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Learn | 01.19.2023

Weedgets Maze X Review

Do you still cough when smoking?

Coughing is a real downside to smoking weed. It cuts the vibes when you are having a good time, and it is the opposite of what you seek if you are a medical user. Then, smoothness is vital for you. And the Weedgets Maze X is the pipe you need.

The Weedgets Maze X has a built-in waterless filtration and cooling system you will love. It reduces coughing and harshness almost to zero. So your lungs thank you.

About Weedgets

Weedgets is a company that creates devices to filter and cool smoke without water. As cannabis lovers and users, the folks at the company know the struggle of inhalation when smoking buds compare to vaping. But, the entourage effect of the multiple compounds in the cannabis flower is superior to most vaping oils.

Thus, the engineering and design of Weedgets devices make inhalation much easier. By doing so, Weedgets is enhancing the well-being sensation of thousands of people when smoking.

When buying from Weedgets, you can expect smooth clouds of smoke and minimum coughs.

Weedgets Maze X

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The Maze X is a pipe with an inner filtration and cooling system that reduces harshness and heat immensely. All this without using water.

The Maze X allows you to inhale deeply, filling your lungs with a therapeutic cloud of smoke without burning them. Nor coughing. In other words, the Maze X is the pipe you need.

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The hottest part of the Maze X pipe is that it blocks resin and tar. That is thanks to the built-in maze path filter. The smoke goes through the maze path, leaving heat and harshness trapped in it before reaching the mouthpiece. And you get a removable mouth filter tip. It prevents the tiny debris from entering your mouth and burning your throat.

The Maze X has a borosilicate glass bowl that you can remove to make the cleaning easy, and a bowl lid to stop the flower from burning whenever you decide. Thus, you have control over the amount of smoke and flower loss.

You will also enjoy the carb hole. It enhances the airflow significantly, allowing you to inhale effortlessly.


The Maze X is a portable pipe that fits easily in a pocket. You can carry it with you anywhere. Besides, it has durable materials that prevent an accident. This pipe has aircraft-grade adonized aluminum that cools the smoke but won’t break. And the bowl is made of high-quality borosilicate glass.

The Maze X also looks good and feels nice to the touch. And as a bonus, the body and bowl have medical-grade silicone covers for extra protection and easy handling.

How To Use Weedgets Maze X

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To use the Maze X, put your favorite buds inside the glass bowl gently. Don’t compact the buds. Instead, a fluffy consistency enhances airflow. Then light them up with a lighter or a laser.

You will notice the smoke in a few seconds. At that moment, place the mouthpiece between your lip and inhale as much as you want. Taste the flavors in the smoke and let it fill your lungs.

Enjoy your coughless session. And if you want to reduce or stop smoke production, you put on the lid, and it’s done.


When using the Maze X Pipe, you get smooth hits guaranteed. Its functionality is simple and effective in filtering particles and cooling the smoke. You get back the pleasure that coughing takes away when smoking. But also, the Maze X makes your sessions healthier by preventing your throat and lungs from burning.

Besides, it is portable in durable. Its size is convenient to take with you whether you plan to meet some friends a few blocks away or travel. And also, it won’t break easily. You don’t have to worry about having butter hands.

Plus, Maze X is easy to clean.


Although the glass bowl is easy to clean, you must do it frequently. Once the flower in the bowl is gone, you can’t just put more. You need to clean it. This characteristic could be tedious for some people.


The Maze X is a fantastic choice of pipe for any user, experienced or new. This pipe offers a much superior experience to regular ones. The quality of the smoke you get from using the Maze X lets you enjoy the taste and aroma of the flower at its maximum. And the possibility of inhaling deeply without coughing is invaluable.

Sure, you need to clean the bowl often. But in time, it becomes a habit that doesn’t bother you anymore. Plus, it takes little time and effort to clean.

Thus, when it comes to functionality and portability, the Maze X is a winner. If you are looking for a pipe that covers your needs and exceeds your expectations, this is the one.

Weedgets Maze X Cleaning

First thing to do when cleaning the Maze Pipe X is to pull all components apart. Tap lightly if you see any big debris. Then, take a ziplock bag or a plastic box where all the parts of the pipe fit and pour isopropyl alcohol in it until you cover them.

After 20 minutes, drain the isopropyl in the box or bag and rinse every component of the pipe with warm water and soap. Dry them carefully and assemble the parts to use the Maze X Pipe once more.

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