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guides | 12.03.2019

Watch: How To Roll A Cube Joint

Can you handle the third dimension of joint smoking? Find out with this awesome cube joint tutorial video.

MasterBong is back at it with another awesome custom joint. This time, he’s joined by legendary roller Tony Greenthumb. Together they roll a cube joint that can sure pack a punch! Although it requires a substantial amount of herb, this style of joint can be shared with a larger crowd and should impress everyone in your circle.

The 3D cube joint

Conventional joints will offer a mere 2 dimensions of burning cannabis, while this cube joint offers the third dimension, volume. In terms of medicating, this third dimension will allow much longer sessions and much more cannabis to be consumed. The thick cube shape could easily hold over a gram of herb, while also allowing some area of paper to add some wax or kief to the joint.

A minor downside to a joint of this style will be getting and keeping it lit. The area that is burning will be much larger than a traditional joint and might be more prone to getting blown out. Keeping a lighter on hand can keep this problem to a minimum, and should ensure everyone in your circle has great hits.

Have you attempted to make a cube joint before? Would you recommend it for larger smoke circles? Join the discussion and let us know on social media or in the comments below.

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