How To Make An Apple Pipe To Smoke Weed From

An old classic – the apple pipe. Not everyone has smoked from one and not everyone knows how to properly make one, so here’s a tutorial!

Sep 29, 2015 - HERB

An old classic – the apple pipe. You’ve seen the apple pipe everywhere from videos, to pictures, etc. However, not everyone has smoked out of an apple pipe, and not everyone knows how to properly make one!

As you can probably imagine, crafting an apple pipe is extremely easy. In this tutorial, you’ll see that all you really need is an apple, a toothpick, a pen, and some cannabis (duh). This is far healthier and safer than homemade smoking items, such as smoking from a can.

The apple pipe is extremely effective and easy, and can be a great pipe for on-the-go! Check out the tutorial below and show us your apple pipe!

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