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Learn | 03.22.2022

Why You May Want to Consider Replacing Your Lighter For A Laser

Alternatives to butane lighters are plentiful, but at the cutting edge of weed, paraphernalia laser seems like the way into the future.

If you invest time, energy, and money into your weed, maybe by buying exotic organic strains and mind-bending concentrates, you probably want to experience them in as pure away as possible. If this is the case, you may also want to look at the way you’re blazing.

Regular butane lighters inevitably expel chemical contaminants that can seep into your flower, as do most matchsticks. The quest for cleaner alternatives has led us places. Vaping, for instance, rises partially in response to the combustion issue in weed.

The absolute cutting edge, however, seems to be laser technology, as explored by companies like Hitoki, which ignites weed through concentrated light energy. An actual laser beam is achieved through the arrangement of mirrors and burning glasses to achieve combustion cleanly and without chemical interference.

Is It Possible to Light a Bong With The Sun?

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Next to lasers, the cleanest alternative we could think of to light up your weed is sunlight. This is an odd feat that is definitely possible, if extremely finicky. It will take some preparation to pull off a solar hit, but with the right equipment (magnifying glass or Fresnel lens ideally) it can be done cleanly.

Under good sunlight, any convex lens for concentrating light beams will allow you to pull this off and take a drag uncontaminated by fuels and synthetic chemicals. We’ve even seen people pull it off with blocks of ice and water-filled condoms, there’s a DIY project you can try.

How The Hitoki Trident Takes It to The Next Level

It’s this concept that Hitoki grabbed onto when designing their Trident bong, an absolutely pristine way to heat herb up to ignition and deliver a bountiful drag. Through an arrangement of lenses and mirrors, the Trident concentrates light into a laser beam that brings the heat cleanly.

Practically automatizing the solar hit is an excellent selling point for a smoking device, but that’s not all the Trident packs. It is an immaculately constructed device with a truly premium feel that’s evident in the tight gasket seals, sturdy materials, and sleek metallic finishes.

The ceramic chamber is also an excellent aid in the quest for smoke purity, as it provides a sterile surface that can comfortably undergo many heat cycles

A slew of other features rounds up this space-age bong, including a carb setting, USB-C fast-charging, and instant combustion, which all make it a breeze to get going. The Trident is surprisingly easy to clean as well, more so in our experience than a traditional bong, just make sure you have Q-tips and isopropyl alcohol at hand.


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If you’re hesitant to swap over to laser technology for your smoke sessions. If somehow the idea of a Mos-Eisley cantina in your living room doesn’t fully convince you Hitoki offers a 3 year extended warranty on the Trident, they’ll replace it at no cost if things go sour.

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