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Learn | 04.12.2023

Review: Chill Steel Pipes Limited Edition Designer Series

Designs so beautiful and functional, you'll want more than one.

Chill Steel Pipes is a renowned company that has created the world’s first double-walled vacuum insulated bong, designed to keep water ice-cold for up to 12 hours.

These bongs are made of stainless steel and are super durable, plus they have a ceramic interior that provides powerful and clean hits like glass. A combination that makes a perfect match.

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Bongs are not just a way to consume cannabis; they are art pieces. Just like any piece of decor in your home, there is a bong that is right for you and your preferences. Like any piece of art, it serves to express something, an extension of the person who acquires it.

Do you prefer a subtle and elegant design? Or do you like bright and colorful? The good news is that at Chill Steel Pipes, they have a Limited Edition Designer Series, a bong for every style.

And they’re not only beautiful, but they’re also functional. They feature a high neck bong design with a double-walled vacuum insulated body. They are ideal for keeping water ice-cold for 12 hours and are made with solid stainless steel and an exceptionally functional ceramic interior.

What's Included?

Photo courtesy of Chill Steel Pipes

  • Proprietary vacuum-insulated base
  • 8.5″ neckpiece (13″ total height)
  • Durable aluminum diffuser down stem
  • Borosilicate glass slide
  • Chill’s Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
  • Several gorgeous designs to choose from

The Chill Steel Pipes Limited Edition Designer Series comes in a wide variety of colors and designs, and the best part is that they all come with a lifetime warranty.

These bongs are truly gems. Not to mention all the benefits of using Chill Pipes.

Amazing designs that will make you want them all! Rainbow glitter, copper mirror, gold mirror, pink glitterbomb… beautiful designs in mirror or glitter finish. We really couldn’t choose just one.

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