Ghost OG Weed; Ghost OG Cannabis Strain; Ghost OG Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Ghost OG Marijuana Strain

Ghost OG is a fast-acting Indica marijuana strain, descended from the legendary OG Kush strain. Marijuana enthusiasts looking to unwind and lighten the mood will enjoy this strain’s relaxing effects and moderate THC levels.

Ghost OG is an OG Kush phenotype known for creating a peaceful and comforting vibe. If you’re in need of some pain relief or physical relaxation, this Indica-dominant hybrid is for you.


Ghost OG Experience

Ghost OG is a cut from the legendary OG Kush. While the complete genetic profile is mysterious, it’s thought to be of Afghani origin. For the most part, this strain is considered a 70/30 Indica-dominant hybrid. Taking the best from its Kush heritage, Ghost OG has developed a reputation as a potent strain. You can expect between 18 and 24% THC from this bud, making it best for experienced marijuana consumers.

The high from this strain is physical and sedative. A strong wave of bodily relaxation takes over after a couple of puffs, replacing aches and pains with a comforting limber heaviness. It’s also excellent for calming anxiety and quelling nervous troubles.

Both recreational and medical marijuana consumers are better off saving this strain for the evening. The strong sedation makes for heavy eyelids and you’ll likely find yourself wanting a nap.


Traits of Ghost OG and Ghost OG Seeds

A hard and vibrant looking nugget, this strain’s coat of trichomes and muddy red streaks makes it look especially coral. A sweet, hearty smell should give marijuana fans a whiff of citrus, lime in particular.


Medical Benefits of Ghost OG

A weighty strain, this strain is ideal for medical marijuana patients looking to calm and relax themselves, especially for those looking to casually cool off some mental fatigue. It’s not the strongest for pain management, but it is fast-acting, making for a good fix for smaller problems.

  • Generally uplifting, Ghost OG should help cannabis enthusiasts get an edge on stress and anxiety
  • This strain should build up an appetite for marijuana consumers struggling with eating
  • This strain possesses some light painkilling properties, good for overcoming headaches and muscle pain
  • If you struggle with insomnia, this strain is a great choice in larger doses

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