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What Are Percolators And How Do They Help?

Have you ever wondered what are percolators, and how they can help? Keep reading to find out exactly what they do.
What Are Percolators And How Do They Help?

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There are probably some bong frequenters out there wondering exactly what this word percolator means, and whether or not it helps. A percolator is a contraption for your bong or water pipe that helps to cool down smoke. This helps smokers achieve a smoother hit and way less coughing. They come in all different shapes and sizes and have different designs for different bongs. A percolator is a really cool thing to look for in a bong, especially if you find them hard to hit.

How do percolators it work?

How do percolators it work?

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The percolator is usually in a dome shape but lately have been found in all kinds of crazy designs. It is basically an additional water chamber for your bong and usually lives in the tube of the bong. It contains water in it and is another filtering process for your smoke.

After you pull the smoke from your bong, it interacts with the water in the bowl. When it’s traveling up the tube, the smoke interacts with the water for the second time in the percolator.

There are two ways that this process cools and filters the smoke more efficiently. Firstly, the smoke has another opportunity to make contact with water, which is naturally going to cool it down. It also allows for a greater surface area of smoke to reach the water, making it cooler again.

It also works by breaking down the bubbles into smaller sizes, due to the pressure in the percolator. This also means for a cooler, smoother hit from your bong.

Does it affect your high?

There’s no doubt that a percolator is successful at cooling your smoke down. The main purpose of the contraption is to make the smoke easier to inhale. So if you have trouble hitting a bong, try one with a percolator and see how it goes.

But the more pertinent question is whether or not it affects your high. Some people think that the percolator increases THC absorption, but this is in fact wrong. The percolator doesn’t make you any higher than a regular bong.

In fact, slightly more THC is lost in bongs with percolators than in bongs without. Although the added water makes no difference (THC is not soluble in water), slightly more is lost to the glass of the extra chamber. However, have no fear. The difference is so slight that it won’t impact your high at all. And most people claim it’s worth it for the smoother hit.

Try using a percolator with a diffuser

A diffuser is another device you can add to your collection of bong gadgets. It’s another way to cool your smoke. This device goes into the shaft from which you actually smoke the weed. It has little holes at the end of it, which means the smoke is sucked through those holes before it hits the water. This allows the smoke to reach the water in smaller parts, effectively allowing more surface area of the smoke to hit the water. This means a cooler, better-filtered hit, too.

People swear by using these two gadgets together, as it’s the way to create the smoothest possible bong hit.

All in all, a percolator is a good thing to have in your bong. It makes for smoother, cooler smoke making it all around much more enjoyable. There are no real negative effects on your high for using it, so why not!

Treat yourself to a percolated bong, like the Mini Tree Percolated Glass Bong from Basil Bush.

Do you use a percolator? Share your story with us on social media or in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

August 13, 2019
Written by Sera Jane Ghaly
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August 13, 2019
Written by Sera Jane Ghaly

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