How To Cough Less When Smoking Weed

There are some weed smokers out there who are wondering how to address their coughing situation, how to cough less when smoking weed.
How To Cough Less When Smoking Weed

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There are some weed smokers out there who are wondering how to address their coughing situation, how to cough less when they are blazing up.

Well, there is the option of making the change to edibles, in which smoking is not required. But, here are some ways to decrease the amount of coughing if you just love to smoke.

Try a diffuser or percolator for your bong

A percolator is an additional water chamber that is added to the main shaft of the bong tube. The designs are different in different bongs, but they all serve the same purpose. Having the extra water chamber allows for a higher smoke to water ratio, thus cooling down your smoke which makes it smoother for inhaling.

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Another accessory you can try for your bong is a diffuser. It´s another down stem for your bong (the part you put your weed in). The difference with this one, is it´s closed on the end with just lots of little holes. This means the smoke reaches the water in smaller portions, and again, more surface area of the smoke makes contact with water.

These two devices can be used to cool the smoke in your bong down, because it’s probably the heat that is making you choke!

Take smaller hits

Well, this is a simple exercise. If you find yourself coughing after a huge hit, maybe your lungs just aren´t made for that much smoke. If you have a smaller lung capacity, try taking smaller hits. The more you smoke, the less you´ll cough. So start with smaller hits, and take your time.

Take deep breaths into your lungs

People who cough a lot generally tend to hesitate on the inhale, and the smoke gets all stuck in their throat. This causes coughing! If you breathe in slowly and inhale deeply into your lungs, you won´t have a messy situation going on in your throat. Don´t smoke a joint like a cigarette! The smoke is thicker and slower moving than tobacco, so a big deep inhale is better!

Use a vaporizer

This option is good for those of us who want to smoke, but for whom burning is just too harsh. A vaporizer works by using heat to turn your buds into water vapor, which means no burning is required. This is much easier on the lungs as nothing is being combusted, it´s just water vapor (married happily to THC).

Get good quality weed

If your weed is no good, chances are it´s not smooth. It might be full of chemicals, pesticides or just downright skunk. Go for a better quality weed, because this will provide a better quality smoke. If you are buying medicinal grade stuff, chances are you will be smoking much less!

The more you cough, the more you froth!

There are ways to avoid the coughs with smoking weed. But the truth is it´s all a part of it. When you cough, you are actually exciting the muscles in your lungs which cause those smaller air capillaries to open up. When this happens, more of the smoke is making it to more of the lung, which means greater absorption of THC. So in fact, you get more stoned when you cough!

Do you have any good tips to reduce coughing? Let us know on social media!

August 12, 2019
Written by Sera Jane Ghaly
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August 12, 2019
Written by Sera Jane Ghaly

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