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Meet The Tesla Of Smoking Devices, The MAZE-X Pipe From Weedgets

Say goodbye to coughing fits with the MAZE-X Pipe, designed with your health in mind.

Calling all coughers, sweaters, shakers, and anyone who feels completely obliterated after a hit. What if we told you there was a way to smoke all the weed you want while dramatically reducing your coughing?

When it comes to the renowned and health-forward MAZE-X Pipe from Weedgets, you can kiss that dreaded coughing fits goodbye. Weedgets doesn’t just carry its flagship product but an impressive variety of every weed accessory you need for a complete sesh.

When you’re ready to experience the world of smooth, cool hits with reduced coughing, the MAZE-X Pipe awaits. This device doesn’t just do wonders for your physical health but lets you experience whole flower magic in the tastiest and cleanest way possible.

About Weedgets

Before we deep dive into the Tesla of smoking devices, let’s understand why this state-of-the-art device was created in the first place.

There’s no denying that smooth pipe hits and reduced coughing would make each sesh much more comfortable. For Weedgets founder Michael Barenboym, he spent 35 years developing technologies that make people comfortable.

The key difference is those technologies were designed to save people’s lives. They include:

  • Artificial heart systems
  • Spine reconstructive surgical equipment
  • Cancer ablation devices
  • Automated resuscitation machines

The list goes on, but Barenboym’s passion for easing and enhancing lives remains true. He and the team at Weedgets care just as much about your lungs as you do. It’s not every day a brand makes that sort of statement.

Now, Weedgets strives to enhance your cannabis experience through smoking deceives that are:

  • Comfortable
  • Filtered without water
  • Eco-friendly

The company thoroughly understands and promotes the benefits of using whole-flower cannabis rather than products that have been altered to contain only one cannabinoid or compound.

Weedgets wants you to experience the complete entourage effect with your favorite strain through its cutting-edge smoking devices. Plus, anything else you need for a truly comfortable sesh, find it at Weedgets.

The MAZE-X Pipe

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The MAZE-X Pipe is referred to as the Tesla of smoking devices for a reason. A few reasons, actually.

For one thing, it provides an unmatched hit with the smoothest smoke possible. How? The device has a patented cough-less technology inside that dramatically cools the smoke before it enters the mouth. It also blocks resin and tar, aka scooby snacks, from entering the mouth, throat, and lungs.

What’s impressive is how this device does all that without water filtration. Instead, it uses waterless cooling and filtration technology to decrease the smoke’s temperature and protect the lungs from resin and tar.

Furthermore, the reduced temperature of your smoke isn’t just to decrease coughing, but it enhances the flavor of your strain’s terpenes, letting you experience the flower’s true and intended taste.

The result is far less coughing than your average pipe and enhanced lung protection that lets you puff with confidence. Maybe you’re prepping for a weedy first date but want to avoid your regular coughing fit at all costs; the MAZE-X Pipe lets you reduce those coughs and smoke like a true connoisseur, not some newbie breaking a sweat.

Mind you, tthe MAZE-X was designed for short, gentle puffs. When used properly, the result is fluffy, potent little clouds floating down the throat with ease.

For more information or to snag the MAZE-X Pipe for yourself, visit Weedgets’ website at

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