the records that have shocked the cannabis world.

Setting world records is a human obsession, and it extends to almost every facet of life, including cannabis.

Cannabis enthusiasts have left their mark in the record books, showcasing their creativity and passion for the plant. While these records may not all appear in the Guinness Book of World Records, they are well-documented feats that set a high standard (pun intended) for cannabis lovers around the world.

Here are ten captivating cannabis world records that are sure to make you say wow.

1. Largest Bud Ever Recorded

Remo Nutrients, a renowned grower, holds the record for having grown the largest cannabis buds ever recorded in the history of the plant. Some of these colossal buds are so extraordinarily large that they can be compared in size to a human forearm.

This record not only demonstrates Remo Nutrients’ prowess in cannabis cultivation but also illustrates the power of the selection and meticulous care required to achieve such dimensions.

Remo Nutrients’ giant buds are a testament to the dedication and passion that many growers have for this plant and its ability to reach new levels of excellence in the cannabis industry.

2. The World's Largest Joint

Tony Greenhand, a true artist in the making of joints, earned the title of the largest joint ever rolled in history. Greenhand is known for his ability to create the most outlandish and creative joints you’ve ever seen.

He has built joints in the shape of Marvel superheroes, Pokémon characters, guns, grenades, cannabis leaves, and much more. His prowess in this cannabis art form makes him the perfect candidate to break world records.

In 2016, as part of the global celebration of pot smokers on 4/20, Tony Greenhand outdid himself. Over a five-day period, he rolled a massive joint that weighed 4.20 pounds (1.90 kg). This joint was shaped like a watermelon and featured a specially designed base to hold it comfortably while Greenhand smoked through a hose, ensuring a proper smoking experience.

3. World’s Strongest Strain

Once again, any strain that manages to earn this title likely won’t keep it for long. There’s just too much competition among growers these days. That being said, it’ll be hard to beat hybrid Chiquita Banana, which has reached over 33% THC. This legendary strain is a cross between OG Kush and Banana. For a complete list of the strongest strains on earth, check out Herb’s guide.

4. The Largest Amount Of Weed Smoked By One Person

Irvin Rosenfeld, a cannabis advocate, earned recognition in the 2014 Guinness Book of World Records for the “largest amount of weed consumed.”

At the time, he had consumed more than 115,000 joints, surpassing all documented records for individual consumption. Think you can beat this record?

5. The World's Largest Blunt

In 2017, Weavers, a legend in the art of rolling joints, presented the world with the largest blunt ever seen. This impressive golden “bazooka blunt” contained no less than 5 pounds of weed inside. Amazingly, it took Weavers an entire day to grind all the weed needed for his creation.

This record was not only about size but also about dedication and skill in the world of reefer. Weavers proved that a passion for cannabis can lead to the realization of truly exceptional projects.

6. The World's Most Expensive Joint Ever Rolled

In 2018, an American cannabis farm rolled the world’s most expensive joint, with 1.5 pounds of premium marijuana flower, bubble hash, solvent-free concentrate, and 24-karat gold rolling papers.

This extravagant joint celebrated the legalization of recreational cannabis in California.

7. Dab World Record

An American dab company made history in 2015 by hosting an event focused on breaking the dabbing record.

They far exceeded expectations, lighting up a dab of over 420 grams of hashish (422 grams), setting a remarkable dabbing record.

8. The Largest Stash Of Weed Ever Seized And Destroyed By The Authorities

This record is quite sad indeed. In 2008, during the Iraq-Afghanistan war, authorities conducted “Operation Mountain Sweep” in Afghanistan.

They seized more than 52,000 pounds of premium, uncured Hindu Kush cannabis worth an estimated $250 million.

This massive stash was destroyed, making it one of the largest cannabis busts in history.

9. World Record Hotbox

The record for the world’s most legendary and colossal hotbox was set in 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. On that occasion, a determined group of cannabis enthusiasts pulled off a truly memorable feat. They lit up no less than 800 grams of cannabis extract known as “dab”.

This event not only left a mark in cannabis history but also demonstrated the community spirit and passion that many share for this plant. The dense cloud of smoke that was created at the Barcelona hotbox is a testament to the commitment and camaraderie often found in cannabis culture.

10. The World's Largest Illegal Marijuana Plantation

In 2011, Mexican police discovered an illegal marijuana plantation that turned out to be the largest marijuana plantation ever found.

The legendary plantation stretched across 300 acres of land in a remote area near Baja California, Mexico. Across this vast terrain, tens of thousands of marijuana plants stood, many of which reached heights of nearly eight feet. This world-record plantation was camouflaged among tomato and chili bell pepper plants in a remote desert area in the state of Baja California.

Unfortunately, the authorities destroyed the crops, which would have been worth approximately US$160 million.

These fascinating cannabis world records highlight the dedication, innovation, and cultural significance of cannabis enthusiasts. From huge buds to mind-blowing joints and historic seizures, the world of cannabis continues to evolve and surprise, leaving its mark on world records.

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