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Learn | 01.06.2023

Bongbastic Review: The Most Versatile Glass Piece Out There

Smoking dry herb and concentrates in the same device has never been easier... and smoother. The Black Leaf Baby Bongbastic is as adaptable as it is gorgeous.

Enjoying a good smoke involves a couple of variables, the means through which the smoke is generated is one among a few others. If you are not just getting started, you will agree that bongs and dab rigs alike produce superior smokes than what you can get on the most sophisticated vape pen. If you are a newbie, then this information will serve as a quick start guide for you. 

Bongs, no doubt, are one of the most popular ways to consume your beloved cannabis. And there’s a reason for that, you can enjoy flavorful, full-bodied rips like no other on a bong. A sensation that is certainly not easy to come by. 

Furthermore, the smoke produced by bongs is as gentle as a dove on the lungs, so with them, your fears of inhaling hot smoke that burns your throat and lungs are nothing but null. You only asked for a good smoke and not a burning sensation. Giving you a method to enjoy your cannabis best.

We have created a long list of the best bongs, this list covers every category you can imagine, from budget bongs to the most sophisticated bongs you’ll find on the internet. Our concern is the quality of your smoke, a good smoke shouldn’t be stressful after all.

You can check out the list here.

But what if we told you there’s a device that doubles as a bong AND a dab rig? Yes, it’s one of the most versatile smoking accessories out there. We’re talking about the Black Leaf Baby Bongbastic.

Black Leaf Baby 2-in-1 Percolator Ice Bong (With Bongbastic)

Photo courtesy of Black Leaf

What is so great about the Black Leaf Baby Bongbastic? And why should you be smoking from a baby bong when you can easily take a good smoke from the adult product if there is one?

We have the answers you seek and in this review, we shall let you in on what makes this beautiful bong a great sesh option. 

To begin with, Black Leaf is a German brand, and they have made a name for themselves in the industry as creators of some of the best bongs, dab rigs, and other glassware.

Let’s look at the product parts that make this a unique way to satisfy your cravings. 


Photo courtesy of Black Leaf

The design of the Black Leaf Baby Bongbastic bong is a fantastic beauty to behold. Honestly, it is fantastic beyond words, and this makes it an impressive addition to your device stash. It has a 14.3 cm base, which is against the 38 cm base of the adult version of this bong.

The high-quality borosilicate glass finishing is a fantastic delight. At the same time, you enjoy an 18.8 mm slitted diffuser.

There are two brawl attachments on this device: you have a big 14.5 mm funnel brawl and a perfect large-sized bowl, both pair together to give you a beautiful transition from dry weeds to oil and wax. Making this the perfect all-in-one package. 

With the Baby Bongbastic, you can switch from herbs to concentrates in a split second; it works like the speed of light, which is the reason it classifies as a 2-in-1.

Smoke Quality

The bong comes with a 6-arm tree-like percolator; this percolator is responsible for dividing smokes and helps you have a gentle yet fulfilling experience on the go. This way, your lungs are not exposed to offensive and hot smoke that can feel unpleasant. We are not just concerned about the smoke quality, but the safety of your lungs. And this product pretty much guarantees it.

The sturdy 5 mm long and thick borosilicate glass is another fine detail here. While it comes with the famous Black Leaf logo, the cab hole with a beautiful rubber stopper is a feature that catches our eyes. With this feature, you can easily control your smoke intake and decide to let go when you have had enough. 

Also, the three percolators on this bong, paired with different downstream, comes with an ice breaker that cools down the smoke before you inhale it. This way, you only get the best hits at the right time and nothing short of perfection. 

There is a splash guide on this bong that keeps intrusive bong water from bubbling up towards your mouthpiece, while the ice notches will hold your cubes, ensuring a more pleasant experience.


Photo courtesy of Black Leaf

The packaging of the bong here is another impressive feature that we cannot ignore. It comes in a foam-padded box with a handle and a beautiful magnetic finishing that keeps your products in shape. It is easy to carry around, makes storage effortless, and helps to keep your bong safe from damage. 


This is where you won’t find uniformity; there is no uniform price for your bong. While some websites have the Black Leaf Baby Bongbastic at $2oo, others like Grasscity usually have it at a discount price, around $150. Compare the prices before settling for a choice; this way, you might save a few dollars. 

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