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Guides | 01.11.2023

How To Cough Less When Smoking Weed

There are some weed smokers out there who are wondering how to address their coughing situation, how to cough less when smoking weed.

Coughing is an annoying side effect when you take a big hit from any pipe, bong, spliff, joint or blunt. There are some weed smokers out there who are wondering how to address their coughing situation, and how to cough less when they are blazing up.

While cannabis may be less damaging to the respiratory system, excessive coughing can still be a sign you are irritating those sensitive membranes.

Here are a few ways to reduce the harshness of smoke and avoid coughing after every hit.

Try Using A Vaporizer

Pax 3

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Are you tired of having nasty, rough smoke when enjoying your favorite flower or concentrate? Well, the PAX 3 might be the device you need. The new PAX 3 is a dabbing and vaporizing device that provides smooth smoking sessions with its advanced technology.

This high-tech device has an advanced heating element that gets your concentrates or flower ready in about 20 seconds, using engineering to create the perfect smooth smoke. The device has a Bluetooth connectivity device, is super easy to clean, and has over 10 years of included warranty.

The PAX 3 has over 2.5 hours of continuous use with a single charge, getting over 80% of the battery with just 20 minutes of plugging it in. So don’t worry about having to recharge when going out or running out of juice while having some people over.

PAX has provided incredible quality devices, and this third model has a 0.5g capacity for flower or concentrate and can provide up to 10 full-on smoking sessions without having to recharge.

Its award-winning device has a patented temperature control that brings the best out of your favorite flower, making it great for people who don’t like rough smoke. With a single button click, this sleek-looking device will give you a super smooth smoking experience.

It’s also fair to say this is one of the only devices on the list that has dual technology, making it great to experiment with flower, concentrates, or a mix of both. Its easy-to-use and clean technology also make dabbing a pleasure, so feel free to experiment with it.

You can read more about the PAX 3 specs, its different types of mouthpieces, and its award-winning technology, here.

Eliminate The Dab Cough

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The MJ Arsenal Infinity Mini Rig will eliminate cough from your dabbing sesh. When using it, the disc-style perc at the base disperses the vapor through the water. Then, the vapor enters the egg-shaped chamber, keeping the impurities from going further. After that, the vapor goes through a pair of curved stems that takes most of the remaining heat.

Thus, when the vapor gets to your mouth, you can barely feel it. It won’t burn your throat, and it is way easier for your lungs to take. You won’t cough. So, inhale deeply and get a nice rip carefreely.

Besides, the MJ Arsenal Infinity Mini Rig size is 5.5 x 3.25 x 3.25 inches. You can take it everywhere with you. And it looks stunning.

Let Icy Hits Sooth Your Session

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The Freeze Pipe Hammer Bubbler Pro has a freezable glycerin chamber for extra icy hits with zero coughs. This device is an entry-level hammer bubbler that any seasoned or new user could use. If you enjoy using devices with cooling effects, you can’t miss the Freeze Pipe Hammer Bubbler Pro.

The Freeze Pipe Hammer Bubbler Pro has a system that filters and cools the smoke twice before getting to your mouth. Thus, you won’t cough from smoking. Besides, it comes with a 6-tree arm percolator that takes diffusion and cooling to the next level.

As a bonus, it comes as a kit that includes the bubbler plus the pipe head attachment and other accessories like a grinder card, a humidity package, a koozie, and hemp rope.

Try A Laser Bong

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Photo courtesy of Hitoki

Many users refuse to budge an inch or move away from the smoking method because it is fun, it is effective, and it proves to be one of the most satisfying of them all.

Apart from the fact that it might be one of the most popular methods of consuming flower, it is also one where the cannabinoids remain as bioavailable as possible, which is possibly a reason to continue smoking.

Many cannabis users seriously prefer smoking as their consuming method, and the Hitoki Trident is a cutting-edge, technological bong that will smoothen that user experience.

If you’re down to invest in a really cool device that will solve the coughing issue once and for all, you will want to look at the Hitoki Trident.

This device might solve your problems with harsh smoke hits because it uses vanguard technology instead of conventional, flame-sourced combustion.

The Hitoki Trident uses a laser combustion system that is precise, fast, and as clean as it can possibly be. Another healthier feature of this unit is the water filtration system that the Trident has.

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Your Gateway to Enhanced Herb Enjoyment

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Are you looking for an enhanced smoking experience? Look no further than the Maze X pipe.

This amazing piece is made from a combination of aluminum and glass and features patented coughless technology, which means your smoking experience is smooth and enjoyable every time. Plus, it looks pretty kickass.

The Maze X has several impressive features that make it stand out. It has a removable bowl that makes it easy to clean and replace. 

It also has a built-in screen to keep ash and other debris out of your lungs. And the most impressive feature of all the Maze X’s patented coughless technology. This technology keeps the smoke cool and smooth, so you never have to worry about coughing fits while smoking.

Another great thing about the Maze X is its portability. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket and light enough to carry with you wherever you go. So, whether you’re headed to the beach or a concert, you can bring your Maze X pipe and enjoy enhanced herb enjoyment!

Are you looking for a way to enjoy an enhanced smoking experience? Look no further than the Maze X pipe. With its combination of aluminum and glass, patented coughless technology, and portability, the Maze X is sure to provide you with an enjoyable, smooth smoking experience every time.

Go For Edibles

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Yes, this might sound obvious, but the best way to not cough your lungs out after smoking weed is to avoid smoking at all! Yes, it might not be as enjoyable, but it is more discreet and easier on your respiratory system. And, you’re still gonna get high!

Nowadays there are plenty of different products that can help you get stoned without smoking. From tinctures to capsules and edibles, there’s something for every need, taste, and budget.


Take Smaller Hits

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Well, this is a simple exercise. If you find yourself coughing after a huge hit, maybe your lungs just aren’t made for that much smoke. If you have a smaller lung capacity, try taking smaller hits. The more you smoke, the less you’ll cough. So start with smaller hits, and take your time.

Take Deep Breaths Into Your Lungs

People who cough a lot generally tend to hesitate on the inhale, and the smoke gets all stuck in their throat. This causes coughing! If you breathe in slowly and inhale deeply into your lungs, you won’t have a messy situation going on in your throat.

Don’t smoke a joint like a cigarette. The smoke is thicker and slower moving than tobacco, so a big deep inhale is better.

Hit From A Cold Bong

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Photo courtesy of Chill Steel Pipes

One of the most unpleasant experiences is hitting a bong that’s been sitting outside in the heat and feeling the moist and warm smoke enter your mouth. More often than not, this experience usually leads to the dreaded coughing fit.

Hitting from a warm bong can also enhance the taste of butane from your lighter and dilute the smoke due to the excess heat. The experts of cold hits at Chill Steel Pipes managed to solve those problems altogether.

Not only are the many bongs at Chill Steel Pipes visually pleasing with a modern look and feel, but each bong was designed to keep your water cold for 12 hours through double-wall vacuum insulation and an easy-to-clean ceramic interior.

Say goodbye to coughing fits and hello to the smoothest rips you’ll ever experience with any beautifully-designed and sleek bong from Chill Steel Pipes.

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Get Good Quality Weed

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If your weed is no good, chances are it’s not smooth. It might be full of chemicals, pesticides, or just downright skunk. Go for a better quality weed because this will provide a better quality of smoke. If you are buying medicinal-grade stuff, chances are you will be smoking much less!

Not only does quality weed reduce coughing, but it is also a much more enjoyable experience overall.


Stay Hydrated

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Photo by Jill Burrow

Keep some water nearby to help get you through your smoking sessions. A lack of saliva can make it harder to handle a bong rip, and mints or cough drops may keep your mouth salivating so that your throat is less dry.

Take a few sips in between hits (it’ll help keep your lungs clear and prevent coughing). And always keep a pack of gum in your pocket—not only will it fend off dry mouth, but it can also help you handle a bong rip or two.

The More You Cough, The More You Froth

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There are ways to avoid the coughs with smoking weed. But the truth is it’s all a part of it. When you cough, you are actually exciting the muscles in your lungs which cause those smaller air capillaries to open up. When this happens, more of the smoke is making it to more of the lung, which means greater absorption of THC. So in fact, you get more stoned when you cough!

Do you have any good tips to reduce coughing?

Cough Less With DazeD8's Titanz Disposables

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If you’re only an occasional vaper or are just dipping your toes in the whole affair, you might want to get acquainted with a disposable vape first. They are also milder on your throat and help you master the discipline needed to take long, consistent draws that reduce coughing and maximize flavor.

Right now, we simply must recommend the DazeD8 Titanz for newcomers and veterans alike. They’re packed with a generous 2g of high purity concentrates and mind-bending cannabinoids, flavored with natural terpenes that result in mouth-watering clouds. They last the longest, they taste the best, they get you the highest.

From homages to classic strains like Sour Diesel, infused with D8, to an HHC Banana Sundae and a THC-O Wedding Cake, there’s enough here to get you excited and going in for seconds at their D8 Super Store.

Kushy Dreams Sets A New Standard For Smokeable Hemp And CBD Products

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