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Learn | 08.18.2022

The Ugly Truth About Butane Lighters

Your lungs and taste buds will thank you for dropping butane lighters.

The most common accessory for any smoker is a lighter; how would we spark up without it?

As the industry continues to evolve, so do the products we use and the information regarding our health and safety.

It’s no secret that smoking isn’t the best for your lung health, but that small common accessory smokers use could contribute to unhealthy lungs too.

It turns out lighters are pretty bad for us, but you probably haven’t heard that before, as these small accessories are basically the foundation of two very profitable industries, cannabis, and tobacco.

Although there is a lack of research regarding the effects of butane lights on our lung health, few studies do touch on the matter.

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Photo by Maor Attias

President of and co-founder of SC Labs, Josh Wurzer, led a study that “identified the presence of harmful solvents, impurities, and/or other added odorants and chemicals in cannabis.”

His team found that butane was a class 33 solvent, which meant it had low toxic potential on humans.

In research by global energy company Hess, high concentrations of butane may cause central nervous system depression such as dizziness, drowsiness, headache, and similar narcotic symptoms.

While butane doesn’t seem to have much effect in the short or long run, there’s no denying that those impurities and nasty chemicals in butane travel into our lungs with each toke, especially from a bong or pipe.

What’s just as frustrating is the horrible taste butane lighters have when lighting a bowl. Ever sparked up with a bong or pipe on a hot summer day, and all you can taste is butane?

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Photo by cottonbro

For these reasons, one innovative company decided to create a product that would eliminate the need for butane lighters altogether, even eliminating the hemp wick.

Enter the Hitoki Trident, the world’s first laser bong.

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Photo courtesy of Hitoki

Not only is this bong the dopest accessory because of the patented laser combustion technology that instantly lights your herb in seconds, but it’s a modern eye-grabber that will definitely start a few conversations.

You might be wondering how laser combustion technology could fit into a bong. Have you ever lit a flower or a piece of dry grass on fire using the sun and a magnifying glass? 

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The Hitoki Trident works in a similar way, minus the sun. This process not only keeps your lungs away from butane lighters but it maintains the flavor of your favorite strain. 

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