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Ghost Train Haze Marijuana Strain

Ghost Train Haze is a Sativa marijuana strain. With high levels of THC, Ghost Train Haze is a popular medical strain great for treating pain and depression.

Ghost Train Haze is a psychedelic Sativa with some of the highest THC levels in the world. This potent flower has won many awards and should be saved for experienced consumers.

Ghost Train Haze Experience

Bred by Rare Dankness, Ghost Train Haze has quickly won the hearts of Sativa fans in both Europe and North America. The THC content of this strain is astronomical, regularly producing buds with 25 to 27% THC.

A cross between Ghost OG and Nevil’s Wreck, this flower is technically a Sativa-dominant Hybrid. Though, the effects are so psychoactive that marijuana consumers will be surprised that there is so much Indica in the mix.

Ghost Train Haze provides a mental experience that can border on psychedelic. It’s happy and uplifting, inducing giggle fits and an all-around wild ride. It has won awards in a few High Times Cannabis Cups, including first place Sativa in 2014. So, marijuana consumers can count on a high-quality experience from this herb.

If you’re headed to a club or a nighttime social event, this strain will provide good company. As a member of the Haze family, watch out for some fogginess later on in the evening.

Traits of Ghost Train Haze and Ghost Train Haze Seeds

Marijuana consumers might have to do a double take given how similar this strain smells to OG Kush. Pine, spice and a few citrus tones will be familiar to experienced cannabis enthusiasts. These citrus and sweet lemon scents are reflected in this strains smoke.

Real marijuana connoisseurs may also be surprised at this strains dense nugs, given its Sativa background. A generous heaping of trichomes hints at the high THC content and lets cannabis consumers know they’re in for some sticky weed.

Why do people use Ghost Train Haze?

Headed out to a party? Take Ghost Train Haze with you. This may not be the best strain to pass around since it is so strong. But, if you’re hoping to stay up late at a club or spend substantial time at a social gathering, this is a great choice.

Energetic and sociable, canna-savvy individuals will be able to stay awake and have a lovely time.

Medical patients tend to use Ghost Train Haze for chronic fatigue and depression. A daytime strain, this flower has powerful uplifting effects similar to a shot of espresso.

Some Kush lineage amplifies the pain fighting qualities of this herb, providing potential relief to minor to moderate aches and pains.

This strain isn’t recommended for those prone to cannabis-induced anxiety. The strong sativa heritage and the soaring THC levels mean that this strain can make you a little paranoid or anxious.

If you struggle with anxiety, you might want to start slow with this one.

Medical Benefits of Ghost Train Haze

This extra potent strain has a wide variety of medical applications.

  • Medical consumers often find afternoon relief from headaches, chronic fatigue, and depression from this spirited bud
  • Thanks to some potent Indica heritage, those with chronic pain also tend to enjoy Ghost Train Haze
  • This strain can even be used to treat symptoms of glaucoma

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