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“Bong Brothers” Produce New 3D Printed Bong

Times are changing. 3D Printers now pump out water pipes! Want one? Read on.

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Did you know you can print guns and missiles with 3D printers now? On a lighter note you can also print camera lenses, acoustic guitars, high heels, clocks, coffee mugs, Japanese flutes, looms, and iPhone cases if you wanna, but you’ll be very pleased to know, that now you can buy your own bong printed by a 3D printer from the Bong Brothers over at Printabowl.co.

To Make a Bong

3d printed bongs CI 1 Bong Brothers Produce New 3D Printed Bong
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The artistic Bong Brothers, Al & Saul Jacobs, were “inspired by a science-centered course on creativity and innovation” over at Seattle’s University of Washington to make these bad a** water pipes to sell just to you! They make these pipes special to order in four days. They are “printed in ceramic” and come in small “closed editions” so you can brag to all your friends.

The Collection

3d printed bongs CI 2 Bong Brothers Produce New 3D Printed Bong
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If you’re a true collector or connoisseur of bongs, go to the website and buy one from the “Cumulo Collection.” It consists of three designs called the Alpha, the Ferro, and the Tessellate Printabowl. The Alpha is “conceptualized in homage to ancient hand-spun ceramic ware fabrication” and has the most minimalist of designs. The Ferro is the most expensive going for $325 and was inspired by Ferrofluid.  Wikipedia says, “Ferrofluid was invented in 1963 by NASA’s Steve Papell as a liquid rocket fuel that could be drawn toward a pump inlet in a weightless environment by applying a magnetic field.” The bong is black and prickly and looks like it would go great with your favorite, black leather S&M outfit . . . What? It would.

The Parts

3d printed bongs CI 3 Bong Brothers Produce New 3D Printed Bong
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Each 3D printed bong comes with a 10MM lab grade borosilicate glass slide, a 10MM quartz banger with 4MM thickness, a 10MM lab grade borosilicate glass downstem and a hard plastic snap-lock travel case that’ll make you look like a secret service agent carrying “the go codes.” Just imagine how good this carrying case and bong will look next to your PlayStation 4 duffle bag and that Mountain Dew Baja Blast 20 oz soda bottle holder you got!  For real.

They’re Fine Art

3d printed bongs CI 4 Bong Brothers Produce New 3D Printed Bong
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The website says these “two brothers are fascinated by the balance between form and function” and “Printabowl re-imagines elevation instrument design and production, creating practical pieces of fine art” and everyone and I mean everyone is thinking about fine art when they get high, don’t you think? Just imagine one of these beauties next to your Picasso, on the mantelpiece or sitting on your coffee table next to that large picture art book you bought at Barnes and Noble about Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

No more making your own bong like in the olden days. No more sticking that electric drill into a glass liquor bottle to make a hole and no more duct tape and scotch tape water bottle contraptions to smoke out of.  Instead, cough up the money and buy something gorgeous to smoke from at printabowl.co.

Would you buy these bongs? Tell us about it on social media or by commenting below.

February 09, 2016 — Last Updated December 12, 2019
Written by Evan Hundhausen

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February 09, 2016 — Last Updated December 12, 2019
Written by Evan Hundhausen

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