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Guides | 01.06.2023

4 Things You Need To Know If You’re Buying A New Bong

It’s important that you are as informed as possible when it comes to all things bongs. Presenting, a complete bong buyer’s guide. Created with Chill Steel Pipes.

Is it time for you to upgrade your bong? Are you buying a bong for the first time?

Whichever group you fall into, this is exciting! This is a big decision – various elements go into finding the bong that is perfect for your smoking needs.

That is why we partnered with the people at Chill Steel Pipes, creators of the world’s first double-wall vacuum insulated bong, to make this checklist of what you need to consider before making your decision.

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Know Your Budget

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Before you even think about seriously purchasing a bong, you need to know your budget. If you have endless funds, your options are honestly endless.

If they are not, it’s a good idea to identify how much you’re willing to spend. Basically, you shouldn’t fall in love with an ornate 6-foot Venetian glass bong when you’re only willing to spend $80. Everyone has a budget.

Be realistic about yours so you can find a  bong that best fits your needs.

Chill Bongs start at $125 and can go up to $200 if you choose one of their limited edition devices.

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Get To Know The Brand

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When people make purchases that are important to them, they go to a place with a good reputation.

The same should occur when you are buying a bong. We live in a world where we can get the scoop on business in seconds.

Research bong brands. If they have 1 star, and someone says the glass is cheap, don’t go there for your new bong.

The internet makes it so easy to avoid crummy bongs, so take the time to select the one you’d visit more than once.

It’s tough to find a brand that truly differentiates itself from the bunch. When you think about it, most innovation in bongs is limited to flashy designs and cool add ons.

The guys at Chill Steel Pipes changed the game with their revolutionary product. With a Chill Bong, you’re getting a unique, top-shelf bong guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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Know What Type Of Bong You Want

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Bongs can be made of different types of material. Which kind do you want?

Glass Bongs

Most bongs are made out of glass. Glass bongs make it easy to see the water level and help you to know exactly when to clean it.

On the downside, glass bongs can break. Depending on the size, sometimes the glass is very thin, which can mean trouble.

Before purchasing a glass bong, inspect the glass carefully. If there are any dings, scratches, or cracks, don’t buy it!

Ceramic Bongs

There are some seriously beautiful ceramic bongs out there. While they function the same as other bongs, ceramic bongs can be harder to maintain.

Because you cannot see through them, it is essential to be diligent about cleaning a ceramic bong.

For the same reason, the water needs to be changed regularly, since an optimal water level provides you with a better smoking experience.

Bonus: Chill Bongs

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Want the best of ceramic and glass bongs, but the sturdiness of metal bongs? Get a Chill Bong.

The stainless-steel outside material makes it completely unbreakable compared to glass and protects the ceramic interior that provides the smoothest hits possible.

Not to mention it cleans just like a glass bong too.

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Percolators play a huge role in your bong purchase. Some bongs have a single percolator, while others have multiple. A perc helps to diffuse the smoke by cooling it down. This makes for a more comfortable hit.

We are familiar with the “burn in the back of the throat” feeling. Percolators help with this. If you want a more enjoyable bong experience, know what percs are and how many you’d like!

Chill Bongs are 100% modular and open-sourced. This means you’ll be able to add this UFO percolator from VITAE Glass or an ash catcher to add an extra level of smoothness to your hits.

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